1. hleV

    Electric Sparks only with Turbo On or Charging

    In anime Electric Sparks of SSJ2 and above show up only when Turbo is on. It seems so in manga too. So maybe in ESF it should be that even if you're SSJ2 or SSJ3, the Electric Sparks show up only when you have Turbo on or charging Ki.
  2. sub

    Tesla Electric Car on Jay Leno

    http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/video/video_player.shtml?vid=229378? I have to say, I'm excited for the future. 3 hour charge. 250 miles per charge. It's expensive now, but the technology will only get better and the prices will only come down. Are electric cars the future?
  3. KidMan

    Electric Razor

    I need the best Electric Razor money can buy. My skin can't handle actual razors. I get razor burn bad and then end up with a lovely case of acne all over my neck. Trust me, I've used creams, antiseptics and what not but my skin is just too sensitive. That and my hair grows in at weird angles. I...
  4. ZeroNightmare

    TV Show: Guitar-Through the Electric Age

    anyone seen it? i forgot what the complete name was, but it was something about guitars: through the electric age. it talks about all the great guitarists and how gibson and fender came to be, and jimi jendrix, satriani, vai, bb king, abunch of people. its a cool watch. anyone happen to...
  5. Suh Dude

    Yay Electric Guitar?

    Erm, anyone want me to recommend a good eletric guitar for beginners? Price range probably $100-150, and a good cheap AMP too would be nice. Tabs would be cool I guess, but I wouldn't need them yet if I don't have a guitar. :rolleyes: I asked here because, after looking at the "Post your...
  6. Deman

    Electric Crowb... I mean Melee!!

    For those who play SvenCoop, they can send a small donation(6 american dollars if I remember correctly) to get an electrified crowbar. Perhaps some sort of bonus feature of ESF should be added for a small donation. In SvenCoop, the electrified crowbar does double damage, but at a cost...
  7. Phatslugga

    Trip 2 .... Electric Boogaloo

    Ok guys, this time i'm leaving for real. I'm going to be packing tommorow and leaving early saturday. This sucks, and i just wanted to say that i'm going to miss you poeple for the three weeks i'm gone ( i probably won't have access to a connection where i'm going). Hopefully if i have time...
  8. S

    Where do u get Sprites

    where do u get diffrent sprites and aurora; cuz out of all those sites they only have like a few iand i want a diffrent charge type thng so its not just flying dots and does any one no where to get animated models??
  9. Silver.Nikan.


    Hi i've got a question, Where can i download aura's for ESF? I've searched Google but cannot find anything.... I need this kind of aura's: - SSJ Aura - SSJ2 Aura - Electric Aura - Big Aura Can someone help me please ?? ( If there are errors in my post , i'm dutch ;) )...
  10. Death The Jedi

    I got bored...

    How do you guys think that looks? If someone likes it, and wants to use it for something, feel free. I think it's ok.. I know it's really bright, but I'm not gonna change anything on it.. I was bored.. and I made this, just wondering what you guys thought of it
  11. S

    SSJ2 Models

    Does anyone have a decent ssj2 model of gohan? And not the one on redsaiyan, because that's a scrawny lookin model. If any one knows where to find one or any other kick @$$ looking models of ssj2's please make a link on this thread! Also does anyone have a nice looking ssj2 electric aura...
  12. Vengaurd

    LightBeam Kamehameha

    allright, some people didnt care for my last kamehameha charge effect, so i compiled this one, its esentially the same but it has a bigger ball and the lights rotate around it download here http://usa.internations.net/vengaurd/KameLights.jpg copy and paste that (dont forget, my servers...
  13. Vengaurd

    Electric Final Flash!

    Epedemic_Optikz has given me his permision to heavely modify his lightning Kamehameha and i now present to you, the Electric Final Flash! keep in mind that my server is crap for posting images on forums, if these two dont work youll have to go to my site(see sig) and click preview...
  14. T

    Where can i download a spirteviewer?

  15. T

    electric ssj2 aura request

    I know some people are making it so i wanted to know where to download it. Also how would I make one?
  16. O


    another medabot. electric kitty thingy. anyway feel free to criticize or what not. you need viewpoint. click me foo
  17. imkongkong

    new posted goku model

    the gokou model yea.. the regular goku model looks great, superb.. for the ssj model thoe, i think the head is a little small.. doesn't look proportioned well to the body.. yea, the texture of the skin and the neck part looks like it should be more straight.. but it looks fantastiC! good job...