1. Skyrider

    Nice Clean Blue Skin

    For those who are interested, you can switch to a new blue nice by clicking on this fancy text link. In my personal opinion, this is one by far the most clean vB4 skin I've seen so far and should be pretty fast as well. Thanks to ciarkol that has created the banner for the theme at the top to...
  2. Nuttzy

    someone make something so i can skin it -_-

    friend of mine let me borrow his tablet and im trying to figure out how to use it. so, errr. send me something via pm or msn w/e. Im bored and I wanna do something to contribute to my dead section XD. made these, (model by me also) ignore the hands =P, those were done in a rush...
  3. L

    Goku's Skin Problem

    Hey I have a problem, When i am Goku and i look at my body it changes color, like its black, then when i move the camera it goes red or blue and stuff. i don't have a screen shot but i might have one later. This only happens on 1.3 Beta test game. I have also realised that my esf 1.3 beta...
  4. J

    Help with skin

    I downloaded the armored trunks model cant get it to work in game can anyone help please
  5. Damaera

    New Website & Forum Skin

    Well, how is it? Does everyone like it?
  6. M

    Black Ice Skin Bug

    In the settings I changed the skin I want to be permanently used to Black Ice and saved. When I navigate from one link to another, the skin resets back to the ESF Forum default.
  7. Suh Dude

    Neon's Janemba [skin]

    Working on this for him... I need a really good close up picture of Janemba if anyone could find some.
  8. sub

    Forum skin!

    Dear Forum Overlords: Since upgrading the forum seems to be in this season, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement an alternative skin, preferably something dark / not white. As Maddox put it, "I've chosen a black background for most of my text because it's easier on the...
  9. E

    Help|Player Skins and selections skin screen

    Hello, I have a question. why my player skins are old?and the selection Screen? i only have ammm 8 charectars(Buu,Cell,Vegeta,Goku,Freeze,Gohan,Trunks,Krilin) here is a picture of Goku: Before i formated my computer my skins were diffrent,i...
  10. H

    damage skin texture q&a again

    well i am decide to remake half-life with quake 2 feature but like mc said it is quitely possible. but here's the question, how am i suppose to make it possible?? how am i going to code it?? PS: esf has character transforming system(model change) that kinda gave me the idea. can anyone share...
  11. H

    body damage skin texture/model and gibs destruction

    does any game like quake 2 have the dmaging feature when the enemy is near dead(like bloody skin and nasty wound on the model). SiN is the only one i know who has the feature like q2. does any other game like quake 2(damage skin plus gibs sprit when you destroy the corpse)?
  12. Morvin

    Skin model problem!

    Well... I decompiled a goku model to replace some animations that i didnt like and recompiled the model. Then a strange thing happen on the texture of the model on his back! I took some pic of him, before and after the recompilation... Could someone tell me how can i fix that?
  13. M


    Has anyone ever considered of the idea of having 1 extra skin?
  14. Tenzo

    Freeza skin tone

    the esf 1.3 model can something be done about freeza's skin tone? i mean more lighten up a bit! and the center chest thing bigger!
  15. dany_goku

    Anyone wanna skin this

    If anyone want to skin it I would really appreciate.I really don't have the necessary time to learn to skin cuz I have some exams at the moment.
  16. Dokutayuu

    2nd Son's first skin edit

    Hello all, I believe this is the first thread I've ever made in this section but here it goes. I decided to do some skin tweaks on the 1.2 Goku. Thank you ESF Team for the original model + skin and the Krillin's symbol used on the back. Oh and Darktooth for animating them. I also redid...
  17. A


    hello I am new in this forum excuse if my English is bad is that I am of single Argentinean I want to request if they can do pack to me of goku adult with the clothes of gt for and its transformations that not it encounter and the few that encontre veian re badly please
  18. wheres_

    Super 17; anime style skin.

    Model by Clipseh: Thought I'd do an anime style skin for all the screamin fanboys in enix's thread. All one of them I think... I started doing this like a day before enix's thread poped up anyway. I'm not a trend whore! :'(
  19. SSJ Toast

    buu skin

    well after a year on hiatus, i decided to do another skin, model is made by dendza i think, very rough draft right now, just felt like posting it up, and don't worry ill finish this one ;)
  20. wheres_

    3Dsmax8 Skin Q.

    Well i've recently fired up 3dsmax8, I have **** all idea how to use it but thats ok because im only using it for checking my skins. Just texturing, basic HL texturing. What I need to know is: After I've imported my model (already skin mapped), how do I apply the skin (ie: where's the friggin...
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