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  • I always ment to ask you...what is that GIF of yours about? It's really bugging me I really wanna know what that dude is illustrating lol
    why don't u have anything to drink, choooose one making you better feeling ;-)
    my visitors board is not a FAQ, pls post questions in the appropriate sections.
    Hi Ravensan :p,

    How are ya?
    Well decided to learn a bit more about pawn.
    Took a small break there.
    But ready to continue.

    How are things on your side?
    I suppose any good since the progress looks sweet.
    To bad we dont see much of the new characters (androids and ginyu force) in vids.
    Well hope that will change in time ^^

    Take care m8.
    i just love looking at your avater its a gif avater and i keep looking at it nice avater and dont change it!
    Hi m8 how are you doing? See the progress is doing well :)
    Nice job and curious about this new melee system you are coding.

    Maybe I got an idea not sure if it is right to post here but you can always think about it.
    This move is mostly used by Vegeta...
    You know the big blast after he used renzoku??
    Maybe you can add this one as the secondary attack of renzoku.
    Just an idea.

    Take care m8.
    And cyu arround.
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