1. Chakra-X

    Majin Vegetto

    :S Fluid animation, good soundtrack, great voice acting. Urge to make a better one rising...
  2. |Overlord|

    Majin Buddy System

    I have thought of a new buddy system Ofcourse , people have mensioned "it would be cool if dabura was in esf". well this is a suggestion to put him in along with yarkon & the other guy (the one that vegeta owned , can't remember his name , it was the one that's home planet was 10x the gravity...
  3. imported_EVIL_GOKU


    Well this is a sig that I made in 5 I am not planing to use it but I made it just for some :laff: Cuz I sad to me if there is a Cucumba why not be a Majin Cucumba :) I was wanting to but it SSj Aura but I don't know how a good qualitty one
  4. S

    Majin Vegeta!!!!!!!

    yeah yeah i know im the man (its 100% paint)
  5. 009

    Majin Vegeta Model plz / DBZ Movie 7 Spirit bomb ?

    Hey :) I have seen the New Vegeta Model for ESF 1.3 And i would like to see the Majin Vegeta model, I heard it will be his last transform in ESF 1.3, so i wouls like to see it, well if its finish.. If it is then please post it here... I wanna see if i like it.. Cuase im going to see it a lot...
  6. Mario Ana

    Majin Booh!

    yes it's true...i started a new majin buu (now my sig fix again :laff: ). since SSC didn't finish the skinmap for my first buu (shame on you chris :cry: ) and i improved my skills (the first buu was my first char model too) i decided to make a new kick @ss buu. enough blahblooh. vewy early WIP.
  7. G

    Majin Vegeta

    when you are adding more trans for ESF i was thinking, when Vegeta (if he can) Turn Majin Vegeta when you add more trans you should do so thad when he trans into majin, then also when he revert should he still be majin, and when he turn majin first time he should gain +500K or...
  8. The Taco Man

    Majin Buu's bodypart

    i notcied there were models for it in the model direcotry, but every time i load up ESF it tells me there is a problem with buu_bodypart. Is it meant to be in this build or is it just something that never quite made it in? Please tell me whats going on, long time fan here (points at join date)
  9. A

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta from Budokai2 Reverted

    ^_^ And the download is Here Credits are: Dansan, Tridan, Dream Killer This is ESF 1.2 Compatable. No slice models
  10. Damaera

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta from Budokai2 Reverted

    ^_^ And the download is Here Credits are: Dansan, Tridan, Dream Killer This is ESF 1.2 Compatable. No slice models
  11. N

    majin vegeta's attack's

    let's discuss majin vegeta's attack's since everyone wand's it in 1.3 i have made a list of attack's that CAN be added. everyone wants self distruct with him but evm has it all wrong, i have a ss from bfp BUT it's only the idea, not that the bfp way must be in UNDERSTAND THAT you can't...
  12. D

    One Of majin buu's attack

    Hi there, I was thinking of one of Majin buu's attack would be like absorbing one of the Dragonball Z guys. Like it would be after he becomes Evil buu he could absorb one of the Z fighters and get one of his powers and have his clothing on or something like that.
  13. M

    Majin Buu's Wireframes

    These are the model Wireframes!
  14. M

    Majin Buu's Super Vegeta

    Hi i am Majin Buu and i am a skilled 3D Modeler for DBZ and Anime mods this is my newest project and i heard that ya'll where working on a Vegeta :laff: I thank u all for looking at my work and hopefully will help u on any mods :laff:
  15. sayan master

    Majin vagita...W.I.P...

    hi u all first i would like to say that this is my first actual model and first to be poasted so far i created the head and i hope that i will be able to finish this model hope to see feedbacks and tips from u guys and i had abit of a problam with the hair (didnt know how to start it) but i...
  16. A

    First Model (Majin Buu)

    [IMG]This is my first model....
  17. Mario Ana

    Majin Buu-W.I.P.

    since the sos forums are...well..."a bit dead" i decided(like many others) to post my work here, too. another reason is that this model was made for esf/evm/eea. here's what i've done so far. if someone wants to see my past progress: just go to the sos forum's - majin buu W.I.P. thread.
  18. Sorrow

    Majin Vegeta , Original Vegeta Reskin .

    Hi all, It's been a while since I last visited . I think about 6 months or something . The forums have changed, But I still see alot of old members around ^^ . Ah well, No one knows me here so I shouldn't really talk :/ . Anyways, enought about that , the real reason behind this thread is for...
  19. Warbandit

    Majin Vegeta Suggestion

    Ok i had a pretty good idea for 1.3. anyways ur vegeta and at some time... (dont know when yet) after u have been ssj2 you start screaming and the powerstruggle bar comes up. anyway then u start to struggle, and it would be hard.. during the struggle, you lose life. if u lose all ur life...
  20. Lord Killmore

    Majin Veggie

    well i was bored last night adn started drawing a bit it´s nothing special compared to davids or others stuff since i used a ref pic but i like how it turned out. i scanned th drawing and colored it and added the lightning enjoy C&C?