1. Boogyman93

    More detail to transformations.

    You all know how transformations looked in DBz. Usually when someone ascended while standing on the ground or close to it, everything would shake and a huge crater would appear under him. I was wondering if maybe you can make a similar effect in ESF 1.3. Something like making a explosion or...
  2. john_volkov

    Transformations ideeas

    I was thinkig about having some sweet looking trans so here my idee for Buu's Trans Fat Buu turns into evil skini buu Fat buu pulls out smoke then Skini buu will apper as a buddy turning fat buu into chocolate and poket buu From Evil Skini Buu to Super Buu Skini Buu pulls out the Chocolate of...
  3. Painkiller


    While i was playing esf today i though of the transformations that it would be great if it's like this you start transforming and rocks arround you start going in the air and if it's possible breakubles arround you to break and if there are some buildings or something the glass on those...
  4. $


    Hi Guys! First, i must admit, great mod! It is just stunning what you are doing with the old Half-Life (Quake) Engine, this is all so true to the Anime, so great Job! I have a Question and i hope nobody asked that in the past .. so sorry for that if yes. In the Version 1.2.x there were...
  5. Disguise

    Stamina Damage & Transformations

    Fractional Stamina Damage & Transformations Normally when people fight in DBZ, they'll begin the fight at a lesser power level. Of course in the game that serves no purpose, as you're actually at a big loss if you don't match your opponent right away. So what I'm thinking is... Make stamina...
  6. ESCachuli


    I think all characters should have the same transformations, for example: Goku: Saiyan-SSJ-SSJ2-SSJ3 (In SSJ3 add Dragon Fist) Gohan: Saiyan-SSJ-SSJ2- Rage/Injured SSJ2 (In Rage, add fater-son kame, and quit one-hand kame from the others) Buu:Fat-Skiny-Super-Kid (In kid, add Planet...
  7. A

    More Characters, other Choose Menu, More Transformations!

    Helly, It's me Again ^^. I thin ESF 1.3 is a very Special think, it's important that it's gonna be Very Good. I've downloaded 1.2.3 again with ECX RC 2 and i was very suprised. There is so many Content which is missing in 1.3 and must realy be added. The Characters must be all have More...
  8. Voxfire

    Vegeta Transformations

    I made it to ss2 vegeta and ss2 majin form...but how do i get to ssj4!? Is it a certain wish i make with te DB's?
  9. K


    I have the newest patch for esf, and the mod for the mod, but when i start paying and choosing Goku or vegeta i don't know how to transform, if any1 could tell me i would me happy;D
  10. vinay87

    Block transformations?

    This might be ghey seeing as we were waiting for the transes in 1.3, but anyway it would be nice to have a console command to block transformations. or to limit transformations to 1, 2 or 3 etc.
  11. S

    Krillin and Piccolo Transformations

    These characters are very well rounded I believe, but they lack transformations in order to compete with the likes of pretty much everyone else. So here is my suggestion, please hear me out. Piccolo: 1. Base 2. Without Cape 3. Fusion with Nail 4. Fusion with Kami (Kamicollo/Super Namek)...
  12. C


    well i saw that weird "aura" like thing when transing ssj in esf 1.1 and 1.2 but can't u guys swith that with the aura the user is using ? like when u use darksuns aura it should be darksuns aura ingame transformation to ... i hope this is being 'fixed' in esf 1.3 if not than this is a...
  13. T

    Easier Transformations

    Does anyone have a tip to build up the transformation bar quicker? Because I killed a few people and it didn't fill up for squat. Is there a setting so you start with a higher default power level? I haven't transformed once yet.
  14. D

    Add new characters or new transformations...

    How i can add new characters for my personal use or how i can add new transformatios to a character. Sorry for my english... Regards from John
  15. H

    Where r the new characters/new transformations?

    I didnt play for a yr and i came back happy to see the new characters/new transformations. i see that the models are done, why isnt it in the game? I'm not talking about just skins/models.. like captain ginyu
  16. Vegeta

    [1.3] Vegeta - Transformations, Attacks, Animations, Skin

    -I read the 1.3 outline and it didn't contain anything on Vegeta or Majin Vegeta - Transformations & Attacks ~If I'm mistaken, please direct me to what I may have overlooked. I'm not going to run through 3 or 4 pages of topics to find a thread on 1.3's Vegeta and his transformations...
  17. O

    Problems With Transformations?

    i just recently downloaded evm 2.0 and when im playing everything goes fine till i go to a super saiyan 2. Instead of having ssj2 i turn into red box???? WTF????!?!? anyone know what im supposed to do?
  18. D


    I have the Wordl Pack and the EvolutionX the world pack has all the transformations of EvolutionX but does not list the power level. I checked EvolutionX and it said to get Trunks to U.S.S i have to get his power to 3,200,000 power but i want to know if i have to have that power at Super Saiyan...
  19. A

    Mhm....any other transformations?

    Hey pplz i was Gohan and i was playing with a bot...and i read the info about Gohan and it said perfect transformation at 3.5 mil Ki so i battled the bot till i got that much...and i tried to transform...and yea u guyz didn't do u guyz got any info if there is more...
  20. B


    Hey all, just pointin out a couple of things 1. Will there be different costumes for each player in 1.3? and 2. When transforming (like goku to ssj) will there clothes change colour (blue and orange to gold and black)? Hope someone can get back to me on this, Cheers for your time...