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May 15, 2002
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the gokou model

yea.. the regular goku model looks great, superb.. for the ssj model thoe, i think the head is a little small.. doesn't look proportioned well to the body.. yea, the texture of the skin and the neck part looks like it should be more straight.. but it looks fantastiC! good job team!

oh and what i noticed, when gokou goes more deeper into the ssj levels, or even any of the other saiyans, their clothing gets brighter, more of a yellow texture to it.. i was wondering if that's how its going to b when he turns ssj or even ssj2 and ssj3? oh yea, and also, in ssj2 i know its not gonna b in the beta, if his hair would b more spikier? oh another thing that would be cool.. if with joe's fx program he's using, if ssj2 was made in the other releases, if the fx program could be used to add electric to the aura... i think that would be such a great addition to this mod :yes: :yes:

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