1. S

    beam explosions

    hey all , just a thought could u mak the explosions a bit more spectacular like huge huge! =)
  2. Disguise

    Ki Beam detonation

    Simple suggestion here. Add a delay to detonating Ki attacks, like by 2 seconds. That way it will give players a chance to approach the Beam to block it, catching the enemy off guard. It will also be easier to dodge the explosion radius, so it can't be spammed. As a result, make the blast...
  3. M

    Beam Suggestion

    I believe that beam maneuverability should be made stiffer. More specifically, signature beam attacks (Kamehameha Wave, Galic Gun, etcetera). As it stands now with the latest release, you can easily maneuver a fully-charged Kamehameha wave even going as far making it come back towards you.
  4. M

    Non beam attacks idea

    Would it save time to make moves like BigBang Finish Buster and Spritbomb in to models instead of sprites. I mean sprites are moveble but non beam trail weapons are not moveble so my suggestion is make the named attacks models
  5. Darth Revan

    Non beam attacks idea

    Would it save time to make moves like BigBang Finish Buster and Spritbomb in to models instead of sprites. I mean sprites are moveble but non beam trail weapons are not moveble so my suggestion is make the named attacks models
  6. Doormat

    beam pushback small glitch

    Hey, i use pushback pretty often to make a fast getaway from my opponent and i noticed that the beamhead sometimes does'nt go straight, it goes like this Dunno, maybe it's because the new beamheads are WIP but i wanted to bring this out just incase.
  7. D

    Beam Idea/Beam-Jump Idea

    Major Beam Implementation: I've suggested this before, quite a while ago. im hoping people will consider it this time around. instead of having a minimum charge bar on all beams, why not have the beams and some balls be capable of fire right after the animation/sounds? with exceptions of...
  8. MONXver2.0

    Finger beam charge idea.

    Insted of the quick sprite fired when freeza uses his finger beam. You could make a animation of power being compressed into the tip of his finger. Say take a sphere and make it grow smaller and smaller to the tip of his finger where it will glow brighter with each second. Cource this would also...
  9. KYnetiK

    Added Beam Control

    Just a quick suggestion thats probably been said before but I couldnt find with a quick search. After one fires a beam, the player can press RMB to detonate the beamhead, and LMB to let go of the attack. The beam leaves the players control and continues on its last trajectory until it...
  10. KYnetiK

    Scaling Beam Sprites with AMXX

    Hey, Im curious as to how i can manipulate the sizes of my beam sprites using amxx. I basically want to scale up the trail, beamhead and beamstart sprites for particular attacks. I know how to refer to particular attacks, and swap/change the sprites, but i dont understand how to manipulate the...
  11. Snowm@n

    Fly + Beam bug

    - Stand still on the ground and charge a big beam - Press "F" to start flying, and press "space" to go up with the beam charged or being charged and you will see that you cannot. The character gets stuck. If you are not in fly mod you can still jump with the beam charged or being charged...
  12. VideoJinx

    New Beam Push Back Idea

    Okay I've seen some different versions of this, but I'm somewhat worried that it could slow down gameplay. So, I came up with this way of adding a beam pushback effect that can add strategy while giving the word "Defence" a whole new meaning. Okay for example, lets just say a ki blast has a...
  13. Vladius

    Ultimate Beam Suggestion

    So here how it goes :fight: Alternative attack button works like an ultimate attack of a beam Example LMB - Kamehameha RMB-Super Kamehame this beam will charge slower but will have a devastating attack and slow to medium speed It will take half of the SP and 3/4 or 5/6 of the KI] For...
  14. Rikmaru

    Beam Line Damageable

    if possible...make the hole beam line damageable =|
  15. Greenberet

    modifying special beam cannon & spirit bomb

    I think it would be cool if we modifiy these a little bit. sbc it flies through the player and does damage instead of explode, so it would be more dbz like spirit bomb if someone charges a big spirit bomb, teammates should be able to shoot beams at it to make the spirit bomb stronger.(...
  16. VideoJinx

    Beam Charge Suggestion

    Bigger beams are harder to use in an Experienced real fight.. I suggest making it possible to charge larger beam attacks at x2 the rate by holding the powerup button while charging a beam. Of course the Ki burn would be x2 as well. As for beam splash damage I suggest making the splash...
  17. The Deco

    Are the current beam sprites gonna be the default?

    Are the current beam sprites gonna be the default for ESF 1.3?
  18. Prozac

    ESF Open Beta 9/9/07 - Beam pump + release ( Ball attacks )

    Just tested this with grega, and it seems, when you start to beamstruggle with a ball. Pump and release, the server crashes! tested with kame torpedo, A18's ball attack.
  19. Skyrider

    Pppeeeeee Beam! :: POTW

  20. L

    beam jump+melee=crash

    saw that bug reported on 1.3 bu its happening with me on 1.2 =/ any way to fix this? (btw i have only noticed this when im the server)