1. veqeta

    Beam Jump Glitche Dem. Included for your viewing pleasure :P

    Well i'm not sure if it's been reported or not, i'm too lazy to read through the archive. well this is the deal, when you beam jump next to someone they die before the head explodes.
  2. S

    Beam jump

    Imo the new beam jump speed isnt too great, I prefered the old one, however, I always disliked there was just no limit to how far you traveled with it. Imo beamjump should work like the following: 1) charge beam to desired point 2) shoot into surface holding jump 3) propels you away...
  3. N

    Make beam size correspond with PL

    I don't think it makes sense for a SSJ3 Goku, powering up a Kamehameha wave as high as he can has a beam size of: ( ) ^ that big on my screen. I think it should partially based on PL--or perhaps put in a way for players to "overcharge" their beams (though making it take forever).
  4. N

    Beam Suggestion and more

    My suggestion is to redo the current sprites/related gfx of the beams to make it more like the beams in the show. I would do this myself to show you all my idea but I think the size of the beam is somewhat coded in (Correct me if I'm wrong). Also, Vegeta's Renzoku (spelling?)--the explosion...
  5. D

    Beam vs ball bug

    Dunno if this is a bug. but when i do a beam vs ball struggle(in air) and i win the struggle, the game crashes. sorry if this is already posted.
  6. NightShade

    Beam hitting.

    Not sure if this is the same as the ground hitting. Goku Number one charges a kama. I did a side swoop on him..and hit him 3 times in a row before he went flying. IF anyone else can do something like this let me know.
  7. SA_Gohan

    Beam struggle trajectory error

    Its a bit hard to see in the pictures below, but basically if you get into a beam struggle, and you either start at an angle or the attack gets pushed off course, when you charge up energy to release to the beam head it will travel in a straight line, instead of following the path of the beam.
  8. Dokutayuu

    Beam Ideas

    Instead of a beam detonating, it would knock you back attaching you to the beamhead and do minor damage. It would have a ki cost of swooping so it's not too strong. When you meet a surface they take damage like trying to block a beam whilst being pushed into a wall. This would have a pretty...
  9. M

    Finger Laser=Death Beam?

    Is the Finger Laser the same thing as the Death Beam? Or did Boudakai creaters just make up Death Beam so Frieza could have another move? Like Vegeta's Final Shine?
  10. SA_Gohan

    Beam hit mechanic

    As it is now, any energy attack that hits you, explodes on contact unless you block, and I'm proposing a change to that. My idea is for beams to be given facing based properties, which alter the amount of damage they can do, and their effects on a target. Effects which range from gradually...
  11. KidMan

    Beam Ideas

    So I think instead of having the beams blow up, your character gets pushed and dealt damage. No matter where the beams hit the character, it would not explode unless the beam hit the ground. I'm sure this idea has been suggested before. When you block a beam, it should of course push you...
  12. KidMan

    Beam Suggestion

    I figured this idea would make ESF close to DBZ and would fix beam spamming as well. Normally when you fire a beam, the beam travels fast and you can move it around in any direction and that beam can keep flying around for hours and hours until it either hits the ground, wall, person or is...
  13. S

    beam explosion effects

    when you shoot a beam and if some one is close to the explosion like there hair should move because of the explsion power you know just like in the anime or like they cover there eyes or something.
  14. john_volkov

    Beam explosin

    just a small sugestion for the beam when the beams explod your scream will trun white for the explosion but you get fast the normal scream ,so you see the explosion brite light , then smok optional(like the nuke explosion)
  15. Mobius ^^

    Beam trans thingie

    So this has been on my mind for quite some time, and now i finally remembered to post the question. Are you going to have the abillity to transform while in a beam struggle? cause you know that's cool. :cool:
  16. john_volkov

    Beam sugestions

    can you make the beams when you shot the beam to look staight and evy other beam,and the ki blast speed to be biger,and when some one trow a smaler ball ,or if you shot a KHH and someon shot a generic ball in you KHH your KHH suld suck the generic ball and you can control so no more PS to a...
  17. john_volkov

    beam sugestion culd work for antispam

    So here is a small sugestion to prevent beam spam whitout doing anything about the beam's : The beam charge at the minimum the beam will be fast as beam's ar normaly but if the beam's is change at max the beam's speed will be as small as the Final-Flash so all charge max beam's will be verry...
  18. VideoJinx

    revamped beam struggle!

    in my opinion the current beam struggle is lame an boring becuz all you do is hold a button and prey to god you win.. but that doesn't matter becuz who wins depends on powerlevel... let me type that again "depends on powerlevel" wait wait.. incase anyone didn't catch that " depends on...
  19. Skyrider

    Beam Struggle Camera.

    I've posted this very very long time ago, which was before ESF Beta v1.1. And the idea is quite simply. When you are in a struggle, there should be an option / button to change the camera mode to either go a little bit to the left so you can see the struggle, OR the camera changes completely to...
  20. G

    Buu's Henka Beam changes

    Hello, I though of starting off my first post with what i think is a good suggestion, ive been browising the forums and playing the game for a long time. For poeple that dont know, Henka Beam is Buu's Candy beam. I call it by its japanese name since it sounds much better. How it works...