1. Melee Ideas

    So I was thinking about the melee. you fly into them and you start doing punches. What about the other person? There should be where both players are hitting directional keys at the same time trying to hit each other while the ultimate fast punching is going on. Just an Idea, I do...
  2. N

    Christmas Ideas

    Hey guys so I don't know what I want for Xmas and that doesn't help the people who want to get me gifts so lets see what you guys can think of: About me: 20-25, loves outdoors, videogames, sports: NFL, Soccer, Basketball, Lives at my own place so I have bought a whole bunch of new...
  3. stefano

    Some of my ideas for ESF

    ESF=This would be cool I sow some videos that esf team posted....I am pretty impresed how the turned "a mod that loks like bid for power " into really good game, PC game developers should be jelous to this mod because this is "Dragonball tenkaichi 4 for ps2,but PC version ".... I played long...
  4. S

    My ideas C:

    Oh hey guys I just dropped by to give you some of my ideas. I really think you should add them to ESF if possible! I hope they'll help you create a better mod. First of all i appologize if some of these have been discussed before. Secondly, I've seen a lot of 'eye-candy' suggestions, as in...
  5. TourPallanen

    ESF Final Beta

    Ok I know that either this forum will get closed, deleted or spammed, and the beta contest is over, but I just thought I would share with all the staff my experiences with beta testing. So lets start out with Games: Asheron's Call 1 Beta tested the closed and open back in 1998 Asheron's Call...
  6. Nuttzy

    Cheap Valentines Ideas

    ok guys, I know im like the 2nd oldest guy here but Im in a pickle. I am unemployed, I have little to no money, and I really really want to try and break my record for how many times I got laid in one night (currently 4, for those wondering, she lives with her mother and has kids so I still...
  7. J

    LAN Ideas?

    At my college we usually have a free period around 12pm, so I take in counterstrike and so on. Now I have half life and ESF and we play them nearly all the time but I was wondering is it possible for someone to make a trainer? so we can turn our power level up and change the speed we fly easier?
  8. D


    This game should have some more effects like when you trow magic at your opponent or hit him in lets see hand or leg that part of body should be immobile or useless.Maybe some new transformations and characters will be nice in game.Little bit more magics and combos and that will be GREAT.I realy...
  9. D


  10. W


    hi guys i got some ideas for esf like combo kaioken+kamehameha wave. or to add even more combos like those two before. also you could add anger meter for gohan when its full gaohan gains boost in speed strength and ki recovery. and for piccolo to have healing once per life, for trunks sword...
  11. Kaination

    Campaign video ideas - need soon D:

    Quick fellow friends! For government, I need to record a video promoting our 'campaign' What should I do? Give me the funniest idea that won't get me kicked out of school. Has to be a maximum of 1 minute. ****ty example ideas: -President is surrounded by ninja's, preceeded by retarded kung...
  12. Disguise

    Various Ideas.. & Rage Bar

    I was thinking of various ideas here, so instead of going into great detail about one, I'll just list them and see what you all think. I realize some are much more difficult to program than others, so just comment on what you like and don't like. >When you shoot a Ki attack into another Ki...
  13. Daven Sodan

    A few ideas...

    Hey again, a friend of mine and I have thought of a few ideas for esf. Maybe some of them sound like dreaming wishes :D. 1. Kame Torpedos: we thought of changing the way the player can use them, or rather improving it. Okay, so to start with, the player charges up 2-3 torpedos at maximum...
  14. Kaination

    Good tattoo ideas?

    I'm probably getting a tattoo on my 18th birthday. I'm wondering what kind of tattoo I should get. I definitely want it to be a video game / nerdy tattoo. Probably on my back right shoulder. Anyways, any suggestions? Something not super overdone, like a super mario mushroom.
  15. The Deco

    Poll - Ascending ideas thread | Interactive ascending or old style ascending

    Well I thought about it and I really think we should have an interactive ascending ESPECIALLY in the FINAL version. Seriously its just too plain and simple. So im doing a poll if you would like an interactive way of ascending or just keep it how it is so the development team will SEE before...
  16. The Deco

    Some ideas, again (ILL NEVER GET TIRED OF IT!!!)

    Turbo charge swoop chain hits I thought maybe we can have another use for the turbo charge swoop, why not make that you can chain 3 basic melee hits, means: You charge and swoop towards enemy, you hit, the enemy is knockbacked upwards , then you have to chain the swoop or it wont work, you...
  17. The Deco

    Some ideas to check out

    1) Kamehameha Wave I think the sprite of some of the waves (not just kameha) should be less like a line and 2 balls on each end like this, O-----------O I think it should be more of some kind of energy exploding from your waves as a repeating wave. And I also think in the higher forms, some of...
  18. Dokutayuu

    New Basic Melee Ideas yet Suggestions indeed made to help ESF gameplay develop

    I've noticed that in DBZ, the main method of combat isn't smacking them with single hits around the world... Many attacks are small physical attacks that do little... so why not in ESF? 1) Left-click - *This is your standard strong attack, it delivers a nice punch/kick/headbutt (depending...
  19. Dokutayuu

    CTDB, game modes and other ideas!

    1) CTDB (Game Type) Rules: 7 DB's scattered across the map, two "bases".DBs are just to collect. *However, Shenron will appear when one team has collected all and gives 1) a PL boost of 500,000 or so , 2) Double points (2 instead of 1) or 3) Advantage (Winning team starts with 1 or 2 DBs)...
  20. R


    @Ideas (1) =>> Make a command when i press 2x times " Z " it will instant transform, but with less power then a full transformation. This is cool when using in combos like trow > transfor >> ki blast or kame... or something :D (2) =>> Make a target locator ( On \ OFF ) i can see you as...