1. BlueSaiyan

    Mom sues Monster energy drink over teen's death. What do you guys think about this? I hate how one of the top comment right now is "Sorry, no sympathy from me. Too much of anything is a bad." MONSTER energy drinks are clearly aimed at the same young crows who, back...
  2. L

    Energy Attacks Shortcuts

    Pretty simple idea and in my opinion could prove useful. With this, we would have 2 ways of shooting attacks. One would be scrolling trough the attacks and pressing left mouse button. The second would be BINDING those attacks to a key on they re own. For example I could choose to bind...
  3. EliteMarine


    Will characters who have the abillity to Transform have their Energy Slowly Decrease or Burn Up? A Major Example would be Super Saiyans. Like the further you ascend the greater the decrease. But not too much.
  4. L

    KI energy mods

    it would be really awesome if you could make a option for Ki Energy....right now u dont got enough energy to charge a complete final flash...... it would be cool if u could make a option for: normal ki(ki among stays as it is) Mega ki (3 times as much ki) so you can do a strong beam even...
  5. Avenger

    Terrorist attack on Norwegian Ministry of Energy and Oil

    Terrorist Attacks on Norwegian Labour Party kill 91 Half past four my time today, terrorists detonated a massive bomb in an Oslo ministry building, killing 7 and wounding dozens. A while later, at least 84 people were killed by a Norwegian man dressed in a police uniform on an island which...
  6. G

    Energy Blasts in Melee.

    Well if you ever watched the show during a fight scene, two people would be fighting, and in like the middle of their fist fight(while they're close together) one would form an energy ball right in the enemies mid section,(or in Trunk's face like in Bojack Inbound)and blast them pretty far...
  7. N

    Lockup on impact of energy attacks

    If I start a battle, and I use an energy attack of any kind, most of the time the game will freeze just before impact, and it will loop the impact sound. This bug does not occur every time I use an energy attack, but it always happens before I have earnt enough points to ascend. I have tried...
  8. E

    Ki Energy and Melee Improvements

    The first thing I dont like regarding this is that Ki Energy goes out all too fast. I know you can recharge it that fast too but still. What If every attack/swoop/etc would cost alot alot alot less? Like a full energy bar would hold out for like 3-4 minutes before running out/ (energy...
  9. En'me

    Ki Energy Design

    I've been wondering lately, about how Ki energy is percieved, how it should be perceived in games and how it is perceived in anime. One of the many things that I've noticed in the anime, is that, when two charecters fight, they can use melee and energy attacks (beams, blasts, energy balls...
  10. Raine

    New Energy Attack System!!!

    OK, for 5 years i have been worked up over the energy attack system. Go onto ESF, pick piccolo, charge up your special beam cannon fully, fire, and youll get an explosion the size of my thumb. Please, for the relation of Dragonball (Not Including Ki-Blasts); A: Increase the blast radius of...
  11. VideoJinx

    Free Energy

    For those of you who really didn't believe free energy was discovered already. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  12. V

    Energy attacks on bots

    Hi I can not shoot energy attacks at bots. When i do that than the game freezes.:cry: please help thanks Vegeta
  13. KidMan

    Energy Drinks

    I need to know what the best energy drink there is for someone to consume. I don't want the "Crash & Burn" after effect. I need something that will work in a very short time and at least last 4 hours or more. If I can do this by taking some vitamins or eating a certain type of food, then all the...
  14. Skyrider

    Energy Attack Energy Meter.

    This might sound like a total lame suggestion. But I've been thinking about this, a lot of people might disagree with me though. But I am going to suggest this anyway. The idea is rather simple. How about a "energy meter" on the Energy bar that displays how much the current weapon you have...
  15. -Blaze-

    borrowing energy from other player.

    Im not sure if it's already suggested, but i suggest to have borrowing and giving energy system. Like you stand near your friend and you ask him/her to borrow some of energy.Friend will give you some of his/her energy the same way like shoting generic beams. It would be a good idea when...
  16. Theoboy


    If 1.3 should be true to the show then, you shouldn't could just press a key and then get energy, it should be like it had to recorver by it self.
  17. -Blaze-

    I found a cool site about TELEKINESIS energy.

    Well im trying to find out more about good and negative energy. I found a site that says, that Telekinesis is true and is able to control by very few people in the world. Geez, dunno why, but im interested: It says that every person...
  18. -Blaze-

    Energy shield for everyone!

    Admin it! Lots of fighters used shield and can use if they want. Suggestion: When you click block(default Q) you start blocking, then click right mouse button to create a shield, but shield holds not too long, it takes big amount of energy.When someone spams you up with kiblasts or gen...
  19. Chakra-X

    Energy and You

    There is a thread regarding raw physical strength, but then there is the dimension of mind and energy, so why not have a thread to correspond it? As my alias would suggest, I am highly interested in the idea of "chi" (Chinese word for energy, ki is the Japanese equivalant to chi). Chakra is...
  20. T

    energy beam suggestion

    i have an idea for any strong beam in general, or "energy ball". I think it would be kind of interesting if you get hit from the side, or in the back by a beam ( assuming your standing there by yourself), instead of exploding, it pushes into your character, like a wall, and you go flying with...