Esf 1.3 new ideas.

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Oct 25, 2005
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Ok i thought posted this before but i guess it didn't go through.

- The red dots on the radar that represent players and the red diamonds over players heads should only appear when ki is being used. ( This represents a players ability to sense ki ).

Examples: when powering up attacks... when shooting beams/lazers... and when flying with swoop. Not when teleport or when shooting ki blasts.

This would add a New Kinda gameplay to the game. And it gives players a better chance to lose track of their opponent. It also allows new stealthy styles of gameplay.

The water on all the esf maps have no splash effect.. It would be a nice input if they had a huge splash followed by a watery mist when a player was thrown into or knocked into the water.
I believe Cell is just too good, and i believe they should remove alot of his beaming abilities and make him more melee prone by giving him more melee more melee moves.

Example: They should give cell the ability to create *Cell Juniors* and take away his Kameha/Gallitgun.

*Cell Juniors*: Using a full bar of stamina Cell can create up to 4 Cell juniors one at a time.

- The cell Juniors are bots that attack only 1 target until the juniors die or until the target dies. The Juniors have 75 Health.
- The Juniors Knock the person back as far the Cell that is using them would.
- Since the juniors are basicly Diversions they only do 1 dmg per hit.

Im should this move would be a great add input and it would deffinately give the person trying to fight cell a hard time deciding which was the real cell.
Also Piccolo has 2-4 more moves that the team should look up on. He can also divide himself into 2 people.. i remember him doing that in the show.
- If hit the in the back/side with a gen ball it should push the character while he/she taking dmg.

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