1. johnny21045

    About the aura animation

    Hello,I want to ask a question that I noticed recently.I don't know if it has been asked or not.If some people asked this before,I will delete this a.s.a.p.:) Which of the aura animation will be in ESF:F ? Old: New: Well,I like the old one.It's blurry、smooth、natural. The new one...
  2. Aurum

    DBZ Aura on Photoshop

    Hey guys, I'd like to know guys if you like this image I made with photoshop, I made the aura. I know it's kinda crappy but it's the first time I used Photoshop, I was working with Paint.NET and I decided to 'upgrade' with my software. Please count that I am just a noob with Photoshop. ^_^ I...
  3. Trules

    Goku mdls esf 1.2.3 +ecx rc2 +cool tubo aura made by solent

    HI guys i'm new to this community and i want to share with you my goku models from normal form to ssj 3 for me it looks good an it has some awesome animations the model its just retextured by me not created ( dont know the autor but i thank him) here is the photo : and these are the models for...
  4. EliteMarine

    Aura FX

    Honestly, I did not really like the Aura shown in the latest Videos, I liked the older FX shown in this video:
  5. IFlip92

    Aura size increasing along with power level

    As the title says I always thought that the aura size increases slightly but noticeably around the characters when their power levels increase in the show. It would be really nice to see that in the game :). Makes you feel more powerful and also balances things a lil bit as u can spot a powerful...
  6. EvolutionX

    Trans Aura

    Hey guys, where can i find Crossroads or Xroads Program to make mdl files in to wrl. I need for transformation aura. Can someone give me link or help me in another way?! Thanks in forward ;)
  7. Nemix

    How to change Transformation Aura? [ESF 1.2.3]

    How can I change the Aura while the Transformation in 1.2.3? I have new models for aura.mdl and aurabend.mdl but this Aura is still the default one. Where do i get this xroads?
  8. EvolutionX

    Trans Aura!

    Can someone help me with the trans aura to made them diferent like this TNX!:yes:
  9. L

    water pushing

    this game gets so much nice effects added and i wanted to ask if its possible to add a feature that water can get pushed away by a strong aura. in dragonball they stood sometimes in water and activated their auras and well the aura pushed away the water.they now stood on a dry ground...
  10. T

    multifunctional aura

    1. I suggest to make one aura for turbo, powerup, swoop and transformation (i mean that aura would not turn after transformation), but of course it must change in size. And it's a little bit stupid when turbo aura turn off while poweruping. 2. It will be great to add aura splash or something...
  11. D

    Esf/ecx rc 2 aura missing!

    well i downloaded the game and when i try to play it i go to a server or create a lan game,the game closes and the error pops up that the both aura files are missing!please help! Edit: i deleted ecx rc2 and runned a lan game and when i transformed and clicked "t" there is no aura at all.first i...
  12. DaisukeJP

    How to? [make aura?]

    Hey guys, how can I create my own custom aura's ? I want to make a most realistic aura as possible
  13. D

    aura models

    anyone have any of the newer 1.2 aura models? such as the one that looks similar to 1.3's. i think it was called solents aura model. nowhere to download this crap anymore. well, most of it is missing at least.
  14. hleV

    Changing Aura Model Lags for a Second?

    Hello. I have created a plugin which changes default aura model to custom one. Then, some pro told me that it lags for a milisecond when you turn on the turbo/swoop. I didn't believe him at first because I haven't noticed anything strange with the aura. Then, after losing 1 vs. 1 against him...
  15. KYnetiK

    Solents Aura .mdl

    Does anyone by chance have a copy of Solents custom aura for 1.2 that they could upload? Ive just bought a new PC and my backups arent complete >_< No luck finding a working link for Solents aura, and when I do its a munted WIP aura. Your help is much appreciated, cheers guys!
  16. Plakman


    I was wondering since the ecx team joined up on esf... can't take make an updated version of their ecx aura used in ecx rc2? donno why but i like that aura way much more than esfs one. not that it is bad but ecx aura looks better in my opinion and more visibility. i would like to see those...
  17. Plakman


    i'd like to suggest a better aura and aura sounds. just the sound from the series would be cool but i tried myself getting it without background noise but it just doesn't work for me. maybe some pro guy might be able to do this. as for the aura maybe something like j-dude came up with would...
  18. KYnetiK

    Aura MDL 1.3 --> 1.2

    I was getting bored of Darksuns 1.2 aura, and thought about transplanting the aura from the open beta into 1.2. I simply copied the aura.mdl and aurabend.mdl from one /models to the other. After testing, i notice that the aura doesnt flip upside down when swooping. So after examining the mdl...
  19. The Deco

    Using Gallit Gun aura with models

    Like they did in the Kamehameha WRL, doing the same on Gallit Gun Aura making it more flashy, more real and, well in the highest quality possible (not in drawings xD) Yeah im talking about the aura although the wave also is good (I'm sure you guys already work on the Gallit gun beam balls, it...
  20. The Deco

    Aura powerup charge should be bigger

    Well as the show, when they do super battles we see them powerup charge alot. The current thing in 1.3 is that when you powerup charge the size of the aura is like a normal one. Im just saying we should do when you powerup charge making the model 25-50% more than usual, thats all. It happened...