1. sanSTyX

    Why aren't you guys hosting Open Beta on torrents anymore?

    Nostalgic The oldest thread here. Reading through some of this stuff is sad :-(
  2. Shadi

    Fixes for bugs in ESF+HL1 Beta (Inlcluding other HL1 mods and CS 1.6)

    There are a lot of issues to tackle at the moment as Valve is updating HL1. The main reason they decided to do so now is to make HL1 compatible with Linux. Which they're also celebrating with a sale atm; so you can get Half-Life 1 copies pretty cheap. If you wish to see the changelogs, at...
  3. Z

    Does noone play the Beta version?

    Hi, new to the scene here, loving what's come of this game so far, played some great games while trying to learn all the tricks in 1.2.3. I also downloaded the open beta of final version, and can't help but notice there are no servers up.Is this just a problem with me, the client, or are...
  4. Eon

    Kill the Open Beta links?

    So I was thinking about the Open Beta link and how it can be very confusing to newcomers. The average intelligence of some dude who signs up on the forums and immediately runs here to make some thread isn't exactly astounding. 90% they usually don't understand that the Open Beta link is from a...
  5. GokuSS

    Can I become a Beta Tester?

    My cat just saw the future where I became a beta tester.
  6. M

    ESF Open Beta Melee

    Hello, I recently installed the open beta and wanted to play LAN with some friends and we noticed that the melee seemed buggy and only offered the basic melee. Is this a glitch or was it just not finished when the open beta was released?
  7. GokuSS

    Any beta testers?

    Will be there any beta testers? I've seen before you guys chose people, but why no more beta testers? :-/
  8. S

    ESF Open Beta Crashing

    The Open Beta always crashes when a Player is killed. Just wanted to report if you didn't already know.
  9. E

    problem ESF open beta final

    hi all i got a problem today i just bhought half life 1 and installed esf open beta final into the folder when i start esf it shut down after i click on create server and than if i click start it close and say to me half life 1 got a problem and need to be closed.
  10. V

    Earth special forces 1.3 beta is it compatible with rc2 and big pack 8.4?

    can i use it with these 2 mods? (if not are there some mods for it?) is it stable? thanks for your answers.
  11. ~#Revan#~

    make an esf 1.3 beta server?

    would it be good to do a server esf 1.3 beta? and if it is ... I need something more than the esf 1.3 beta to make the server as a patch? I can put amxmod on esf 1.3 beta?? so... what do you think? or do I wait for the final version?
  12. RavenTrunks

    Smite. Third person MOBA Closed beta keys. I currently have 2 beta keys to give. If anyone wants one let me know here and by the end of either today or tomorrow ill pick 2 at random to give, assuming more than 2 wants one.
  13. C

    who wants to play esf open beta

    whoever wants to play esf open beta through hamachi because you cant make online servers just tell us or if you know any other way to play online with other peeps ill post the i.p to join in a sec
  14. D

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta

    Anyone else get the beta last week? I tried it out and there's just enough to make it different from source...but it's still counter-strike. The only difference I can find in the game is that they seem to be making the recoil mechanics a bigger part of the game. And molotov cocktails. But...
  15. Mkilbride

    MechWarrior Online Closed Beta invites now available.
  16. Zhaireoly

    Is it to late to have more Beta Testers?

    The reason i asked is becuz,I wanna b one of the game testers too, i've seen all of the gameplays and all of them were awesome. And i didn't wanna ask what time the final is coming out.That,I thought it would b offensive. But anyway can I b a beta tester
  17. UltraVegetto2

    Transformations In Open Beta Help

    Hi there, I was playing Esf:Open Beta lately and I wondered if it is possible to transform somehow? There are no bots in Open Beta so I can't gain any "CF". Help?
  18. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 beta client available for download Just downloads a little GW2.exe that downloads the beta...very slowly at that. Just a reminder, in case anyone forgets though, only pre-purchasers and people who were invited can...
  19. Damaera

    Mists of Pandaria Beta

    For those who actually still play this game, did anyone get an invite? Got my e-mail put in the system an hour or so ago and will be getting access once invites go out again. If anyone plays on the US realms, I'll be on Lost Isles to play with some friends and guild mates. I'll also see what...
  20. A

    Esf Open Beta final and 1.2.3 dosn't work plz help!!!!!

    Hi My name is Anel. so i have a problem whit esf open beta final when i start the game and when it opend the game it work fine but when i wait 10 or 15 sec all of a sudden the game closes like i never iven click the close button. Plz help me i really want to play esf open beta final plz plz...
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