1. A

    [ESF 1.2.3/ECX RC2] Edit power levels?

    I tried searching through five pages via the 'search' with no help. A few years ago I remember having each human player's power level increase upon death... I also think I may have increased the power given by the dragon balls. My question is, is this still possible with the newer versions of...
  2. dutchmeat

    Better visual difference between levels

    In ESF 1.2.3, when someone transformed to SSJ3, he/she wasn't really intimidating because it was just a model change and some sparks. In the series when goku transformed to SSJ3, basicly every fighter on the earth could sense him, feeling his power. Do you think it would be nice to add some...
  3. ESCachuli

    play in half life levels

    Is there a way? I saw some screens of esf running in hl levels with the enemies (but a little wierd, because the enemies are giants compared with them, but is something that doesnt mind for me). thanks for reading.
  4. G

    DragonBallZ Levels - new skills, back in action

    Hello all, Just to let everyone knows. The Heroes Of Our Destiny project is back in action. Here is a old level, right now I'm working at to improve it: This level is way far from done! Still need to model Master Roshi, work on the terain, make a weather change, make some...
  5. G

    Turbo Levels

    Well the idea is: You pressed one time turbo. Then lets say you double tap turbo and your turbo goes level 2. It will drain more energy but it gives ya more power. After you reached turbo level 2 if you tap 3 times turbo you get turbo level 3. If you tap one time turbo disappears. We can...
  6. M

    Dragonball Z Movie Power Levels

    Ive been searching google for DBZ Moive Power Levels but I can't find any, I got pretty bored so I tried to whip up my own predictions on the power levels, If you could try to find some errors or something that doesn't make since, correct me. DBZ MOVIE POWER LEVELS Bojack Goku - 55,000,000...
  7. D

    ki levels

    anyway to set it so when u kill some1 u get a fixed rate of ki? in Dragon Mod Z u could do that. kiperkill or something i remeber.. plz thx note: only with bots ima do this
  8. C

    Edit ESF transform power levels for fun

    Hi i am new to this forum and i was just wondering am i allowed to edit the classes file to make the power levels so i can transform easier? But not release it as like my own mod just so i can play around on my lan severs? **IF YOU SAY YES READ THIS** I go into the classes folder and i...
  9. T

    Keeping pwr levels

    Hey I was wondering is there any way to keep you pwr levels once you achieve a perfect transformation? When I exit the game the power levels just reset.
  10. S


    How do you disable the auto balance on powerlevels when you die, i know there's a console command but i forgto it.
  11. F

    SSJ Levels

    Can i with goku or vegeta or any character have a 2nd transformation,like can i transform to ssj3 in the actual esf version? I just dont know.
  12. wheres_

    power levels

    i dont know how accurate these are i found them some where, they could be good to refrence off maybe...? but i havent read them so have no idea, enjoy... Raditz vs. Farmer: Raditz: 1,200 Farmer: 5 Raditzu vs. Goku & Piccolo: Raditz: 1,200 Piccolo (with weighted clothes): 322...
  13. micfiygd

    power levels

    i said this once before but i have a new idea. at the beging of a match if you select a charecter with a beam attack like kamehameha or gallit gun you can selct 2 diffrent power levels for the match ex.very weak-fast charge low ki cost[through]very strong- long charge-hi ki cost and...
  14. B

    Power levels

    Just to strighten things out how do you get a higher power level I take it you have to kill someone but when I play with bots they have 1 kill and there power level is higher than mine. O_O
  15. Jaredster

    Super Mario: The Lost Levels

    This game is insanely hard, has anyone beat it?
  16. nemecj05

    changing light levels

    ok, after i made the bsp file and it was done compiling the light was still to bright and i was wondering if there was a way to make the light level darker w/o recompiling the map like if i could edit the bsp file somehow
  17. B

    Upgradeing to oter levels

    Why don't you make other levels like super sayin 2 and 3 that way the game would go on longer and not get boring O_O
  18. SSjGohan12345

    Power levels

    I think that when they have more trans the should lower the power levels of every1 (including the trans levels) so that the game wont be so laggy when ur say ssj3 goku and fire a kamehamehaa that taks up the whole map, does anyone else agree?
  19. Yazuken

    a good question i have about Textures/Wads.

    I was just wondering. if you use your own textures/wads in one of your levels will everyone else be able to see the textures when they join your game? or do they have to go download the wad somewhere?
  20. D

    More ssj levels

    I was hoping the mod could make more ssj levels like goku going to ssj 3 or 4 and freeza going to his final form also that gohan could go to ssj2 as well... Also some more models of like gotenks goten etc would be cool... but please more ssj levels!! That would be great... Most mods for dbz...
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