1. Trules

    Black Goku

    Helow guys : I have made black goku . The only thing is not made by me is the face texture that is from ecx vegito model Here are some screenshots:
  2. Sc4recroW

    I need help locating this SSJ4 Goku model

    I need help locating this model, if anyone has it could they please send it to me, or send me a download link. I only found out about the model just recently and I got the image from here http://www.teamssj-esf.com/t3504-model-sin-amxxgoku-ssj4-by-hernan_esf
  3. C

    ESF Music and Promotional assistance

    I've been composing music in general for many years, under the pseudonym Vysse, and in the following years to the present, Circlerun. My forte is in game/animation/film. I'd like to try and work up the courage to help out, with this community. I've some old and recent BGM that I think works for...
  4. Son Gogeta


    Alright so I'd like someone to make a Gif for my signature. It has to be Gogeta. No GT bullshit. Like in that scene from Fusion Reborn.
  5. G

    ESF Final Goku Super Saiyan God Form

    Who that dont know it there is a stronger form that SSJ3 the form name is Super Saiyan God it is from dragon ball z movie 2013 Battle Of Gods By Akira Toriyma (i write his name correctly ???) and it from Dragon Ball Z not GT !!! Here is a video (trailer) (see they say in 50 sec the SSJ God)...
  6. elcor

    Goku 3d model wip.

    Hello all, i am working to modeling goku in 3d max, at the moment i am very happy with it. But i need some advice to improve it and how to make the hair. here some pics: also i have more models i have made.post if you want see. thanks for the help
  7. Trules

    Goku mdls esf 1.2.3 +ecx rc2 +cool tubo aura made by solent

    HI guys i'm new to this community and i want to share with you my goku models from normal form to ssj 3 for me it looks good an it has some awesome animations the model its just retextured by me not created ( dont know the autor but i thank him) here is the photo : and these are the models for...
  8. FalconFury

    ScrewAttack: Goku vs Superman

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy6n_Beo8xc&list=PLB833073B659FD65A&index=1&feature=plpp_video# WAIT UNTIL WE SEE THIS
  9. hleV

    SSJ5 Goku is... not SSJ5 Goku

    A pretty interesting read. http://thedaoofdragonball.com/blog/fans/dragon-ball-af-origin-revealed/
  10. FalconFury

    ESF 1.2.3: Goku in a spirit bomb

    XD Just click the image.
  11. krzyhox

    New goku models

    HI! I have a question whether you will change the model goku because there is already an old person very much vegety as you are running away from np of models to it.
  12. A

    ESF model reqest: goku jr and vegeta jr

    any body got them??:yes:
  13. mutsu

    Goku model

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a goku model where he cares just a black/darkblue t-shirt. If I remember correctly, there was a download in the past on esf-world, but can't find it anymore. Also I would like to find these two models: - vegeta (with scouter and armor and tail >>...
  14. xShadowZx

    My Work :)

    i was messing around one day with the textures and i tried to make a much better version of the model. hope u guyz like my work:) credits of the model goes to the owner;) Goku Kaioken Form(Front)...
  15. B

    Bigger Powerlevels?

    Are there gonna be bigger powerlevels? It would make the game more realistic because in esf 1.2.3 max powerlevel is 999,999,999 But gokus powerlevel as ssj3 in buu saga was around 700,000,000,000 according to daizenshuu. :D
  16. stiffdog

    Kid Goku Coloring Page

    Go http://www.pfyfp.com/coloringpages.php for full size Feel free to download and color just click on thumbs and comment if you like.
  17. Z

    SSJ4 Goku

    Ok I got to SSJ4 Goku but when I revert I can't transform into SSJ4 again unless I repeat the hole process why??
  18. tuty

    ESF Gold Goku AMXX Plugin

    Hi guys, i made my last amxx plugin for esf.. so here some screenshots, tell me if you like it Has new model, big powered kamehameha, and i work on a special attack + some transformation effects and bug fixes
  19. Painkiller

    [Request] Goku's house models

    Hey guys. Can you help me out to find Goku's house models that I could use? Something similar to this I suppose http://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/11/10873/dragondudehouse.jpg
  20. D2

    Goku Revisited

    I decided to pick up my goku model and do some fixes. the old mesh was a mess.. it's a work in progres but here are some dirty screens. and dont mind the intersections ;) old mesh consisted out of one big mesh this one will have separate parts. so you can take of top etc. I don't know how...