1. F

    Sharing Energy

    Im not sure if this has been posted before or not, but what if when a goku player charged a spirit bomb, other players can "share their energy" and juice up the spirit bomb, and give extra energy, it shouldnt cause beam spammers because most players would have to recharge and transform all over...
  2. C VON

    melee to energy idea

    i got this idea in a dream i had of playing esf (strange i know) but heres what i playing as goku and fighting a vegeta bot and i hit him with advanced melee but after his turn it goes to me and instead of punching him i launched a kame in his chest sending him flying away smashing into...
  3. KidMan

    About the energy sprites

    So in 1.3 are they going to redo the Energy sprites like they did with the Auras? Or are they just going to keep it how it is?
  4. Ravendust

    Energy Punch

    Hmm...Melee, if you swoop into an enemy you do advanced melee, if you hold down right-click you do basic melee, shouldn't the left-mouse button do something? I thought of these: Dash/Energy Punch If you hold it while swooping, your swoop speed increases for a second and your hand gets a...
  5. P

    Energy Absorption

    i was thinking that everyone cahcarcter has a unique move, liek Spirit bomb or SBC, or death ball ext, and i was thinking that in teh series and movies that goku and otehrs charged up energy and then suddenly just absorbed it all and became uber fast, stronge ect but only for a matter of...
  6. M

    reduce energy cost

    please do so im sick and tired of having to power up every 5 secs and then get hit from some pest noob or when im so close to the enmey to hit them yet im out of energy please reduce the energy cost im tired of powering up so much to thne get kiled and have some stupid noob say omfg L33t i...
  7. U

    Energy Attacks enhancements

    One thing is that you shouldn't get hurt by your own beam attacks. So you can even shooot people from near. Just like in the cell saga goku uses the kamehameha right in cell's face and he isn't damaged by it. Here you goku shootin people from near and kill him but killed yourself too. Please...
  8. JonnyBoy2002

    Idea For Energy Beams

    I think you should be able to shoot 1 blue blast outta each hand. Like any 1 handed beam blue, pink, yellow, etc. So you could do like a double power struggle or sumthin. And be able to shoot the 2nd beam while your doin the first power struggle. To shoot it, after you shoot the first beam...
  9. Wangster

    Energy concentration

    well, :) ive made a little something yesterday, i drew a hand... and colord it in photoshop, first attempt with coloring in a LONG time :) im pretty satisfied with the outcome, most credits go to david skiwan , because he learnd me how to do this, and when i was stuck, he gave me tips :) thnx m8...
  10. V

    Energy Combos

    You should be able to inplement energy attacks into future combos. While choosing different melee arrows you should be able to switch to an energy-type attack and be able to use it as the last move in that combat or something like that.
  11. DracoHeart

    All about recharging energy

    Yes, there is many things missing for the recharging. 1) Whenever you recharge, your character should SHOUT like Goku: Recharge sound = ARRRRHHHHHHHHHHH Vegeta: Recharge sound = ARRRRHHHHHHHH Gohan: Recharge sound = ARGHHHHHHHH Cell: recharge sound = HAHAHAHAHA Frieza: recharge sound =...
  12. Shao

    Energy Jumping

    I'm not sure about the correct term but, seeing how deadly the ki attacks are, I wanted to point this out. ESF is obviously a game, not an animé, so I'm not expecting it to be to the tac realistic in terms of the show. However, I think beam jumping (that's the word!) is highly unrealistic. I...
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Pure Energy

    Small I know but hey I am pissed off.
  14. DracoHeart

    Transformation Energy

    I noticed in the DBZ series, the higher the transformation, the more energy it eats up. For example in the Buu Saga where Goten and Trunks want Goku to demostrate the Super Saiyan 3 Technique. Goku transformed and he was tired out by the large amount of energy its needed. So I suggest in the...
  15. Hyper Chi Aura

    BLock Struggles w/ energy balls

    :p in Budokai 2, when vegeta used his big bang attack, he shot another blast into to point is sicne there r multiple PS, y nto multiple BS? like lets say goku shoots a spirit bomb...and antoehr guy is holidnig prevent it from being hrown bak, gokue can fire Ki balls to make...
  16. S

    Absorbing energy

    In one of the DBZ movies goku charged up a Spirit Bomb then absorbed its energy. I think that's a good idea and it could easily be implemented. Once you charge the spirit bomb you could absorb ist energy raising your power level.
  17. T

    Question: Supperbots absorp energy ?

    when i fight thos superbots they aborp evry energy move i make Even the spirit bomb, how come we cant do thad move ?
  18. S

    The Best Ball Energy Attack

    What Ball Is The Best Basically Like What Beam is The Best only with balls so dont talk about the beams
  19. D

    Changing Server Energy Incrementation

    how to i set it to give me more PL enegey for each hit im running a EVM server but i could never figure out to change that setting and it taes a hella long time to get up to the required 6000000 pl energy to go SSJ 2 and such
  20. C

    Energy burst

    hi all im new here and would just like to give a suggestion, i thought it would be cool since in the show this is done quite frequently, how about being able to release ki that would push enemies back, basically a desperation move just incase u are getting beat on by 2 ssj's, this move...