1. A

    Trouble Installing

    when download the game and get ready for the install it shows my account name for steam then it shows all that other stff where u wanna install it...but the install button icon is not lit up and i am un able to click on it so i have to install the game under tfc which wont work i wanna install...
  2. ssj2goku

    motd trouble

    why the hell cant i use an html based motd in esf ???? in ts or svencoop it works with no trouble but when i start to type <html> in the mods in esf it shows all the bloody code is this the mod that doesnt allow the html code or is it the server
  3. S

    ip trouble

    OK here's something bout the long lost bid for power. suppose my ips and i create a new game, can people join my game by typing my ip on the specify tab in online play?
  4. M

    little bit of technical trouble, please help.

    Hello, Whenever I try to join or start a game, I get this error "Could not load library esf/Cl_dlls/Client.dll" the mod is installed into "C:\Program Files\Half-Life\esf" and i cant seem to figure out whats going on. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  5. P

    EVM trouble

    Hello, new here but thats besides the point. Im having alot of trouble getting EVM i tried to get it off or whatever, but when i click the download at 2kb/s it pops up for the download, but than it says error... the reviews all have ppl being happy and it working, but mines...
  6. C

    I'm having quite a bit of trouble with this game

    Would any of the pros be interested in "tutoring" me?...If not its ok, but any help is appreciated
  7. M

    Brush 3 is making trouble... help plz

    hlcsg v2.5.3 rel Custom Build 1.7 (Dec 9 2002) Zoner's Half-Life Compilation Tools -- Custom Build Based on code modifications by Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh Based on Valve's version, modified with permission. Submit detailed bug reports to ([email protected]) ----- BEGIN hlcsg -----...
  8. D


    I downloaded Steam, then when I learned I need Half-Life, I bought it, and when I installed it, I when to Third Party Game, and I still can't play ESF, what should I do?
  9. R

    Haveing alot of trouble!

    First I install half life 1 then I install steam but when I make a new steam account it doesn't ask for my hl cd key. Also, in the steam aps folder it doesn't have my account id (ex.valve\steam\steamaps\-no steam id-). But I think that is because I can't register my hl cd key onto my steam...
  10. M

    I'm having trouble

    I downloaded 2 files from a different website to play this game. However, when I try to install the game or the patcher thing, it won't let me get past the part where I need to specify where I want to install the files to. So my question is this: what EXACTLY do I need to do (download, install...
  11. M

    Having Trouble why Unknown

    I got the 1.2.3 version I use to have ESF but took a break and redid system now i cant see to Find servers When i opeen the game i got Vegita kicking Picalo down is this the right version if not can you tell me what is.
  12. Chakra-X

    IPod Mini Battery Trouble

    Around a couple of months a go, my Ipod Mini's battery life suddenly dropped. After fully charged, after the battery icon reached 3/4 it's charge, it would say "no batte power remains. Please connect IPod to a charger" or something like that, and the low battery icon came up. Mini IPods...
  13. L

    Trouble Installing esf

    Once i've installed ESF, and click on the shortcut to start the game my PC doesnt seem to be able to find it and the game wont start. Is there a specific folder that esf needs to be installed into? Or another solution to this problem?
  14. I

    PSP trouble

    hey yall i just got me a psp and i am havn trouble puting stuff like music and photos on it any one willing 2 give me a hand?
  15. F

    Having Trouble ESF VETERAN

    I was one of the first guys to play ESF when it came out back in the day back in HL 1. whatever, I used to play Bid for Power too, anyway, I just decided to start playing again, and am now a steam user, I downloaded the 1.2.3 full install, and i can't get it to install, no folder i select is...
  16. D

    having forum trouble

    i didnt know wheree to put this so here it goes. i cant get my post count to go over 47... it's been 47 for a few days now... i dunno i should prolly be sum where in the 60's... thanx in advance edit... is the reason it's not going up because it's posting in off topic?
  17. Z

    Server trouble

    ok, so i was playing. and i connected to "affinty" server or something, it started downloading a crapload of files, mostly models for like. ssj2 gohan and ussj trunks, etc. But now when I try to connect to actually PLAY that server it just closes my esf. any idea how to fix it?
  18. S

    Trouble Installing ESF

    Well, i have 2 accounts for Steam, Dont ask why :P Anyways one is for HL2 and all that The other is for CS, CS:CZ, DOD, HL and all 3rd party mods, now ive only recently started to use this one again, and because of a fresh install it needs to update etc. Now i go to install ESF and the...
  19. 3


  20. Eon

    GFX trouble

    Well, I have a very low end card. GForce4MX 440, 64mb. And I used to play KOTOR on medium just fine, it'd get choppy at times, but other than that, it's fine. Now here's the problem. Recently, I started playing it again, and something will happen when there are room where the particle...