1. C

    Corona-Bytes Team??

    Just a random shout out to the old EVM and ECX team! I miss you guys lol. Also wanted to find out how many of you are on these forums also? :) Old Nick - SSJ4Gogeta Would appreciate it if you could put your old usernames on here also :) Bye!
  2. M

    Team Four Star Voice Pack!

    This isn't really a suggestion but just something a friend pointed out to me. Have you ever thought about asking the guys at Team Four Star to record some things for the game? Even as a completely optional download?
  3. Aurum

    The Team is drunk?

    ESF team pls. Be mature.
  4. GokuSS

    Will the team upload more images?

    Man, all the ESF pics look epic. I'd love to see how Super Saiyan Goku is. I love this SS Vegeta picture! :)
  5. gerald324

    How Many Percent Does ESF Team Done Working With 1.3 FINAL??????

    Just How Many Percent% What Do You Think Guys???? ~Gerald324~ New Member
  6. The Deco

    Arma 2 24$! Zombie survival team needed!

    Steam summer sale. I am seriously considering to buy Arma II Combined Operations for 24$ just for DayZ. Thing is I don't think ill buy it without knowing someone will join me. So any forum memebers willing to form up a zombie survival team?
  7. EliteMarine

    ESF Team...

    Ok I am thinking about joining the team and I was wondering what you guys would need the most? Environment Artist, 3d Artist, Modeler, Coder etc... Cause what I was gonna do was if you needed one of the Jobs you need., I was going to learn how to do everything about it then join the team so I am...
  8. mannypolston

    Great Job team

    i just wanted to say that i really think the esf team is doing a great job wit the mod cant wait till it comes out ;)
  9. Skyrider

    Anyone here has Team Fortress 2 (Premium?)

    Read the title. Anyone here that has TF2 and wish to join a free lottery? Premium users only, not F2P (Free 2 play) users. You can win the following items:
  10. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 - Free Lottery Event #8

    For those premium users, go check out: I'm afraid Free to Play users can't join the lottery for obvious reasons. I've merely posted this so you guys are aware of the current free lottery going on.
  11. Damaera

    Team Fortress 2 is now free.... forever!
  12. O


    Hi, I just wanted to say "thanks" to the ESF team. I have been playing your game since the very first Alpha version. Before that I played DragonmodZ. I remember how quickly ESF catched up and surpassed DMZ. When I left DMZ for good, I never looked back. I also tried some Bid For Power but that...
  13. Nige

    Could Someone From The ESF Team Tell Me How Far Through They Are With The 1.3?

    I know alot of people are gonna say " dont be such a dick it will be ready when its ready" but i mean seriously they must be like 80% done or something.
  14. Disguise

    PR with Team Four Star

    Hey haven't posted here in awhile. Game looks amazing as usual. That Vegeta model is incredible. This isn't related to any in-game stuff for once. Instead, it's more like a PR (Public Relations) suggestion. There's a team devoted to doing an abridged version of DBZ, and it's pretty hilarious...
  15. Viper

    Team COCO prepares for the new Conan show

    Conan O'Brien's new show preparation on live stream. It's friggin awesome!! That's how you prepare for a successful show these days!! Also, it seems to be an actual live stream, not a recording.
  16. Chakra-X

    [PSP] Dragonball Z Tenkaichi: Tag Team

    The demo is out on PSN and I got a hold of the Japanese version...It's actually quite fun. The whole game feels looser, speedier, larger. More free for all since you can change targets. Sometimes looks like ESF when you see your partner and an enemy dashing in the background with Death Balls...
  17. KarrdeKNR

    Karrde Does More Costuming - Team Fortress 2 Engineer

    So, some guys I play TF2 with were all "You should come to Geek Kon with us." Being that it's in Madison, WI it's not exactly a long drive for me. 3 weeks ago, they're all "Hey, we're doing TF2 costumes, you should too!" ....... ****! So being that I've done 2 different bits of high...
  18. st34lth

    What's will happen to the ESF team after you guys finish 1.3?

    After you guys finish 1.3 are you guys going to disband and move on to bigger projects? Or will some of you stick together and make something else. I'am just wondering what you guys were planning after this.
  19. KarrdeKNR

    Destroy the Team Fortress 2 Golden Wrenches for Charity! Well, this is something neat. Even Valve is promoting this now. I figure I'd drop this here and see how many people I can convince to donate what they can afford. All proceeds are going to "Child's Play". The event is going down on or about the...
  20. karatepig

    Team attacks!

    I think that you should be able to do 2 diffrent attacks one you do by your self and one with 2 players with one beam attack. And also that anyone should be albe to give energy to a spirit bomb but if it is to much energy i can explode because of the unstability. But if 2 players to a energy...