Jinx's/ $sj Goku's Esf Ideas.

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Oct 25, 2005
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- Players should be givin 1000 HP to start with
- The game should make Long very good looking Combo's that do ALOT OF DMG.
- A Gohan with 3million PL should be faster then a GOku with 1 million pl.
- Attacking players with Beams should NOT raise PL because it takes NO skill or effort to kill someone with a strong beam.. IN the show frieza killed countless inosent people with the lazer and it DIDNT make him stronger.
- Beams should be increased in dmg.
- Basic Melee Should Be Decorated with blood.
- Teleport is fine.
- Triple taping should enable a faster swoop at higher ki cost.
- Scripting should be NULIFIED
- Ground sprinting should be possible
- Being knocked into the ground/wall should cause a 2-4 second Dizziness effect.
- A Special Attack Meter should be added. When the meter is full Hit anyone with basic melee and press the Special Attack button, beam attacks Take half the time then normal to power up. 5 combo melees are possible
- GraBBing players should be possible LIKE in Tekken.
- When a player is killed with melee his body should NOT stick to things..this is very tacky. The body should become a rag doll that lasts for 20 seconds before disolving. IF the body is hit to the ground it bounces.. roles.. then slides.. while scraping up Dust.
- A NEW attack should be given to all players. The ability to Expload an genery ball in hand without taking dmg in order to create a well sized smoke around them that lasts for 3-6 seconds..
- swooping with beams should be possible
- read carefully: Double Clicking mouse1 while the kameha is SELECTED should increase how fast the beam is charged by 50%. The beam May charge FASTER but at a Higher Ki Cost And The Beam Meter that appears when charging a beam is Doubled in size.. This will make it so that When you charge a beam faster IT takes LOnger to charge a STRONG kameha. But it takes alot less time to charge a weaker Kameha.
- Big beam explosion animations should be redone..
- To Defend ones self against the HUGE beam explosions Players should be able to suddenly Summon power for 5 that NULIFIES a beams splash damage DEPENDING ON how far away from the beam they are.

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