1. Trules

    Black Goku

    Helow guys : I have made black goku . The only thing is not made by me is the face texture that is from ecx vegito model Here are some screenshots:
  2. Sc4recroW

    I need help locating this SSJ4 Goku model

    I need help locating this model, if anyone has it could they please send it to me, or send me a download link. I only found out about the model just recently and I got the image from here
  3. RobiZ

    Korin's Tower

    Korin's Tower So I've been working on Korin's Tower model for a less than month now. Here are some pictures where I've managed to get. I would say i have a 90% done models exterior (just the model without textures or maps and interior). Maybe I'll find some bugs and fix them. Also I have to...
  4. elcor

    Goku 3d model wip.

    Hello all, i am working to modeling goku in 3d max, at the moment i am very happy with it. But i need some advice to improve it and how to make the hair. here some pics: also i have more models i have if you want see. thanks for the help
  5. Trules

    Vegeta model request

    Hi every one i have searched buu saga vegeta model everywere i want this one in particulary if its posible its already created but if some of you have it plz share it with me this is the model that i want soo bad
  6. #16


    Can team show new perfect cell model? Two years have passed (2009-2012). Original post Dec 25, 2009 by Grega : Also featured in this update are Doormat's new Gohan model and a teaser of our new Cell powered by GG and Enix
  7. DarkVegetaESF

    Gohan Model

    Hi guyz i was searching for Gohan model with the green outfit: i'd like to use it on ESF 1.2.3 RC 2(Big pack 8.4) but ive found it available only on 1.3 open beta,is there any way to get this for the stable version? oh and i also found...
  8. A

    ESF model reqest: goku jr and vegeta jr

    any body got them??:yes:
  9. K

    Sonic the hedgehog model help.....

    Please guys i beg of i can get a sonic the hedgehog models like Chakra-X model? :rolleyes:
  10. mutsu

    Goku model

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a goku model where he cares just a black/darkblue t-shirt. If I remember correctly, there was a download in the past on esf-world, but can't find it anymore. Also I would like to find these two models: - vegeta (with scouter and armor and tail >>...
  11. shadowcast

    Head model attempts

    So yeah, havent posted in ages, even tho i regulary check the updates etc..I could be considered as a long time follower. I've been neglecting my modeling due to college and some other lifely matters but I decided to try and continue where i stopped.. So, I found some random reference on...
  12. Kaination

    3d phone model

    I'll post wires in a little bit. got some cleaning up onj the texture, on account of accidently leaving the ******* file home, but hey, it is what it is, i'll post an updated one soon.
  13. L

    "History of Trunks" Gohan Model

    There was this model some time ago with adult gohan but from the History of Trunks movie ( mainly hair difference ) for 1.2 . I looked on Gamers Desire but with no luck . By any chance anyone still has that model?
  14. B

    Cant see my model when flying, and im completely stumped.

    Cant see my model when flying, i can see it when i dash while flying though. i can also see it while on the ground, and im completely stumped. I have no idea why this would happen, my friend said that it might have something to do with the Dark Pack? idk what that is. anyways, any idea...
  15. xShadowZx

    My Work :)

    i was messing around one day with the textures and i tried to make a much better version of the model. hope u guyz like my work:) credits of the model goes to the owner;) Goku Kaioken Form(Front)...
  16. Madara_Killer

    3D Model for hl1 doubt ?

    Hello comunity How are you? I'm fine, I have a doubt, the models for the half life, what types of textures he accepts. Example BMP - 16 Colors - 256 Colors - 24 bits ?? Thanks
  17. B

    Custom Model Problem D:

    i have ESF open Beta, so i downloaded this model then i put the Goku folder in my Custom folder in Player folder and when i select the Custom Model in game to replace goku its just blank then i click to play it and its still...
  18. Flink_Power

    Mystic Gohan Model

    Model : Mystic Gohan with Supreme Kai's Clothes Pic : Credits : Geosets By:ESF Team Some Custom UV Mapping And Merges By:Z-Man Download Link : THIS IS NOT A PLAYABLE CHARACTER FOR ESF !! THIS IS NOT MY CREATION !! ENJOY !
  19. Y

    Uchiha Itach Model!

    Hey there, I have this Uchiha Itachi model from the specialists. Is there a chance anybody here has the knowledge on how to edit it to make it a little smaller so it fits in ESF :P ?
  20. Prozac

    need a model to scam some guy XDDDDDDD

    hey esf team i know your super super busy but my scam which by the way is devoted to esf im a tester is on teh line and i needa vocaloid model if ima keep my scam cause my scammee sucks so please do this i will be for ever in yur debt.:love::rolleyes::shocked::smile: its oke if u want a part...