1. M

    An ESF mod with new transformations like SSJ3?

    Yesterday i joined a server, but as i did it started to download several new models, sprites etc. like goku_ss3.mdl which i did NOT have before. How come it did? I mean, i DO have the latest version of ESF (1.2.3). Is it a mod or something to host a game with these models? So i can play with my...
  2. S

    Cells transformations

    I think the current transformatio is stupid. Since there will be android models, you could show cell catch them instead of just powering up.
  3. Green Wolfos

    Buu Transformations

    Hello. I really like esf and I had a question: Will you have all the Buu Transformations? *Waits patiently for reply*
  4. Mccdbz5

    Some more transformations could be in 1.3

    Everyone knows all the transformations that are going to be in 1.3 right? Well have you noticed some characters could have more transformations. Here's the list they have now: Goku: SS1, SS2, SS3 Gohan: SS1, SS2 Krillin: Mystic Krillin Piccolo: Takes off cape Frieza: 2nd form, 3rd form...
  5. V

    transformations for android 18

    I am new here and i was wondering what are the transformations for android 18????????????
  6. G

    Question about Transformations

    First I would like to say that I "met" this game at a CyberCafe. Some ppl might know what that is (especially if u are from Argentina) and some might not. I instantly fell in love with the game since no other DB game made me feel like I was actually a Sayan (or other character). I play with...
  7. K


    I was playin with bots and trunks had only 994,876 ki and transformed in to super sayian how do u transform to supersain or just transform THanks Kurt
  8. HaLLiS

    1.3: final transformations

    This a small suggestion but wouldnt it be kool once u reached ur final level (ssj2 vegeta/ssj3 goku) it had the knockback effect like the one while ur watching some1 fighting with someone else in advanced melee to close and once the fight ends theres that circular shockwave that pushes everyone...
  9. U

    More Transformations

    One model should have more transes like goku going ssj then ssj2 then ssj3 then ssj4.
  10. Jimesu_Evil

    Smoother Transformations

    One thing that always looked dodgy in ESF is the transformations. It just looks really dodgy how the players model just instantly changes to the transformed model. Here's an idea to hopefully make the transformations a lot smoother looking: When transforming, instead of just instantly...
  11. Jedi Vegeta

    Vegeta transformations

    What characters/transformations will Beta 1.3 have? + Goku: (SSJ 1/2/3) + Gohan: (SSJ 1/2) + Frieza: (Form 1/2/3/4) + Buu: (EVil Skinny, Super Buu, Kid buu) + Cell: (Imperfect/Perfect) + Piccolo: (No cape) + Trunks: (ssj, ussj) + Vegeta: (ssj 1/2[aka majin]) + Krillin: (Mystic Krillin...
  12. B

    Transformations ideas

    Well first of all.. this is an exelent mod :yes: (the olny thingh **** is the game in the mod is based :no: ), i think u had thought in this before but i think is good to say it.. my idea is to put to boo the kid boo transformation and to freeza the ultimate body transformation and chage the...
  13. Robby

    Transformations (dont think new one alright?)

    Well i was thinking... when does goku get upset 5 times in a row?! I mean krillin and piccolo die 5 times from frieza? uh... no. I think somecharacters should get different transformation after they transed first already. LIke Goku, when he transes the first time yo get the lightning...
  14. I

    Perfect transformations with turbo and swoop DBZ you often see someone swooping to a guy and then turning ssj or something while they are going..maybe you should put this in then...and also ability to transform with turbo on ONLY after reaching the perfect trans pl without turbo on.....goes for both suggestions.. what you think?
  15. K

    Easier transformations

    I am relatively new to esf, and i like it a lot *BUT* i feel that because the transformations are very time consuming, i feel that the game itself becomes slower because of this. Now i also wanted to say that lvl 3 transformations would be good too but others have already posted that 1...
  16. Â


    hi everyone and you beautiful ESF admins and workers (too much boot licking maybe lol). anyway i was just wondering if you are going to start putting more transformations in the game instead of just SSJ etc..SSJ2 and SSJ3 would be good and to see frieza and buu's 3rd forms fighting would be very...
  17. DracoHeart

    All about 1.3 transformations *best*

    idea 1) For the saiyan race, whenever you learnt a transformation, if you ascend, your energy should be burned away every second. The energy burning decreases as your character get stronger, until he mastered the transformation where it will drain your ki *INCREDIBLY LOW* like 1PL per second...
  18. imkongkong

    saiyan transformations

    i think for all the saiyans, the first transformation should end with the turbo on around you... when goku transformed at first there was an aura.. gohan transformed to ssj2 there was an aura around him... just an idea
  19. imkongkong

    kid gohan transformations

    i'd like to suggest how kid gohan would transform cell saga gohan normal with cape - normal cell saga gohan ssj with cape - 1st trans cell saga gohan ssj without cape - 2nd trans cell saga gohan ssj2 without cape - 3rd trans
  20. (SS2S) Kakorot

    Krillin's transformations.

    Right, I was thinking the other day for Krillin transformations. And it hit me, the freiza saga, the whole thing through it krillin was wearing saiyan armour, i do bilieve that that could be another transformation for krillin, and the present one should be the final transformation as that is...