1. IFlip92

    Zenny are back? (Or I just noticed them)

    I just noticed I got some Zenny underneath my Avatar in some posts...I searched the forum for an explanation, but all I found was another thread full of banter and no explanation as to what this system does...@Sky, it's been like a year since that thread. I think its time to let us in on it^^
  2. Grega

    I never noticed but

    Greenberet and Sub are the exact same age down to the day XD Congrats guys. Lets see if they both find this thread with that confusing name XD
  3. Growler

    Doppler effect and other FX

    When a player flies across your screen, I think a feature that would further immerse the player in the game would be the Doppler effect. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the Doppler effect is (Just listen to the first soundclip...): I...
  4. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Here's something I noticed about Swooping

    When carrying out the following steps: 1. Power up/Raise Pl 'Mouse3' 2. Holding Directional button (like) 'w' 3. Holding shift while in motion After the end of the first swoop holding shift automatically started the next swoop as expected but at the speed of a result of doing steps 1 and...
  5. D

    i noticed

    we havent gotten an update since december, have we? im only sneaking on everyones computer so i cant actually play, but are there any new open beta's?
  6. MONXver2.0

    Have you ever noticed some things never change?

    For instance how no matter how far you think your 1 on 1 fight is away from everyone. All of the other fights on the map seem to hover towards your fight and you end up mixing with the other people. Its just amazes me how that never changes. What about you guys? Notice somethings never change...
  7. imkongkong

    Two Updates for those who haven't noticed.

    The dev journals had a few updates. It's hard to tell if theres an update or not, because there's nothing there to differentiate an updated dev journal from one that's not. Anyways.. DJ Ready's Dev God Gundam's Dev good to hear, =P can't wait to see the updates
  8. The_Forgotten

    Just incase you haven't noticed...

    Check out the Storm Trooper in my sig ^^ NOTE:I didn't make it, I just added a border and put it there :D.
  9. J

    Anyone Noticed

    I recently checked the gallery and its been updated erm srry if this is old news if it is close the thread i havent been around for a while srry XD
  10. Suh Dude

    Noticed very strange..well..not that strange.. :X

    I noticed that every school I have been registered, almost 50% of the girls at my school read manga.. and almost 95% of boys like mtv instead of manga or anime..So..tell me..are girls going to take over manga and anime? :O The girls even read *Slut Girl* LOL
  11. O

    have u noticed...

    have u noticed that esf 1.2 crashes a lot????? well I HAVE!!!!
  12. A

    Things noticed

    Howdy doody all! Great mod you got here, great update too! Just a few opinions/questions Ever noticed that with bots, when the melee, they only prepunch and throw you? Man that really is annoying for 1 - i cant stop it 2 - it get monotonous after a while And that everyone is...
  13. K

    omg! i just noticed that.....

    i have lite and it is nothing compared to full, i cant wait until my full is done, i wouder what is different from the lite, hopefuly it looks better, especialy the throw
  14. K

    who noticed that.......

    trunks gain ki when he dies when everyone else lose ki? thats preaty bumb, it really works, i hit noone and i died and i gained more ki, but if u do that with other characters, they lose **** load of ki, i think they should fix the loseing ki thing, u lose way too much, one time i was so close...
  15. S

    I noticed something today.

    When I got on ESforces I noticed this new POTW! What attack is this? whatever it is, its awesome
  16. T

    does this look nice for a cover

    This is should be the cover of my first manga but I'm wondering if it looks good enough. If it's good enough I will start to color it.
  17. S

    Please!!!,somebody help me!, arghhhh...

    Okay here is the deal! i wanted to compile my model from .QC to MDL, and so it worked. but then i noticed milkshape didn´t grab the animations, only the reference, can i compile with the animations??? please help, thnx already!
  18. TehMuffinMan

    nuttzy base- quan chi

    weeee.... well..i was playing deadly alliance latly and thought that i should do quan chi... not too shabby.. as you noticed, its nuttzy's base model, but crackerjack gladly let me use his pbp head model on this, a great thank you to you :] anyways, i'll start skinmapping and soon...
  19. |Da|K|


    hey made somthin with ma man maelstrom....he did render LINK CRIZT PLZ
  20. S


    umm does any one no where to get a USSJ Trunks skin/model? Andin the game i noticed that if u go look at the original models in the players folder there is a ssj2 and a ssj3 model does that mena u can go ssj2 and ssj3 with goku????????
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