ESF Beta 1.3/4 suggestion (one of my old ideas in a new phrasing)

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Jun 14, 2004
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[align=center]Introducing esf to flight simulations and comparing it other games[/align]


at most games u either have a weapon, or u have a vehicle

when it comes to a machine its easier to make a game

because things are definate

when it comes to esf.. we are talking about simulating living creatures
they cannot be compared to machines

its a game, and in order for it to become even greater then it really is
imo I think it should try maybe even just a little to act like other games
even for just testing.. you should hear me out


my first thought was the idea of gears

the main reason for this idea is for the balance
when ur none ssj
and u do melee attacks and swoops, in a 1 on 1 fight
the ki gets lost so fast.. u need to power up a lot during a fight

(from my own experience)
but this is ok
this is what makes esf so great.. and it also adds to the challenge

on the other hand
(from my own experience also)
when ur 1 lvl above, after firts trans

cause when u do attacks and actions and stuff it 'eats' ur ki very slowly

so thats when the gears comes in to ensure balance

and I'll explain

(maybe this is for esf1.4
after transformations are done in 1.3)

each level will have 3 or so of those "gears", Im not sure yet
its just a number I popped..
lets see how this evolves and then we'll decide a more final number
the gear = the amount of power and speed u'll have thus
it will calculate the energy u waste in general actions

normal gear is the defaults

so if ur in gear low

{you'll use only about 0.75, more or less...
(lets let the team call the numbers here as they see fit)
energy in EVERY ACTION.. or most of them}

it will be like it is RIGHT NOW.. the swoops will eat ur ki slowly
and u'll have ofcourse less speed
I thought maybe.. the speed will be in low gear same as one lvl below?
high speed will be faster then normal in every level and it will eat ur ki much faster

[hmmmm maybe another gear is required => highest gear:
the speed will be the fastest , and maybe...
maybe it shall be the teleport speed, or just a little less
if u have a lot of ki (or full) and u want to escape from an area
u use that gear, and it makes u do swoops really fast!!!
and it eats ur ki just the same as distance*ki in teleports
or maybe a lil less or more.. u decide, I just give u the base ideas

but remmember esf team please, this is optinal and not a major part
of the idea, as I know that the extreame is usually rejected and
most times for a good reason, still.. consider this option :)]

another possibility for them is:
high gear would be close to the low gear of one level above :)

so we'll have 3 gears for each trans level and char
so far it makes 9 gears X the amount of chars
and one more gear for the tele speed, <== optinal

K thats suggestion one

where I got the idea from?
space flight simulators
most of the times when I play and I cant afford a very strong engine for my ship
I have to decide which energy weapons I'll use at a persent time when Im fighting

so.. sometimes I waste my energy on afterburners
sometimes I give more power to my laser energy based weapons
and sometimes I dont use all of them only some..

this is a very important aspect of those kind of games

now the 2nd suggestion.. :p I think I've already said it somewhere,

yeap, homing missles... is like esf's kame torps and frieza's disc
Im thinking about like yamcha's way of controlling energy beams and balls
using his ki.. like he did in many db/z episodes and in movies too
cell could do it too
I think others could do it too, its a nice idea overall dont u think so?
thats another aspect of esf gameplay thats like other games
when my 1st person has to do with machines

now I'd love to get comments
but about improoving the ideas -
please, give the idea what it deserves and dont try to over-change it lol
I would also like this thread to be the roots of ideas
of how can esf take aspects of other games so it will have more dbz in it
and will be more fun then it already is

please esf-team I'd appritiate to have ur thoughts about those ideas thnx :)

thank you all for reading my thread ^_^
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Dec 15, 2001
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That's a lot to read through . . .

[Cliffnotes version]
So basically you're saying is that, each transformation will have three gears, and each gear allows you a greater increase in power and speed at the cost of ki drain.

You're also saying that we should have the option of channeling the bulk of our ki into speed, or endurance (I think), like you could shunt energy to different systems in X-Wing Alliance or Freelancer, and like in those games when you transfer that energy, it would come at the lowered effectiveness of something else.[/cliffnotes]

I like the first idea; it may be over complicating things already when you consider that in the next version you'll have the option to charge your turbo like Kaioken.

Personally I'd knock it down to two gears for each transformation. The first gear would give you low ki burn for al your actions, but your attacks would be weaker and you'd move slower. High gear gives you greater attack and speed, but you'll burn ki much faster.

Your second idea seems like it works very similarly to the first in that you'd be designating which area of combat you want to focus your character, really I think it'd work much better than your first one given the lowered complexity.

Nice suggestions, keep em coming ^^
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Jun 14, 2004
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I like the sound of that much more then gears, thank you
gears = cars, KBL = esf :p heh

so basically my first idea of KBLs was the only serious one
the 2nd "IDEA" of homing energy stuffs was a noob idea and I admit it
and I wasnt either serious about it

it was just to point out that using features in esf that are similar to other gameplay ways is a good idea
and already done as in mentioned already

and the last thing I said was that I'd love to hear ppl in this thread posting ideas of features from other famous TYPE OF GAMES that could be entroduced into esf successfully and how etc...

sorry that I posted so much in the first post, but I was having some hard time expressing myself :p so thats just to make sure everyone understands if they bother actually reading it :) I really really hope one of the team would read my thread :) it would make me happy :p ^_^
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Apr 28, 2003
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You mean something unoriginal? =P
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Jun 14, 2004
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you mean bullet time
I say a big no for that
cause just think of how could it ever be possible in a server with more then 2 players
everyone would complain about having bullet time when they dont want to
bleh lol its worse then lags

but its nice to see ONE PERSON (only) starting to motivate this dying thread :/

still I'd hope a team-member would post here his thoughts
eh they never say anything about my suggestions and I put so much into'em
even a no would be nice least I'd know that Im being noticed by them
darngz :'(

TheCost said:
We should start copying the matrix or something next
oh and yeah.. please open your OWN thread about this : P heh
yeah.. I believe its called spam though Im not suppose to let ya know about that cause that was the reason I got banned in some *cough* places before XD lol
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Nov 29, 2004
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It wasn't spam it was pure sarascm

i did it to tell you that copying ideas off other games is crap

the best way is to be original

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