1. L

    Transformations Not working

    Heyo, just coming back to the game, trying to get some friends into it. But after installing 1.2.3 and esx Rc2 none of my transformations appear to be working. I even over did it a bit and got Vegetta up to 2 mill Pl and when I hit z nothing happens. Not sure whats going on. Any ideas?
  2. C

    Transformations in esf final

    Hey dudes been a fan since the start just like everyone else here, not sure if its been said but for the transformations in the final version i doubt it will be like the ones in ecx and 1.2.3 where the whole scene of the transformation is cut out of the movie and played out in the game, a new...
  3. Hellion_Blade

    Ki management, transformations and how they affect different characters

    Some of these questions may have come up in previous suggestion threads ,however, I would like to know more. At work last night I was thinking about the way ki management will change relative to transformations. We all know the current release makes ki management easier while transformed and...
  4. Casmin


    I have a concern that I am curious of that I may have trouble wording... Are transformations significant enough? What i mean by that is, could SSJ Goku be beat by normal Vegita? Will going SSJ give you the power and speed that is realistic? I only ask this question because in DBZ games in the...
  5. UltraVegetto2

    Transformations In Open Beta Help

    Hi there, I was playing Esf:Open Beta lately and I wondered if it is possible to transform somehow? There are no bots in Open Beta so I can't gain any "CF". Help?
  6. EliteMarine

    Bot Transformations

    Will the bots be able to transform past their first transformation?
  7. mannypolston

    Esf Final transformations

    Will the transformations in ESF final be the same as the anime. Like when they first transform
  8. B

    Bot Transformations

    Will the bots be able to transform several times like from Frieza 1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form and then 4th form? Cuz that would be awesome :cool:
  9. Nemix

    New 1.2.3 Aura.wrl for transformations?????

    Hello so it's nice that in 1.2.3(no ecx) you can change the turbo aura but what about the transformation aura aura.wrl which you can find in the models folder i know you can make wrl with milkshape but i don't know how :( anyway can anyone make it? so when transforming instead of this...
  10. H

    Music on transformations in 1.3

    I think we need different talk around here besides "when will esf 1.3 be out devs!!!". I'd just like to know what your going to be doing with the transformation music in 1.3. Example: in 1.2.3 you used the gohan fights freeza/cell theme for his SS transformation in-game. I realize that gohan...
  11. Growler

    Transformations - Real-time hair change

    I suggested this a while back... hoping to see it in a recent update, but haven't seen it yet. A ) I think it'd be really awesome instead of doing the whole model-swap thing when transforming, we have the hair spike up and gradually change color. A nice touch would to see muscle growth...
  12. Disguise

    Stances + Transformations; PLs & KI/Stamina Efficiencies

    Okay, here's a re-write. Some of this is common knowledge, some of it is tweaks, etc etc. I'm considering how the entire game would look with these changes, not just a couple of factors, thus I mention them briefly and if I would change anything about them. The main focus of these concepts...
  13. L

    Spontaneous and forced Super Saiyan Transformations

    I believe the current transformation system should be turned into a more complex one. My idea is that we should have 2 ways to transform: 1.Forced transformation Once you get the minimum power level required to transform ( aka the point where your body could physically sustain the...
  14. BlueSaiyan

    So what are they doing about transformations? Invincibility or not?

    I remember one thing that sucked was trying to transform and being killed as you did it... but then, it's equally as unfair for a skilled played in a transformed state to harass weaker players... so is the system staying the same? I'd also like to say... that it's even WORSE if your opponent is...
  15. Full_Power_Explodes

    Dragonball Z Sagas style Transformations

    In the Dragonball Z Sagas game transformations are easy to earn but difficult to maintain. I think that'd fit well with esf. Transformations are dependent upon a transformation bar. While in normal form this bar is filled by using melee attacks. The more damage that the melee attack does the...
  16. dman86

    Cooler's transformation(s)

    Help: How do you transform into Meta Cooler?
  17. Growler


    I don't know what transformations will look like in 1.3... BUT... instead of just having a model swap out during transformation... I suggest that the process of the hair turning gold and becoming spiky is included in the transformation... cause it would be badass.
  18. csr8566

    Idea for transformations

    I don't know if someone has thought of this, or even if its possible. Is there a way to change models in between an animation, really quickly, like split seconds. Because if you can, then you can make 5 or 6 models of the same person, but change the color of their hair to make it more gradually...
  19. F

    Suggestions about balance (stamina, health, transformations)

    First my apologies to anybody who feels I stole his idea in this suggestions post and I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. Also I'm sorry because it is too long to read. If you don't understand any of the sentences I wrote, let me know, I will try to explain myself better. This...
  20. Plakman


    The point is that you should be able to tranform almost anytime, anywhere when you have the required pl for a perfect trans. some examples: -Being able to tranform while in a beamstruggle or powerstruggle -Being able to tranform while swooping -Being able to tranform while turbo mode...