1. Final Vegeta

    Hheheeh Majin Spehiroth

    A reminder that Sephiroth got owned by cloud in the final battle, + that why cloud lives cuz he was always stronger then Sephiroth even when the blade was in his body.
  2. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin Vegeta Model?

    can some 1 post me a picture of an majin vegeta model i wanna see it sooo bad ^^
  3. Majin Vegeta 05

    Is There A Majin Vegeta Skin out there?

    I am new to ESF and i can't even install it lol i am trying and any ways if some one knows where to get a majin vegeta model plz e-mail me at [email protected] or post the URL on this Posting place thnx
  4. U

    majin buu attacks?

    wat attacks will majin buu hav??? apart from cookie attack...and candy attack and ne other edible food atack...
  5. E

    Tien and MAjin Vegeta..... derreuns helped me with the hair on vegeta....
  6. L

    New Majin Buu

    Just want to throw in my 2 cents here. First of all, the model and k skin look awesome. A few little things though, As some people have already said, he needs to smile....thats just the way that form of majin buu was always......lastly i think the stomach looks funny....from what i can...
  7. M

    majin buu

    LOOKS GOOD GREAT JOB ESF TEAM but 2 thigns i think he should turn that frown upside down! lol seriusly and his eyes look wierd the rings aroudn em should only be half way about his eye (at the bottom) and jsut a little bit up at the top tahts the picture i mseeing (from an episode stop freeze...
  8. E

    majin buu

    props to whoever made the new MB model i have to say every detail on him is perfect *anyone says othewise answers to my double barrel shotgun*great job guys u kicks da ass [i could just imagen him in game saying IMA EAT U UP LOL!!!!]
  9. SA_Gohan


    Good morning from the East Coast! Here's a little Gohan model, Pre-teen Any comments or suggestions you have are appreciated (and needed) Thanks! :D BTW: copy and paste the link into your browser address bar
  10. M

    Majin Buu and Fusion Episodes! Sayian Saga too

    I don't know how many of you are waiting untill next year for the release of new english episodes of DBZ, but Theft imporium! has a lot of them and is constantly updating. Good quality with full uncut versions in english. If you already knew about it, good. If you didn't, I hope your as...
  11. S

    majin vegeta skin

    this is my first skin its not much i toke the majin vegeta from the script and playede a littel around with it not much but its a start
  12. L

    Models for Gohan and Krillin

    I think, there were models for Krillin and Gohan in the SSJ 5.0 Script Version. You can get the models, when you install the SSJ 5.0 Script and then you go into the file esforces/models/ and there are all models, for SSJ Goku, SSJ Vegeta, MAJIN Vegeta, SSJ Gohan(but without yellow hairs!!!?????)...
  13. P

    Spray.... PAINTS????

    I'm lookin for a ton of sweet dbz spraypaints of goku, vegeta, gohaan, and majin vegeta thx for the help... -=Pv=-Kaa'
  14. Hibiki


    here is yet another ssj goku... this is my first model edit so shut up 16..... :P ps the reason the hair looks kind of funky is because i didnt add any new polys..
  15. P

    judge and spin......

    where did u get those HIGH AS HELL quality pics for ur sigs?
  16. Son Goten

    my logo

    i play counter strike(dont' b*tch at me) and this is the spray i made for it. like it?? my name is [Mope]Majin_Goose in the game....
  17. D

    Majin You! Your sig!

    here ya go, if you use it, plz put thanx to -|DbZ|- Android 16 under it... thanx
  18. D

    MAJIN YOU.... your sig is ready...

    well, here ya go... if u use it,plz put thnx to -|DbZ|- Android 16 under it... thanx.. btw: can anyone give comments?
  19. E

    Would any one make me a sig?

    Would anyone care to make me a kool sig?
  20. K

    SSJ Majin Vegeta Model