1. L

    ginyus body change!

    sooooooooo since the creator of this idea doesnt want to suggest it.....i do it. the idea is that ginyus body change can also used for animals and stuff.... so if u create dinos....maybe add some frogs aswell.....and it would be awesome if ginyu could change into if the beam from...
  2. C

    Body training

    Hey guys, its Alex here. Ive posted this thread because i want opinions on how i should go about training my body to gain definition on the build i currently have. I work in a nightclub and i work with guys who have absolutely amazing bodies, im not jealous...i just feel left out.. Ive been...
  3. MikeOfHeaven

    Ginyu body change?

    Is it included or possible?
  4. Skyrider

    Skyriderish Has a Medical Question!

    Behold! The human, body! ... In Meat Vision! Now, see the black circle? As of yesterday, I'm having slighly pain over there or somewhat very near of it.. Happens everytime I swallow something. The bigger thing I try to swallow eg food the bigger the pain.. Can't really call it pain, It's...
  5. B

    Ginyu body swap

    When i try to use body swap i see his "essence" go into their body but nothing else happens plz help ;( p.s i nearly always get turned into the frog
  6. Eon

    Body Mutilation

    So who else here is into making their body a canvas? I have my tongue and nipples pierced, and I'm going to the parlor at the end of the week to get 4 piercings along my spine, then Christmas time I'll be getting some ink on my upper back, when I get my spinals done I'll put some pics up...
  7. V

    Hi every body

    Hi I'm vegetoSSJ a big DBZ fan I was playing DragonBall Source but now it's dead :cry: so I bought Half Life 1 and downloaded ESF and so I'm playing and I'm happy that the open beta came in the same time that I came in I have some problems with it I think I can't say them here I will make a...
  8. nemix12

    Goku Body

    wich is the best goku body / suit of dbz.... normal clothes .... one wich is released pls i need to make a cool goku [email protected] contact me pls ;)
  9. H

    body damage skin texture/model and gibs destruction

    does any game like quake 2 have the dmaging feature when the enemy is near dead(like bloody skin and nasty wound on the model). SiN is the only one i know who has the feature like q2. does any other game like quake 2(damage skin plus gibs sprit when you destroy the corpse)?
  10. K

    Body Switch

    This attack is probably going to become a nuisance. IS there a way to get your body back without tracking down the person in your body? If you've been working on a game raising up your PL for a while, and some bozo catches you off guard and takes your body, thats a pain in the ass.
  11. +HottsaucE@+

    buu/human body 1st model

    hello people, this is my first model. i followed most of eclipses tutorial. then i just went from there. the body is a humans body not buus. i changed a few things around aswell. im not sure on how to add arms or legs yet, total pollys : 1274 most stuff is like how it is for a purpose
  12. liad

    body change and buddy system bug

    buddy system bug edit:read the edit cause what i wrote before is wrong edit:i checked again and it doesnt have anything to do with body change. just if the buddy gets killed by a beam or blast the hud stays but with no hp(if he gets killed by melee the hud dissappears) doesnt have...
  13. KidMan

    Milk - Does a body good?

    I'm a huge diary fan. I love milk and have always drank large amounts. My question is, can drinking too much milk be bad for you? I drink about a gallon or more in a day or so. It ranges from 1% to 2% organic milk. I don't drink non-organic milk anymore.
  14. liad

    body change bug

    if you use body change with ginyu on a character that is ssj with turbo,the character that changed to ginyu has a yellow ssj turbo aura(probally has the same effect for other colors of aura for diffrent characters) example pic: and also as you can see if before you used the body change...
  15. M

    Body change

    When you switch body's, you stay in that form forever. When being a frog the game crashes when you do any attack but the bodychange one.
  16. KidMan

    Concerning Ginyu's Body Switch

    This attack needs to be fixed for the next update release. I've been in too many games were they got ruined from someone making multiple copies of Ginyu, thus causing the server to crash. Please, please, please get this attack fixed so it no longer causes a problem.
  17. ~*Logan*~

    Pick your Form and Ginyu's Body Change

    1) From what I hear after having a talk with Phobes, the powerlevel change option was abused a little too much. Removing that option is a good idea, however, attaining higher forms seems harder with how frequent the server crashes, especially with the new Ginyu "afterimage" abuse. I propose...
  18. P

    Body part bug

    I was playing 1.3 on a private server with Buu, and I used the body part attack while someone was in front of me. for one reason or another, I was the one that got stuck in the attack instead of the other guy. I did a search, and I could not find a report of a similar bug. just to be clear...
  19. DBZhell

    Ginyu Body change....

    could you make that ginyu would have an attack which would give an abillity to swap bodies... like in the show... and if you swap too much times ( 3 or 2 ) you become a frog
  20. Drmt`

    body destruction

    i've seen that the invisible ultimate bots starts blinking when they are low hp.. so it's possible.. Why not to make that when enemy dies from a strong beam the model slowly dissapears and dont drop on the ground.. and some sprite added similar to esf b1.1 teleport sprite would look cool...