1. K


    Welll first when i go creating the game , it seems to work , but it really dosnt , it shows an error message and come back to the console i wish someone could help me i'll put a prt scrn here.... <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  2. F

    cant create or join server

    hi everybody i installed steam and downloaded half life i can play half life in steam servers but i installed esf 1..2.3 i clicked find servers but there arent any servers i tried to create server when i click it, it goes back to main menu help me pls sorry for bad english
  3. Grossenschwamm

    Game closes when I create a server

    It's that simple... On the Christmas beta, as soon as I enter in the data to create a server, the game shuts down to the desktop. When I try to join a server, regardless of which I choose, my dll's always differ so I can't play. I had a similar startup problem when I had the first 1.3 open...
  4. Joopy

    Can't connect nor create server

    I have 1.2.3 verison without anything and i get kicked... it shows "Dropped due slot reservation" and 4 squares. When i try to create one I see character creation menu or something. Sometimes I dont see that but I go to the menu really fast anyway!!!.... Help me please!! :((( Thanks P.S. I...
  5. A

    Cant create online listen server

    Ok guys i know you got lots of threads about this but i couldnt find anything helpful while using the search button I am using Steam - VAC In Good Standing I am using ESF Beta 1.2.3 I am not running any addons I am behind a router and firewall Drivers are up to date - I think...
  6. I

    cant fully create server

    when i create a server it gets stuck on verifying resources and never goes to precahing resources but it work fine when i jon a server and i already tried to reinstall that didnt fix the problem.
  7. Raven

    ECX: How to create a new character ( CCI + Tutorial )

    I guess since I am an ECX developer and we are allowed to show off things that are related to the Addon I will introduce this to you as well as some people might be interested in that. Some time ago we created the so called CCI for ECX. What is the CCI ? The Core Compiler Interface is a...
  8. Maverick (FIN)

    Cant create server in 123 EVM mod

    One day i was spam killing Bots in my own temporary server(which shuts down when i leave) It was password protected so i was the only human in there. When i had 500 spam frags, a weird voice said ADMIN WILL BAN YOU or something like that. Can they ban me for creating server to my private use and...
  9. I

    i can't create or join a server?

    hello i downloaded form the mainpage esf open beta ESF Open Beta 2/4/07 i installed it (copy in to the directory) then i downloaded the latest version Open Beta Release: March 18th 2007 (Patch) and copy the files in to my esf openbeta directory when i want to join a server it...
  10. -Origin

    So, I'm trying to create this new style..

    It seems to be working out quite decently, this one took a lot of work but I'm very pleased with the end result.
  11. Zeonix

    Scientists Create Chimera

    Source: I demand they create axe-wielding Minotaurs and send them to aid our troops in Antarctica, who are fighting desperately against Them.
  12. U

    Cant create servers

    Hi how come i cant create servers i played this game for 3 years now (been retired to :p) but before i could create them. now i installed it again i could create server. But then i had a critical error (dont say what it was) and now if i want to create one it doesnt even load it :o...
  13. gokuss2

    Since Textures to create and To create With 3ds UVmap

    Good Hi a time I shape, but to do textures as them of esf, for that I put the texture and already this one, but to do neither the uvmap nor nothing of it tutorials please and of doing textures of these please thank you
  14. Y

    Create a Grenade Thread

    Heres mine :P Well it wasnt my concept... i used it from SC: Oblivion... w/e it was called... saw the concept and modeled it :P Make your own grenade! XD
  15. gokuss2

    Help Like They Create Special Effects

    HI wanted to know the special effects do to themselves for the models example kamehameha, big bang atack, masenko etc it helps with that he programmes and everything
  16. D

    Error trying to create a LAN game!

    Hi I installed HL and ESF 1.2.3! When i go into ESF and say create game in LAN it gives me an error that says "cant load client.dll"!!! PLZ HELP ME:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. S

    Create server help!!!!!

    Ok i have amxx mod installed with powerlevel changer and evm mod. When i create my server and i teleport once i cant teleport no more and cant go past trans 1 wehn i should be transed to second 1 it stops in the middle of transforming and doesnt work so i have to stop:( someone help me!!!! pls
  18. -Blaze-

    Create your Z-Warrior

    In this thread you can create a Z-Warrior, for examp.: Give him name,race,attacks,story line,etc.(Also you must have your own drawed character picture. I start: ------------- Name:Zuyoki Race:Humanoid Side:Good Attacks: Earth Grab(earth technicue that grabs enemy and crushes...
  19. E

    need heelp!! cant create a server my problem is when i try to play with bots....say starting local game or something and the game dont come up!!..this problem come after i install McAfee....i have ESF 1.2.3..pls hlpp i wnt play
  20. B

    I can't create my own server anymore

    LOL Just about 5 hours ago i was playing normaly i could make my own server and play lan against bots now when i tried to connect it says you have been banned from this server. I haven't done anything???!!!! Whats wrong???? I cant even make a lan game against bots !!!! Oh yeah and btw my vac...