1. Deverz

    Kerbal Space Program Cool little game someone showed me. Basically a rocket launch simulator. There is a free demo on the site which is all I have atm
  2. Sicron

    Retrieving hidden password, program?

    Okay, so I have this problem. My school supplied me with a password for an FTP account with PHPMyAdmin on the schools server. Now, the thing is, I lost the paper that had the password to my account on it (and we weren't allowed to change our passwords). So I can't log in on my account on the...
  3. Painkiller

    Game record program

    Hey guys, I need a good Game Record Program to record ESF Videos. But the worst is that most of them take my FPS down to 2-10 or have the most ****tin' quality in the world. Help, please! :)
  4. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  5. Skyrider

    Program blocker, where to get one?

    I'm looking for a "Parental" control software which blocks windows software. In this case, I wish to block windows software such as Internet Explorer so no one can access it. Any one knows such freeware/open source software? It's for Windows XP by the way.
  6. B

    A DvD shrink/burning program

    So, my parents are obsessed with Dexter, due to my inability to keep things to myself. And now they want to watch all 3 seasons. I burned season 1 and 1/2 of season 2 with Nero, but I could only put like, 3 episodes on a dvd without destroying the quality of the video. Is there anything I...
  7. LionHeart

    A program for .gifs

    More specificaly I need a program that speeds up gifs or lowers their frame count. Does anyone know of any?
  8. LionHeart

    program question

    I got a hold of a certain program but when I'm trying to install it, it tells me that I need Support for CPU extension SSE2 and then it tells me please upgrade or adjust your system to meet these minumum requirements and then restart the installer. How exactly do I adjust my system for SSE2 ...
  9. Mr.Lukyas

    DBZ: by wich program

    I M intrested wich programs are used for making 2D cartoons like DBZ, Naruto, etc. Is it possible to do them in Maya, or 3ds Max?
  10. Skyrider

    Request: Good Anti-virus program.

    Lately, I'm getting fed up with NOD32. It's a good anti-virus program, but It sucks that every time I download something and it scans it.. It takes minutes for big files to scan. And in that time, I can't even browse the internet all thanks to NOD32 for some odd reason. There for, I am searching...
  11. Fusion Ha

    Modeling Program with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a free modeling program that allows exporting to Direct X format (.x) Thanks in advance :)
  12. LionHeart

    network program

    does anyone know another program that simulates a lan connection? like for example hamachi but any installer that I try of it, it will give me an eror at the instalation process
  13. dan_esf_fanatic

    Program request.

    Someone's probably gonna kick my ass for this, but I have a simple request: Could someone code me a program that automatically shuts down my PC after a certain time or at a specific time? If you could do that I'd be really thankful. I googled for some similar programs but they're too complex for...
  14. Deanio^

    what program do you use too make sigs?

    any suggestions?
  15. Skyrider

    Searching for a specific speech recognition program

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a speech / voice recognition program. But not just a normal one. I am looking for one that can do specific things, let me explain. I am looking for a speech recognition software that you can be able to bind a voice command with a software. But also it should be...
  16. S

    what program you use??

    Hi. I am new modeling to objects 3d. I use the milkshape3d program but it has few options. For that reason I create this post, for answer you "what program you use??". My english is bad, I?m sorry. greetings sinnick
  17. LionHeart

    movie program

    i need a good program to make a movie with esf ( i'll record it with fraps) but i need a prog with some cool efects
  18. Sandstorm

    A Joke: The Santa Clause Program

    WARNING: If you believe in the existence of Santa Clause, it is advisable that you not read this joke. Recently, a postal service station (in an undisclosed location) has begun a new program. They entitle it "The Santa Clause Program." Every year...
  19. DAKISA

    A program for 3D models - help

    Can somebody give me a link for that program that can edit charecters 3D charecters i mean And what files can it open - I mean what is the end of the file File.(what) Thx in advance :yes: Edit : Or just give me you skype :) - My skype is - King Of Games
  20. dan_esf_fanatic

    Which E-Mail program are you using?

    The name says it. Right now I'm using Magic Mail Monitor, also known as MagicPop3, you probably haven't heard of it. But it's great. It's 200 KB, it's simple, and it doesn't even download the mail. It reads it off the server, allowing you to get rid of spam manually. So, which one do you use?