1. E

    Brolly Model Trouble

    I have downloaded the Brolly model made by God Gundam and his team and well it works fine in regular state but once I trans to USSJ its walking and power up animations are screwed up. Since I got the model I have upgrade to ESF 1.2.2 and was wondering is anyone has had this problem as well
  2. B

    Having trouble installing esf 1.22

    I downloaded esf 1.22 full install and the install button is faded out, after i choose what I want to install. I got enough disk space and all so thats not the problem...
  3. A

    still trouble with cd key:S

    Ok and now I have my own cd key (the original) and a purchuased version of half life but now it says I have an invalid cd key and I'm sure I typed it right.But some friend of mine borrowed it earlier with my cd key could that be the problem?? I wanna play this game, but every time something...
  4. C

    map trouble?

    I like to play on lan with bots and friends (or both). For some reason, the map list doesn't have the ESF maps, but instead it has the normal HL maps. This isn't really big, but I think it kind of weird to be playing ESF in Boot Camp or Crossfire... I searched and everything, so sorry if this...
  5. C

    Trouble installing any custom auras

    Hello there. This is my first post here so work with me. :) Im having some trouble installing a custom aura i have found on the internet. I downloaded the aura and simply just renamed it to aura.mdl but it didnt seem to work. Then I created a copy and renamed it aura.wrl just to see if that...
  6. Sicron

    Having trouble with milkshape

    well im trying to make a model, so i have put in a background image, but as soon as i want to model the feet(or head) i cant do that...the reason is, it wont zoom in there, it will only zoom in at the places where the Z,X,Y axis lines whenever i try to zoom in at the feet it wont...
  7. P

    trouble installing esf

    i downloaded esf 1.2.1 and the patch, but when i go to instal it says "esf could not be found on selected destination. please choose again." i have try'd everything and don't know what to do. someone please help me.
  8. D

    I am having some trouble...

    Maybe it's just the fact that I'm on DSL, and it's utter crap, but I've tried to download multiple skins for ESF from, and the pages never load once I click download. Is esf down right now (down as in unable to download anything) ? Maybe I'm just crazy, but I always wait for a...
  9. H

    im have n trouble with maps :(

    i installed some new maps and ran them on a temporary server i ran offa my computer todoay( other world tournament, mario castle, kamis lookout and a couple maps the site said were good for training (( and i experience weird black-outs in certain spots on levels :\ , like...
  10. G

    Cant not me trouble can be

    I just did a full destructive restore on my coomputer. and I dont esf and now there is an update for it but not the actuall game can someone help ? If you dont know a place can you just send it to my e-mail [email protected] . ty in advance.
  11. R

    AMXX Trouble - Game shuts down when I try and make

    ... yeah the name explains it ... Killedwithstyle, i'm using your configuration, it doesnt seem to be working. I read both readme things. Im trying to run a listenserver... I click on create new.. choose a map and click start. Then my game just closes to desktop. Yes i've tried using...
  12. Suh Dude

    Skin trouble

    Well, i been practicing everyday. But this is not a actual skin for a model. Some reason, everytime i make a good skin that comes out like this, the face on the model comes out weird. But heres a example of my improving work. ^^ Please help! :D
  13. E

    more trouble... help thread!

    can some on eplease give me a site that has a error FAQ or something... cause i am getting sick of posting here... but this is what is wrong... i did a small map no detail a floor sky box player starts... and 1 more entity... env_model.... i have the model set to models/fern2.....(i...
  14. M

    Im troublE COnnecting to a server

    Okey Here it goes..... im trying to connect right so i connect but then it says my client is diffrent i hav ESF 1.2 Also it says my .dll differs from the server???? and theres a server thats running 1.2.1 ?????? okey i put it in the steam directery for esf but i still get this my .dll...
  15. imkongkong

    funny, kid gets in trouble ahah how funny.. :talk: its funny, she put the starting bid at 1 cent.. ahah first bid was 1.50 US money.. heres a list (US $0.01 starting bid) Date of Bid Bid Amount User ID...
  16. M

    Win32 HLDS Steam & ESF Trouble

    First the good news: Unlike most of the posts I found while searching for my problem, I do not need help installing or configuring ESF to run with either WON or Steam versions of HLDS. The bad news: I am having a TON of stability problems with my ESF server under Steam. Some of the members of...
  17. C

    Heres a little tip for people who have trouble defending theirselves..

    I found a neat way to escape if your bombarded by meele with no ki energy left, all you need to do is have enough ki for the mini generic blue blast. Once you get up from a fall from meele you got a split second before your hit again, during this time, hold jump and fire a beam jump, angle it at...
  18. C

    server trouble

    When i make a server i cant pick the password, name, or max players. I use steam. Why not? :rolleyes:
  19. L

    map trouble

    its me again,when i download a map it wont show up.why is that?
  20. C

    Having trouble installing

    Everytime i try and install i got paused at the "checking for previous files" screen. Is there anyway to skip that process?