1. Nemix

    Help with transparent texture?

    I made this model... it's a Terrorist Girl xD was supposed to be for CS1.6 but ended up being a HL Multiplayer Model since I don't own CS1.6 I followed the cs girl tutorial and made this. But I've got one problem with a transparent texture, alpha texture right? How do I make it work?
  2. EvolutionX


    Can be removed texture black.bmp from budokai styles models?
  3. Flink_Power

    3D Software and texture

    Hi! I would like to make 3D and texture in Esf. But I cannot which software take and how to make use of it:-/ Could you advise me a simple software of 3D and texture has to use:confused: Thank's;)
  4. Fusion

    Texture problem

    How can i make a background transparent for a texture plant?for HL1 model I make the texture in photoshop...i save in GIF format then i tranform the pic in BMP format.But i don`t know whi the background is not transparent when i select from hl model wiewer ''Transparent''.
  5. S

    Texture Question:

    Okay, I found a model on the internet of SSJ3 GT Vegeta (I'm unsure of who's the author), and I wanted to make his yellow hair, white, and his body gray (Much like the SSJ5 Vegeta found here: http://image.blog.livedoor.jp/toyble/imgs/0/c/0ce33824.jpg). So can anyone tell me how to change the...
  6. ESCachuli

    esf_lagoon texture

    when i try to use that map, it says that i need torntexture.wad, 3trees.wad, pine.wad, yopyop.wad and i dont know if more, because i cant find yopyop.wad For everybody that need that texture, its here: http://files.filefront.com/torntextureswad/;3657253;/fileinfo.html...
  7. W

    ESF Texture theft in Second Life

    Hi everyone. I'm a leading DBZ avatar creator in Second Life. I make all my own products, textures, etc. But I've found one of my competitors who is not so honest. He is selling avatars which look wonderful. But he is not a good artist at all. I have confronted him about this, and he admitted...
  8. H

    damage skin texture q&a again

    well i am decide to remake half-life with quake 2 feature but like mc said it is quitely possible. but here's the question, how am i suppose to make it possible?? how am i going to code it?? PS: esf has character transforming system(model change) that kinda gave me the idea. can anyone share...
  9. Super Veggeto

    Additive texture on Goku SSJ

    I tried having an additive texture active on a custom model that replaces SSJ Goku, and it turns the model flatshaded: I double checked with and without the additive texture, I can confirm it's the additive causing that.
  10. Super Veggeto

    Texture Swap for Models

    I never made a suggestion here =P but here goes... Not sure if it already has been implemented but I was curious if it's possible to have a feature that will allow to swap between textures of a character model for a specific animation. Think facial expressions, like switching a sub texture...
  11. B

    Pikkon - Texture time

    Is weekend so I decided to give this guy a skin since he screams for one: still wip so stay on it - 武士道
  12. Theoboy

    2048 texture technique?

    I have readed CS tutorial on ESF-World, but there is something I don't understand. The question: Should I make a 2048x2048 texture for all of the textures I am going to use in my final result? (Like the dirt and sand and grass textures etc.) If so, then, how do I make it a 256x256 to a...
  13. Theoboy

    Skin and texture?

    What is the difference between skin and texture?
  14. S


    Hey im new to ESF forums so im hoping i wont cross any boundaries. Anyway, here's my problem, when i play on certaint maps like riverside, Some texures and ki (for some screwy reason) are like black squares. I'm wondering if im missing any texures/.wads. I tryed uninstalling and re-installing...
  15. M

    Null texture

    If you apply the null texture to a face would Valve Hammer still count that face as a... face? Also I heard there are some problems with using the null texture (unfortunately these problems weren't stated). Anyone care to elaborate?
  16. KidMan

    New Map texture's

    Considering that 1.3 is going to be the lastest installment of ESF, I figured that they need to update the map textures. Most people have better computer then when ESF first came out, and I feel that ESF should accommodate those who do. When your character is close to the ground, you can see...
  17. Nuttzy

    map texture seam problem,

    ive only tested this in half life, in CS and again in TS. and im not sure where exactly the problem lies, whether it be my videocard settings or my half life intsalltion. heres a picture, imagine something like that but a few times a room in every room in every map, its annoying. and i...
  18. DBZFever

    Goku - First Texture

    Hello all, I am learning to texture characters, and comments would be appreciated =) Model: Dendza Texture: DBZFever Reference used:
  19. R

    texture generator. something for all 3D artists

    i found this site while browsing the web http://www.seamlesstexturegenerator.com/ it's some sort of texture generator and i donwloaded the demo. it looks really good and takes away a lot of work. it costs 24 bucks though. (damnit why can't i have any money?..or a paypal thing nevertheless)
  20. yopyop

    sphere mapped texture

    hm i wanna compile a model with one texture is set on "sphere map" but at the model itself the texture is all normal... what do i got to change to get an spere mapped texture also in the finished .mdl?