1. Y

    Good General Ideas

    I had only a quick look on all the topics and i could not find one the had this, so, after reading 30 suggestions i came up with some things the would be cool to add: 1- Buu and Cell could absorve people but instead of changing its form it would only give a boost to the exp, but of course it...
  2. C

    A few decent ideas

    I was just playing and I kind of think the throw is just lame. I mean you grab em and theres really nothing they can do, granted it does take alot of energy and no im not saying its overpowered, I just wish there would be alittle more interaction than holding in the left mouse button, why not...
  3. S

    A few ideas on USSJ, Trunks, and SSJ3.

    I know this has been talked about and I like the USSJ being a power up were you use it to increase power at the cost of speed. However I would like to add that all Sayia-jins should be able to go USSJ. In the show (manga) they all could, it just happened that Trunks used it to the fullest...
  4. G

    Back to skinning! Ideas wanted.

    Back to skinning! Ideas wanted. (Battle damaged Goku) Hey guys! It's been a while since I did anything, so I wanted to get back into the "anime" texturing ;p. I checked alot of model packs , and it seems there are very few battle damaged packs, so I decided to make one. This is Kreshis Goku ...
  5. C

    Ki Management Ideas

    I know this isn't popular from the start, but I'll explain what I've been thinking recently, and why I believe this is a good idea. Make ki charge slower (Teleport and/or swoop), block, and turbo cost slightly less ki Make (turbo + recharge) gain ki back more quickly Leaving a lot open...
  6. imkongkong

    Advance Melee Combo Ideas

    If the team is ever planning to implement more combos, i have some ideas of what could happen in the combos. One type of combo will show that person teleporting and doing different hits to his opponent. Another could be throwing ki blasts. Piccolo, Krillin, and MAYBE Tien could have a...
  7. D

    New ideas!!

    I was thinking something like this, Piccolo-no cape,super namek,i think he has enough attacks but it wouldnt hurt to add more. Vegeta-ssj,ussj (if your gonna add this make him look good :D),ss2,and maybe a few attacks,cant think of any right now though. krillen-unlock potential,mistik...
  8. |Overlord|

    some new ideas

    i got these particular ideas from the series but most importantly , what lead me to suggest them was episode #162 goku vs cell idea 1 : progressive swoop as you could see in that episode , goku did alot of thing while swooping , he khhed and teleported thou i am not suggesting this has a...
  9. mac1029

    atack ideas for 1.3

    Buu: he should be able to throw his fat like he did to Vegeta. it could knock your opponent back or something. Goku: none Gohan: his sheild should be more usefull. (you can melee the guy in the sheild.) also teamates should be able to be protected if thier in it.(they shouldnt be able to...
  10. ~Dark Trunks~

    Trunks ideas

    iight well i was thinkin and looked at the transes they are gonna have for 1.3. And im wondering how about putting ussj2 in for trunks. i mean everyone knos it exists and it was in the series no movie or anything so why not let him go ussj2 jus decrease speed. and considering trunks is melee...
  11. |Overlord|

    SSJ2/Majin Vegeta Ideas

    Ok , i have had a few ideas for vegeta , i'm gonna start off with the transes , the team says ther'e only going to do up to ssj2 with vegeta , well , Couldn't We atleast have majin vegeta with a 1.5x multipler , so he can atleast keep up with goku (what's happening to balance i wonder? :( )...
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Sigh. Beam Struggles/Block Strugglers Ideas

    Ok -Beam Dive I think that if you swoop directly into a beam, yuo should have sort of a blocks truggle with it. If you are winning you get closer to the person then then hit them causing alot of damage, or just entering melee with them. If you lose the struggle, the melee'r, then you are...
  13. S

    need ideas

    i have run out of ideas for map :( ... can someone give me some ideas ?
  14. |Overlord|

    staminia attk ideas

    oki , to make the game a little more interesting in future , i thought maybe you could give each charcter there own special and one every1 can perform i fought of a few ideas myself Power Bubble you could do a large blast that hurt/& or kills peo-ple within the range of this attack , if...
  15. December Man

    Some ideas, probably already told :P

    #1 I have played EVM 2.0 for some time now and I have to say that it gets boring after a while. Why? Because having higher PL after each transformation is not enough. So I thought about it and came out with this idea: every time(or almost :P) you transform to another level, you get a new attack...
  16. S

    New Transformation ideas for 1.3

    --Vegeta--idea for wen he forms into majin... just like the show... he screams hole lot. and red lil lightning thingos come out of him, and majin goes on his head, and his shirt is sorta ripd off. only pants on. and he still screams u no... but once he forms majin, he doesnt need 2 retransform...
  17. |Overlord|

    throwing ideas

    ok , my idea is to take advantage of someone if they run out of ki while doing a swing 1) you could have some some strugg time to do some advanced melee 2) you could grab them by the leg and send them flyying head first and if they manage to hit something they hit it head 1st and it could...
  18. F

    Cell various ideas

    Idea 1: Cell can decrease his trasformatioc each X dies. Idea 2: Perfect Cell, can save his life in last moment transforming in a mini-cell :laff: :]
  19. S

    Transformation Attack ideas.

    ive been thinking of some suggestions for new attacks for these new trans forms so we arnt stuck with same attacks. Frieza- should use his tail to go under ground and grapple some one and sucks life force out of them or throws them to the nearest rock. Gohan- a screatch attack that he...
  20. B

    Transformations ideas

    Well first of all.. this is an exelent mod :yes: (the olny thingh **** is the game in the mod is based :no: ), i think u had thought in this before but i think is good to say it.. my idea is to put to boo the kid boo transformation and to freeza the ultimate body transformation and chage the...