1. B

    perfect freezer

    Look here its Great
  2. R

    energy shield

    i am suggesting another version of the shield. It could last about 2 seconds and cost about 1/10 of your KI. It could protect you from small beams ant KI blasts. It could be a small round shield around you. and you could not fire a shield beam. What do you think about my idea?
  3. Marauder


  4. G

    Energy Beams

    Im sure Magus told me about this but. How come when, for example, Goku shoots a Kamehameha and,for example, Vageta blocks the beam. Vageta is perfectly fine? But when Vageta gets hit by the beam, it explodes. It's the same concept, both ways Vageta touched the beam.
  5. D

    Energy Barrier

    What I'm thinking is sort of a thing like if you're being totally surrounded you can use this so it pushes the guys around you a small distance..enough so you can at least run away, lol. I'm not talking about a full barrier like Gohan's shield move, just a short energy..thing that just knocks...
  6. A

    Vegeta's Renzoku

    How do u use it in the game?
  7. SierraSonic

    Energy Strain

    Ok, this is my latest idea. We should have it so when your out of KI, you dont just fall out of the ground like a panzy and everything. This should happen: - Your PowerLevel drops at a rate half of turbo, enless turn is on, which then it would drop at turbo speed. - You slow down, and...
  8. R

    2 people energy beams [read before vote]

    well wot i thought wos (dont laugh) that we could have 2 peeps together do I beam attack like: <How to get to gether> U would first be together then press 'j' or somefin but both have to press it (not at the same time though) Then the person who pressed the button first would target...
  9. S

    Energy Dan

    OMG!!!! I just visited the site...Those pics are awsome. But I have one question....will everyone have that attack, or just vegita?
  10. wOoOzZy

    Cheapness with Energy Balls

    I think there is one thing that should be fixed for next beta. I dont know about every character but this is w/ Trunks. I was trying to get into power struggles w/ people a few days ago and then i tried against Trunks. He threw his big energy ball at me, i duno if its the burning attack or what...
  11. S


    Does anyone ever not loose energy when dieing. Everyone tells me that you loose none but i have 1 mil when i spawn (good for me) then when i die from an overcharged beam i come back with 800k. Can somone tell me the FACT behind this ihave heard 6 different things that you gain if you die in...
  12. G

    Taking energy

    I had 2 times when i wanted to block a energy beam and when i blocked i stopped the energy and held it in my hand and i even could trow it back how could this be
  13. S

    Energy Blast problems

    I have been having frequent problems firing energy blasts (outside of ki blasts) For example, (I'll be Buu) and I'll charge a mouth blast. When the meter is full and the blast is ejected, it wont go anywhere, but will explode right in front me me. Is this a bug or something that is SUPPOSED to...
  14. W

    ESF comic

    Not funny ESF comic I was bored. Yes it is the one and only hercule.. staring at the esf beta mod.. I suck at colouring so i won't even try.. ;)
  15. KuBaN

    Sensing Energy

    Suggestion: When someone uses a lot of power (powering up, flying, going SSJ, charges an attack), something on the scouter (or somewhere else) should indicate a general location. Like on Half-Life when you get shot it shows that red bar in the direction it comes from, something like that...
  16. Prozac

    Giving Energy

    after reading the the brolly post, I thought of something ( yes I really did ) in the movie, vegeta gives energy 2 goku 2 defead brolly this would be usefull in teamplay, cuz when some is power struggeling you could help him beat the other guy. ( btw I know that this happend in the movie...
  17. Ryoko

    Ryoko with energy sword

    Well, my latest drawing is complete (nearly) If I add to it, i'll just edit this picture. Comments and crit please!
  18. Frieza

    Energy Waves

    Hiya Just a few questions about beams... 1) On the tv show when Goku shoots a Kamehame wave His hair goes up... Every Single time... IN fact when ever he shoots any beam his hair flies up so will will be on esf or will his hair stay down????? 2) Whats the deal with the eternal...
  19. S

    energy storms

    i know i posted this before but every time it never really got answered and it always ended up locked and deleted because some *******s dragged it down to the spam pits. so now i ask again, will it be in? if not then why? and if it will be in then how will it be implemented...
  20. J

    Ki Energy

    yo, i'm not here to start another useless thread if ki exists or not. i wanna ask you guys if anyone of you is interested in ki energy, and if someone is studying it. cuz I need some help plz contact me in PM or summin.