1. T

    Energy Aura

    Maybe in the later versions, the stronger you get, the larger your aura could be when you charge up. And when you are at max, the screen shakes along with anybody else's screen when they near you Cheers
  2. N

    Energy Blast Attack

    Now my suggestion may have been suggested but i dont know what to search for. My idea is for every person to have a energy blast attack. The character would either get in final flash or kamehameha firing stance and just let loose a straight beam that is 40% stronger then generic beam, and takes...
  3. T

    Giving energy "attack"

    Wouldn't it be good if you could give energy to your friends if they need energy, or opponents.
  4. A

    spirit bomb and death ball absorb all energy attacks

    in the frieza saga itg shows goku's father fire a beam at frieza and his death ball absorbs it, to add this into the game would be cool but to balance it you could make it so that the spirit bomb would aslo absorb the energy attacks, this would also be great for instance if you are joining a...
  5. X

    Energy Wave

    You all know when the Z warriors powerup really big or whatever, and it sends out a super strong wind? Well it would be cool to do that in the game also. As a move. I have an idea for most of the details for it. Questions that might be asked. (Q)Who will use it? (A)Everyone...
  6. CM

    Hidden Energy (I Know, I know, this one is good.)

    OK. I know how many people have suggested this before with crappy results, but i have been thinking this over a week. Here's how it goes. Lets say you're Goku. You wanna go SSJ quick, so you are PL hungry. Most people usually have their radars on, so if you attack from behind, u wont succeed...
  7. darknavigator

    Desperation Energy while in a PS

    If your in a PS, and your awesomely losing, you should be able to give your life to add more power. Not much, but it could be triggered by this: Your losing. The beam is charging faster and faster at you. You start holding right mouse. Your PL starts draining 1 life per 2 seconds...
  8. P

    infin ki energy

    Is there a way to put infin ki energy on players?
  9. M

    energy blasts from inside shield

    I was just wondering if I charge up a full shield, and then switch to kamehameha with SSJ Gohan, if my shield will still protect me, or more or less supposed to protect me, since it's there. I could test it, but I am weary with the shield, since I have yet to find a server that ends up crashing...
  10. DaKD

    Hiei BG

    Im pretty new to making BG's so heres a Hiei BG I made. Critz plz
  11. Krazy-Killa

    Sensing Energy waves/balls

    Ok, instead of looking around trying to see if a beam is coming at you or not, how about being able to sense it 5 seconds before it hits you. Like in Half-Life when you get shot it tells you where it came from with arrows in the center of teh screen. It won't clutter up the scouter, nor will...
  12. CM

    Burning Attack Fix

    Burning Ball Attack: Download Instructions: Extract the files into your: C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike\esf\sprites or C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\sprites
  13. V

    focus energy etc.

    The ability to focus enery on something whould be awesome. ill explain .....goku used all his energy to blow cell's torso off and incinerate his body. so lets say every time you gain 1.5 million experience you get 2 points and lets say you have 15 points you get either...
  14. GotenksOwnz

    Burst of energy

    Ok i think they should put a "Burst of Energy" by that i mean when ur hp is on errr 25hp u press a button and u become like keoken and move super fast and hit hard just an idea like come feed back from you guys. Sorry if some1 has all ready said this as i only just posted in here i am a art...
  15. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Energy Drain in SSj

    I know it has been suggested long time ago- by me - but nobody took notice. I think it would be much more like the shows - and be much nicer - if being SSj would permanently cost some energy. The closer you are at the minimum-transform-powerlevel, the more it should cost. Finally if you reach...
  16. Shuyin

    Buu Energy Ball (again)

    Yeah i did look on search and it had been mentioned once but it wasnt a very clear description of the move. In ep #264 kid buu uses his energy ball move like he does to kill all the other planets, but i noticed its controllable. So kid buu could be the first to have a slow (nearly as strong...
  17. H

    Check it out, a Scryed wallpaper !!

  18. SierraSonic

    Energy Recovery

    Right now when you charge an attack, and run out of energy, you just fall and lose all that energy, I suggest that when you do over charge your energy, you regain the energy to a certain percent of what you wasted on that attack.
  19. Alex_b77

    buu energy ball

    in the buu saga buu often charged up very powerful energy balls that looked like purple ki balls, could that ever be in the game? example: buu was chargin one when goku and vegeta were fusing with those earings. One last question- if goku was ssj3 while in bed, would gohan and goten be...
  20. M


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