1. The Taco Man

    Trunks Transformations

    just a quick point people seem to think that USSJ is trunks's last stage. This is incorrect as when he fights against cell, he acheives a new form of USSJ2, it is much more bulikier and stronger than a regular USSJ, since he takes like 5 minutes to power it up...
  2. S

    Piccolo'sn Transformations

    The idea struck me that for Piccolo's transformations why not make his first trans a fusin with nails and then make his next one a fusin with Kame? obviously that wouldnt be very easy to animate another model etc, but you could get a sound clip of him talking to nails before he fuses with him...
  3. B

    Problem with transformations to other level up characters

    Hello. I'm playing in ESF 1.1 Beta. I' downloaded the modelpack skins and activatebots, and EVM minimod which shows how much I' must have KI power to transform to other level. I' was playing Goku, i had 1,750 mln and I' transform to SSJ1, to get SSJ2 i' must had 6,5 mln, so i was playing to get...
  4. Damian

    Tweak the Transformations for 1.3

    As everyone knows transformations are the point where the character reaches a new form of power. The transformations for Esf 1.2 are really good for there first transformations but can be tweaked a bit. I know there will be new transformations for 1.3 and I figure they should be more astounding...
  5. E

    More Transformations

    2 ssj, 3 ssj, ussj, majin, 4 ssj, and more models Brolly, brolly ssj 2, brolly ssj 3, brolly ssj 4 and much more and more
  6. O


    This has been asked and talked about alot so i thought i brought it up again. Hoping that the team has more information about my question. I was hoping that there was an ability to skip transformations at will. So let's say just like swoop double tab an direction but with transformations...
  7. C


    I heard that the transformations will be easyer in 1.3 But Will it be Very easy or just less hard :rolleyes: Because I really like it that you gotta kill much ppl before you can transform (its so cool that you are ssj and the other not and you PWN him tottaly :P)
  8. C

    4 transformations

    i have thinked about 4 transformations for all the characters in the game that not haveing any part in gt i thinked of all accept piccolo and krilin and tien if he is there freaza: 1-st freaza 2-2nd freaza 3-3rd freaza 4-4th freaza screen shots __________ 1- 2- 3- 4-...
  9. T

    Tien's transformations ???

    Does version 1.3 include Tien's transformations too ? I've never seen Tien transforming in DBZ ... I think he'll be just like Piccolo ... nothing happens to his look. Tell me if u know something about Tien's transformation, please ...
  10. Z

    Different Transformations.

    Umm, i'm guessing that maybe different characters could have different goku could have 4 transformations to go to super saiyajin 4..and same with vegeta...maybe you could add an Uzuuo transformation [Giant Monkey thingy] and Cell and frieza have enough to get to their...
  11. D

    Non-Linear Transformations Tree

    I've noticed a number of remarks on these forums about 100% Frieza, USSJ, 4-arm Tien, etc. plus, I remember people complaining at one time that it takes too long to get enough PL to trans with some characters. Now we know these aren't true transformations (I heard Tien's 4-arm thing is a...
  12. X

    Shouldn't there be more characters and transformations?

    I think esf should more characters in futur updates like brolly and frieza's henchmen... People should be able to go to their full transformations too...
  13. SuperDragonFist

    1.3 Transformations

    i know 1.2 has just been released i was just wondering how thier going to make 1.3 have more transes without it being very unbalanced like evm/eea :p sorry for being hasty im just wondering if more transes will ruin the game.....
  14. K

    What do you think about PERNAMENT transformations?

    What do you think about pernament transformations? I think it suck! I think they should be pernament, soo after respawning you are in the same form, but I think they should be able to Descend aswell!! I love fighting as weak characters:] only stronger opponents gave good fights:]! I just hate...
  15. S

    More Transformations???

    Hallo Why doesnt gave it more Transformations the player love it to get more transforms i have so many idears for more Models and attacks and and and i hope you invite more models inside the game but the 1.2 is very good respect^^
  16. Z

    it will be cool if those attack's and transformations will be in 1.3 Beta

    Goku Attack : Kaioken, Dragon Fist transformations : SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3 Vegeta Attack : Selfdestruction transformations : SSJ1, Powerd up Vegata, Majin Vegata Trunks transformations : SSJ1, Powerd up Trunks, Super Trunks Piccolo Attack : Destruction Wave transformations : Powerd up...
  17. Shuyin

    1.3 Transformations And Powerlevels?

    Remade PL and CF This is how i would like to see 1.3 in the way of powerlevels, power level multiplyers, and gained moves. The characters are balanced here in there own unique way to fit the show, and not become utterly unbalanced. Feel free to give me your idea. Any good ideas on what...
  18. vanji

    EVM / Transformations

    Hi there, i'm using the EVM mod, but if I transform into SSJ2/3, and I die, my playermodel doesn't change, even if i change the team or the class. My pl will be reduced, too. Anybody knows how to fix that bug? And please, dont say "reinstall" - i installed it 7 or 8 times... And: The...
  19. S


    i was wondering if there are 2nd and 3rd transformations???
  20. vanji


    Hi there! My question: what means that "Perfect Transform Powerelevel" ? I searched in this forum for a answer, so i know there's no SSJ2 in ESF - but what is this perfect transform? Thanks 4 answer and sry for my english :D