1. LeeZarock

    Turbo Kaioken

    All of us know the Kaioken isn't a transformation, but a Power-Up. And Grega said each character has a different bonus (and maybe malus too?) for Turbo mode, so I'm thinking... How about Goku's Turbo-mode is the Kaioken? In my opinion it fills up perfectly with the moves, the Ki and for...
  2. Slofreak

    Turbo Options?

    Instead of turbo just give you more damage automaticlly, you could acctually choose manually betwen 2 or 3 presets once you turn on turbo. speed, damage and i dunno endurance or speed and damage combo with lower traits. So when you hit turbo button you could choose: - more speed (for sake of...
  3. hleV

    Electric Sparks only with Turbo On or Charging

    In anime Electric Sparks of SSJ2 and above show up only when Turbo is on. It seems so in manga too. So maybe in ESF it should be that even if you're SSJ2 or SSJ3, the Electric Sparks show up only when you have Turbo on or charging Ki.
  4. Disguise

    Transformation Reqs & Turbo

    I know it might seem I'm going overboard with the whole Turbo thing, but there's really a lot of potential here to discuss. In 1.2.3, Turbo never affected Transformations at all. You couldn't Transform with Turbo on. 1} What if Turbo allowed a player to Transform above their means? PL...
  5. Disguise

    Turbo & SAM

    Along the lines of a few other recent threads, where Non-Turbo is a Defensive stance, Turbo is Neutral, and Charged Turbo is Offensive, the SAM bar could be designed around this. Since SAM is a Special Moves meter which only has offensive moves on it, from my understanding, then linking Turbo...
  6. Disguise

    Charged Turbo + Short Teleports

    The idea behind a Charged Turbo is that the player intends on fighting aggressively. Swoop speeds are increased, so it's much easier to close distances with swoop. I suggest that using Turbo or a Charged Turbo at least changes Long Teleports into Short Teleports. If you gain extra swoop speed...
  7. hleV

    Turbo After Becoming a Super Saiyan

    I think player's turbo should be turned on automatically after he transformed into any form of Super Saiyan. At least that's how it is in series. Now when you transform, there's some FX but after you really became a Super Saiyan, there's nothing to show it unless people are near you to see...
  8. Disguise

    Turbo & Ki Absorption: Part 2

    Don't worry this won't be a 4 part suggestion. :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2yujWHYQ2U&feature=fvw Vegeta and Goku use Turbo, but neither of them charge Turbo beforehand. Their Maximum damage potential is already there, but it takes them both longer to charge the attack. Vegeta finishes...
  9. Disguise

    Turbo & Ki Absorption

    I mentioned this in another thread just recently, but what if Turbo allowed Ki Attacks to absorb more Ki to increase their power? Three Possibilities 1} The amount of Ki absorbed per second is increased, allowing attacks to be charged more quickly. This way if you wanted to use a Beam attack...
  10. M

    Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/55720
  11. esfman

    Turbo bug

    when you charge up turbo you dont move a inch
  12. esfman

    Turbo wont work

    hey I have a problem with turbo on esf 1.3 openbeta. I press T and nothing happens someone please help me!
  13. T

    swooping and turbo bug

    While swooping if you press turbo, character BECOME DEPENDENT with aura.
  14. Holmisen


    wel cant the team do like this you can walk whit the aura. you cant it now you can walk whitout aura and when you take the aura on and hold walk bottum you spring slower but you spring.
  15. G

    Turbo sprites

    hey can someone post me a link on where i can DL turbo sprites? {sry if i posted in thw wrong place o_o}
  16. Phobius

    Recharging Turbo

    Right now you have to hit powerup or the turbo button to turn it off, well I was thinking that we should be able to recharge our turbo well turbo is on to continue pumping up our PL till we have to powerup up our KI again. I think this will increase the speeds of fights a lot more and you won't...
  17. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Turbo charge voice!

    Well its simple when u turbo charge each character has a charge voice! i hope u understand what i am trying to say here!
  18. F

    charged turbo suggestion ( ki pump time )

    i think, when i charge power turbo to the max after 4 seconds its going back to a normal turbo... just cant make a real use of it then the suggestion when you charge, the power turbo only decrease after 8-10 secs or suck your stamina or wathever just increase the time because 4 secs is...
  19. Tenzo

    turbo suggestion...

    i think it would be pretty cool if your turbo could be "on" while you are fighting(advanced melee). In Dbz they could fight with the turbo on...! Any opinions?
  20. D

    Useless Turbo?

    maybe this is a bit early of me to whine, but the feature where turbo becomes more powerful the longer you charge...just seems like something that will be obsolete and useless among higher levels of play. The second you stop to do that, you get nailed. Does anyone else think this might happen?