1. Holmisen

    little ideas

    well i have thinking on any custom mdl. here is some. goten,videl,bulma,chichi,mr satan,brolly.and more. and are its comming any ssj4 vegeta and goku?
  2. F

    suggestion : ideas for throw

    1. the enemy will throw my ally in my char then i press Q(block) to start a throwstruggle(blockstruggle or whatever) to stop my ally(lol sure it cost ki). 2. im gonna throw my enemy in my ally but if he press Q (block) it will start a advanced melee or throw the enemy with more strenght( more...
  3. R

    More ideas

    1) Regeneration : I would say it will be nice to put like 5 hp per 15 second regeneration ( so he wont spam with running :D ) 2)Turbo while power struggle 3)Do not loose KI PL when you die ... 4)More Hit points so we can combine fights with beams and melee more interesting tho to the new fast...
  4. J

    FPSSJ+ other ideas

    You know when Goku and gohan fought cell at the Cell games? There Ssj was at full power, which leads to the reason why they kept in SSJ instead of base form, to get used to being in SSJ. As there are being SSJ2, and so on, When the person gets to that level, SSJ shouldn't have a Ki drain as...
  5. Sandstorm

    New combo ideas

    I know, it's movie content, but... In the Android #13 movie, when he's fighting #15 Vegita punches the little bastard about 3 times, knees him in the abdomen, and then sprays him in the face with a ki ball that sends him flying backwards. I also think that it could be beneficial to ESF if...
  6. Dokutayuu

    Beam Ideas

    Instead of a beam detonating, it would knock you back attaching you to the beamhead and do minor damage. It would have a ki cost of swooping so it's not too strong. When you meet a surface they take damage like trying to block a beam whilst being pushed into a wall. This would have a pretty...
  7. Zeonix

    Random Ideas

    So I don't have an internet connection at home atm, so I've been playing with bots. Yeah, yeah, bots are horrible. I already know that, but they give me the opportunity to think while I play, and for that reason I love them. 1) The ESF Team is trying to make 1.3 an entirely new experience for...
  8. LionHeart

    map ideas

    ideas for original maps pls
  9. Rayos

    Saru needs your help with ideas new Numa numa contest...yes yes i know it is old, drawn out and not even funny anymore but there is a new numa out and the contest is to create your own and win 45000 we all know a 370 pound italian in a penguin suit would be great but it...
  10. .Maze

    New Team ideas.

    Hi. I just thougt aout this, when i played Battlefield2...:p You know you can create Squads there. You see them in other color of your Radar then and they are in youre Team. So i thought...hmmm For ESF :/ You could be able to create Squads in ESF too and put your Members in. So you...
  11. KidMan

    Beam Ideas

    So I think instead of having the beams blow up, your character gets pushed and dealt damage. No matter where the beams hit the character, it would not explode unless the beam hit the ground. I'm sure this idea has been suggested before. When you block a beam, it should of course push you...
  12. elNarr

    2 ideas

    DBZ-like ps'ing i just watched dbz episodes where for example, son-gohan and celu fight.. both struggle with kamehameha, but actually when son-gokuu arrives to help somehow son-gohan and says: "Do it Now!" and then he starts to make another kamehameha, although he was already struggling with...
  13. VideoJinx

    GamePlay Improvement Ideas

    Ok i believe i just thought of 2 great ideas.. Ok first watch this section of this video 01:28 - 01:33 Ok you notice that vegeta comes flying and tries to hit him while he's on the ground even tho goku has...
  14. J-Dude

    2 Ideas: Beam damage and video tutorial!

    Okay, I have two suggestions that would really help/improve ESF all around. First, I think it'd be a great idea to use fraps or whatever to create a video tutorial for all the noobs who some around asking how to melee, transform and whatever. Telling them and allowing them trial and error...
  15. KidMan

    Adv. Melee Ideas

    I want the best for ESF so why not help them out with some ideas and see if they take it or leave it. Ok so how about anytime during advanced melee, if you are the attacker you can knock the person away from you by doing a simple melee hit. I think this makes thing way cooler because you can...
  16. $sj Goku

    Jinx's/ $sj Goku's Esf Ideas.

    - Players should be givin 1000 HP to start with - The game should make Long very good looking Combo's that do ALOT OF DMG. - A Gohan with 3million PL should be faster then a GOku with 1 million pl. - Attacking players with Beams should NOT raise PL because it takes NO skill or effort to kill...
  17. Sandstorm

    New Character Ideas.

    Name: Tien-Shinhan Start Power: 700,000 Techniques: 1. Melee 2. Ki Shot* 3. Power Blast** 4. Dodon-Pa 5. Kikoho 6. Taiyoken*** 7. Haikyuuken (Hit-around attack -- strikes a character, uses zanzouken and appears where that character is headed for a secondary strike) Ascension(s): * Shiyouken...
  18. $sj Goku

    Esf 1.3 new ideas.

    Ok i thought posted this before but i guess it didn't go through. - The red dots on the radar that represent players and the red diamonds over players heads should only appear when ki is being used. ( This represents a players ability to sense ki ). Examples: when powering up attacks...
  19. RoshkoMasta

    ESF Beta 1.3/4 suggestion (one of my old ideas in a new phrasing)

    Introducing esf to flight simulations and comparing it other games preview: at most games u either have a weapon, or u have a vehicle when it comes to a machine its easier to make a game because things are definate when it comes to esf.. we are talking about simulating living...
  20. T


    Since 1.3 is fixing and adding alot of cool stuff i might add a word some of them might just be too much... some of them are just eye candy Destroyable body parts like if you block for too long or get hit with teh bomb XD anyways my idea will go like this everyone lost an arm or something...