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  • Took a while for me to check my own profile and the visitor messages. No, I don't play DBO any longer. The lag, imbalance between races/classes and lack of English translation pissed me off. I still admit that the game is really fun despite the already mentioned flaws, and would happily play it again once there's a lagless European full-English server with balanced classes.
    Hey was wondering if you are still playing DBO? If you are I could really use a questing partner.
    Heh, you're not the first one to ask this. This is taken from some art of a MMORPG called Rising Force Online (RF Online). There's a cyborg race Accretia and you can control similar characters. Google the game to find out more about it.
    Hey hlev. I saw you in the alied mods forums in cs zombie plague 4.3 mod. As codder, i need your help for zombie plague 4.3. I want to change nemesis model, but i cant find Player Models in zombie_plague40.sma, i try search, and i try to find manualy with days but nothing. So can you help me? Also i want to change ADMIN ZOMBIE and HUMAN Model. When you read this post on my visitor messages. ;) :(
    hlev can I have your msn or yahoo ID ?
    or can you add me in your list?
    whatever u use just add that one msn or yahoo...
    No. Scripts are completely client-side and can't really be reached through Metamod.
    Hey hleV lemme ask you something: do you know any plugin that actually works with ESF disabling binds/custom client scripts?
    those that mainly make the player execute many actions with 1 button?
    GoldSrc games of the other account are VAC-banned, LOL. And I'm not giving the other account away.
    hey hlev if you got your old steam account do you use your new one too? ^^ i'd like to play hl on steam :D
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