Turbo & Ki Absorption: Part 2

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Sep 13, 2008
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Don't worry this won't be a 4 part suggestion. :p

Vegeta and Goku use Turbo, but neither of them charge Turbo beforehand. Their Maximum damage potential is already there, but it takes them both longer to charge the attack. Vegeta finishes earlier but taunts Goku before firing, and Goku fires a bit after that.

Both use Turbo not charged, both have equally long charge times, both are using maximum potential.

-Turbo increases Maximum Ki charged into attacks.

1:20 - Goku charges Turbo, and the speed of the attack is increased without sacrificing power.

-Charging Turbo increases the rate Ki is charged into attacks.

So based on this, I would say... (concept represented in fictional numbers)
No Turbo
70 Maximum, 30 per second = 70 Ki, 2.3 seconds charged fully
Quick KHH - character says attack quickly

140 maximum, 30 per second = 140 Ki, 4.3 seconds charged fully
Long KHH -character emphasizes attack

Charged Turbo
140 Maximum, 50 per second = 140 Ki, 2.8 seconds charged fully
Quick KHH, but requires charging Turbo prior - character emphasizes attack quickly

This allows Beam strength to depend on Ki used as well as Power Level. This would help balance Characters and Transformations.
  • Ki consumed would determine the initial strength, using a smaller multiplier from Power Level
  • Power Level differences would sway the struggle once entered
  • Remaining Ki and Stamina would be the limiter on Power Level's ability to assist

Lets analyze this scenario
  • Charging Turbo increases Power Level. This slightly affects the initial strength and the ability to sway the attack in a struggle.
  • Charging Turbo decreases stamina. This reduces the duration Power Level can affect the struggle.
  • Charged Turbo slowly diminishes its power over time. It loses its effectiveness over time.
  • If Charged Turbo relies on SAM, and SAM isn't high enough beforehand, the charge will wear out when it does, simply allowing the attack to be charged quickly enough to counter or create the immediate advantage.
  • If SAM does wear out, regular Turbo is in effect and stamina stops draining, so everyone is on a level playing field.

These are things that can be balanced and allow variation in how struggles are entered into and progress.
  • A player with overwhelming PL might want to instantly charge Turbo and throw everything into the attack to kill them as soon as possible.
  • A player defending may wait by blocking long enough so the opponent's strength runs out, and then put their all into it to deflect it back. In a Beam struggle, this tactic wouldn't work.
  • A player responding to a Beam struggle challenge may want to instantly charge Turbo and quickly fire the attack to hope for the initial advantage to win it for them.

Misc Ideas
Turbo using SAM
Unlimited Maximum, 30-50 per second = Unlimited Ki, various seconds charged fully
Rate determined by Charged Turbo​

I think somehow stamina should play a part in this. With Goku vs Vegeta, both were tired and charged normally with Turbo. With Goku vs Frieza, Goku wasn't fatigued, but after using charged Turbo w/KHH, he was worn out.

  • Charging Turbo could drain stamina and SAM
  • A chunk of SAM or stamina could be used to instantly charge Turbo
  • Recharging would maintain both Turbo's max charge and the stamina needed behind it
  • SAM only increases when fighting, so a player couldn't charge Turbo and sit idle for long

Before you go saying this is overly complicated, ask yourself this: Would you mind taking awhile to learn something if you had fun doing it?
... No.
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