1. gokuss2


    Wave I want to create models someone can give me algun program to create models i algun tutorial or that helps myself
  2. gokuss2


    Wave I am gokuss2, look for people to create a mod of dbz for the half life sera rgp who can create models and maps and effects sounds well the one who wants colavorar in the mod that I join to the msn: omgnoadvertising or if that puts a post and me says it thank you.
  3. G

    Can not create Direct Show Player

    Using Firefox, on certain websites like Putfile, *****ded videos won't appear and a window called "npdsplay" comes up with a message saying "Can not create Direct Show Player." Does anybody know why this is happening? I've searched Google for a solution and it seems like many people get this...
  4. T

    cannont create a lan game

    the error it keeps posting is that the library cannnot load up file ..... client.dll do i need a new file or wat ?
  5. O

    What Program Is It To Create Your Own Sprites?

    since of esf-world ppl create their own sprites, i would like to know what program it is to do so and where to get it? Can someone please tell me?
  6. K

    cant create but can join

    can anyone help me i have esf 1.2.3 no firewall on amx mod cant create on esf but on anything else i can plz help
  7. E

    cant create server

    hi, i wanna make a server so i can practice against bots but everytime i make one after the part when i pick my character the game quits could some1 help plz
  8. O

    How Do I Create Models/Maps/Sprites Etc...?

    i am interested in creating some models and maps and possible some sprites for people to use on esf-world but i dont have any idea what to do. I have some pretty good ideas and i think some ppl would benifit greatly from them, i just need to know what to get started.
  9. M

    how to create...

    there is a method for create or mod models and maps and sprites?there a software???thank you very much...byex
  10. Dragoon

    i can create but i cant join

    I used to have esf a couple years back and it worked fine but now I can only create servers and if i try to join a server it says that i've "Timed Out". At first i thought I had a firewall asking if it should allow it to connect so I alt+tabed during the load nothing was there and I still timed...
  11. yopyop

    can't create

    whenever i want to create a server on steam it loads the map, i can join but it doesn't appears in the server list why?? (i've gotz an fully registered steam account and i'm able to play ionline over steam!) thx everbody for helping ;P
  12. E

    When i create a game in LAN games an error message appears...

    when i try to create a game it says: Could not load library C: \sierra\halflife/esf/cl_dlls\client You said I was probably missing the "fmod.dll". I checked the folder and it wasn't missing. But just to make sure, I downloaded a new "fmod.dll" from your site, but it still doesnt work and...
  13. nvrslep303

    Create a server

    when you click on Create a Server and select all your choices, are you suppossed to do something else for the server to appear over the internet? i thought i had it all right but my friends can't join. What do i have to do?
  14. J

    Create a game error

    ok here is the deal every time i try and make my server it just shut down the game completly it did not do that b4 i got that amxx that problem plz tell thx a bunch
  15. D

    I have create a map

    Hello, I am french , I have create a map for esf, then I speak about it almost everywhere , here is my map : Link : Translated French > English by "Reverso"
  16. A

    Create game new error help

    When i go to create game it does this: Could not get IPX socket name, IPX disabled reason: WSAENOTSOCK Biuild server server missing bitmap font:gfx\vgai\fonts\800_melee text.tga help me plz
  17. A

    create game not working

    when i create a game it goes on with a list and it sais stif like IPX failed and Meele.txt not found and something and then it has to close half life due to an error. I need help what do i do.
  18. Z Senshis|Shin

    I Can't create a FFA game

    hi everybody, can somebody help me with this little problem? I can't create a LAN FFA server mode, I mean, when I Choose FFA and star playing it keeps like Team Mode, i don't know why. Thanks
  19. O

    how do i create models/skins

    i want 2 now how 2 create models 4 ESF (any version) wat programs do i need to create skins and models and where can i download them from
  20. True-Warrior15

    Crashes when i create a computer

    Well when im trying to make a server everything goes fine until the screen goes black after it parses and all that stuff when you start and it just stays black and nothing happens for 30 minutes. How can i fix thix?