1. I

    Need help,Need to have Majin vegeta and able to use console

    Please help me. I need to learn how to use console. I also need to Know how to add mods and new character to my esf. I also would like to know how to make maps and Characters. :( :warning: :( :warning: :( :warning:
  2. Rock Lee

    evm majin trans music ?

    does any one know the rock song used for the majin vegeta trans music they use in evm i have asked on there fourms but no one will tell me or they just dont know
  3. G

    vegeta nonssj ssj majin

    heres a vegeta model ive been working on for a bit credits to turk for hair. critz?
  4. Delusional

    Majin Vegeta capsule for budokai 2....

    Ok i read Mp's post ...tried it ....didn't work.......kept trying.....didn't work..............checked my guide book....THE CAPSULE IS NOT IN THE LISTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is majin a uk or something capsule i really want it :cry: i have breakthrough for every character but i don't get...
  5. TwisteR

    Majin Vegeta capsule in Budokai 2

    Ive asked my friends that have the game, ive looked at the faqs. The faqs say to beat majin vegeta twice the first time he appears (with goku) , but complete the stage successfully. Ive done this many times, but i cant get that capsule. Anobody that did get that capsule, tell me if theres...
  6. darknavigator

    Buff SSJ2 Majin Vegeta RELEASE

    Credits go to: Turk-Original ESF Vegeta Footman-for model edit Raven Blade-for head skin (edited by me) AzN-for hair skin Majin Vegeta SSJ2 Pack Maker (only specified by "Me" in readme)-for body skin EDIT: Body skin by Raven Blade...
  7. V

    Smo's Majin Vegeta Skin

    first off "Come here to discuss the models from ESF or to show off your own models/skins " its not for esf, but that doesn't mean i'm not allowed to post it, i worked hard on it and i'd like to hear what people have to say now on with the show this is my first skin, it's of smo's vegeta as...
  8. Tweek

    BD majin Edit

    ..Ko i got bored last night so i made a luvly edit of smo Majin Vegeta.. B4 n e 1 starts goin on about smo sayin peeps cant edit it doesnt matter... i will hav a word with smo next time i see him (hasnt been on much) but if n e 1 asks 4 this model, aswell as reciving large amounts of obsenatys...
  9. CS-LAND

    Majin Vegeta for evil team?

    I was thinking. It's a litlle strange. Vegeta is a part in dbz bad and a part in dbz good. The moast part he is good, so I was thinking, why don't you guys make the Evil Vegeta MAJIN? Add that M and it's all done. No need for new model, just copy the old model and make it with a M :). If this is...
  10. D

    [release] majin vegeta pack

    release! majin vegeta pack, here's link for download ; pic, no editing , no cloning , no copying
  11. CM

    Majin Vegeta

    Well, i decided that my "artistic" (yeah right) name will be Freak heres a quickie i did, ill redo those masta parts, theyre just there cause my mom freaks out when she sees wireframes... :\
  12. D

    majin vegeta

    [released]majin vegeta pack here's pic of majin vegeta, not finished yet (skinning)
  13. S

    majin vegeta WIP

    ok here is my new pbp model of majin vegetas torso that i have done in 25 mins :p NOTE! that i am posting flat shaded pics that means U ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CLONE COPY OR DUPLETECATE THE MODEL>_<! here is some piccys sorry for the bad pic hope ya like it crits welcome
  14. C

    Majin Vegeta SIG! Plz make me one. :-)(-:

    :) I'd realy like it if someone would realy do their best and make me a great Majin vegeta sig!And it should look mean!!! :] Plz plz plz plz!!! (Cuz the one I made sux,as u can see) :p :paper: Info -> Pic's: Majin vegeta. Text: Cruzharo (Plz use mean font)...
  15. M

    old Majin vegeta release

    Having made a new majin vegeta, ill release my old one that was meant for ghp. Very old model, very bad skin VERY VERY bad skin. MAJIN VEGETA the one on the right, battle damage i might release lata Credits 2 the esf animator - Dark Tooth I think it is DO NOT EDIT DO NOT CLONE...
  16. O

    Majin Vegeta

    Can u put in Majin Vegeta .. Its a Cool Thought With Like Self Destruct Attack And Stuff Like That.. It Would be awsome
  17. M

    WIP majin

    edit of my cell saga vegeta. DO NOT CLONE, DO NOT COPY - DONT USE AS A REFERENCE PIC
  18. T

    Majin Vegeta

    Is there a decent Majin Vegeta skin released out there? Thank you.
  19. Synth


    Wassap esforums, i've already tried the search technique and the is down "again")technique and now im lost. i can't find a saiyaman model and sound pack to replace teen gohan. i would really, really, really appreciate it if someone would show me any leads to getting this...
  20. Final Vegeta

    Request a wallpaper

    Well i would really like a great Vegeta walpaper as majin Ssj2 smiling (the evil smile he did to goku @ the tournament when he blew the ppl up) But not to ful with stuf just a nice wallpaper showing Vegeta's powah! And ofcourse maybe to spice things up for u wallpaper makers, maybe make a...