1. L

    ESF trouble

    ok i got a problem :\ . I cant play ESF cuase it dosnt work with cs retail. yes i do have hl too(i just cant find it). if theres somthing im missing please tell me.
  2. NightShade

    having trouble

    i might be gone for a couple of days. my computer beeped like r2d2 and shut off on me in middle of jumping this newb on Ultima online :( Dry them tears tho i might can beg my old teacher to fix it. and if he cant i will next month. Wish me luck. Hibiki dont party to much without me :( p.s...
  3. P

    Skinner needs help?

    Hey everyone im new here :D but i just need some help getting started. I have skinned for myself like privatley but never released anything. I am having some trouble with milkshape and your models... Whenever i try to decompile them and import the .smd it just gives me the bones :( and i cant...
  4. [SAS]Orion

    n00 siggeh!

    I made a new sig for myself, what do you think? Also, got any ideas for what I can add to it?
  5. Hsu

    RO beta 2 trouble

    I was wondering if anyone else who playes RO has a problem installing it. Evertime i have tryed to install it.... it crashes explorer.... permenently untill i restart so i have been left with few choises on how to get it to work. my friend had to install it through dos and i am hoping it will...
  6. OneWingedAngel

    PC Trouble

    Ok.. The last little while my comp has been messing up a bit but prolly the biggest proplem is the crashing. I'll go play any game this makes no difference if its PacMan or Quake 3 it crashes for no realy reason it just shuts down (The game) and when i goto play it agian it says "An Error has...
  7. NightShade

    esf trouble here also

    i tried alpha just cause i was bored and it keep downloading everything. i mean maps processing or whatever and will not play. i was wondering if this is a prob with my side because i want my system ready for beta and not have to worry about things like this
  8. D

    What do you do in case of trouble

    i was wondering what people do if they have trouble (i eat a banana)
  9. R

    -Preview- My Third Model

    This is my third model ever... I've started it out but I'm not quite for sure who or what I want it to be... I'm having a little trouble deciding... anyway please take a look Tell me what you think, what it needs... etc etc... what...
  10. R

    My 1st nearly finished model

    Well for the first time I've actually come close to finishing a model... From what I understand this model isn't really usable.. but it's one more step closer to victory... Theres still quite a bit of things that need tweaked... but I figured If i'm not going to be able to use it... why go...
  11. T

    LAN trouble!!!!

    first of all i just quicky want to introduce my self..... hi *waves* ^_^..nuff said swifty moving on, i'm having probs trying to get the game to plan over a lan. I just want to plan on a lan ame first so i can get the feel of the game and how it plays. this is the error that i am getting...
  12. Naz

    NEWB Question

    Ready for flames, but, well, I hope ú all can help me, Where can I dld a good sigmaking- layout making program so I can begin making sigs, I just wanna try it out, c what I can do. So if somebody can help me plz??
  13. thor

    Perfect cell pics

    i need some perfect cell pics ive been looking around and all i have found is cr*p so post some pics for me thanks
  14. S

    Link to zoids mod and bfp trouble

    Okay, even though I post much more at other boards, I post least here anyways, here's my two questions: 1)I heard some talk about a Zoids mod being made. Can someone give me the link please? 2)When I was playing bfp, all of a sudden the 3rd person view switched to a close up 3rd person view...
  15. S

    map trouble

    there is a map that ownz its called esf_s2k_kamehouse_alpha and when i try the map its does that. its charges the game all good. Server #1 comes up in console and the console goes up and i see the menu , and or an unknown reason the game crash. Its crash , when i say that i mean it, Every...
  16. K

    Not back for trouble

    Just back to see whats up. Anyone like my new sig...just asking...the BG is custom..
  17. B

    psp trouble

    i downloaded some new fonts and placed them in the directory but psp doesnt seem to see them so i can use them....can anyone help
  18. D

    Evil Frieza Skin

    i was bored and made this... enjoy... DOWNLOAD