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  • My pc is a laptop so that wouldnt be a very good server and I dont play ESF until 1.3 comes out.
    I was just pointing out the fact that Cell and Piccolo's voices, while they tried to make them creative, were just epic failures. Most of us are used to going through different dubs and most of them share the same qualities, but your version tried to be imaginative with a highly loved and anticipated anime, thus most of us feel compelled to laugh or disqualify since we're not used to hearing such unique modifications.
    Those are some old voices dude. Btw why feel bad? Just because they are different? Cell's american voice seems like an opera singing guy. And actually if you could understand many stuff they say in the PT version you would just laugh like you never did. Sometimes they even made fun of Portuguese celebrities comparing them to fat buu and stuff like that. I guess it's just funnier imo, and most portuguese agree with me at that matter.

    Take this for example [ame][/ame]
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