1. Nebulisreconx

    New form of attack: Beam spreads (*drools*)

    Sounds delicious right? Well I looked around and hadn't seen such an idea brought up yet, so here it is. Hows about the ability to increase the blast radius of your beam attacks as done in the series with various signature moves. For instance, rather than fire a kamehameha as a narrow...
  2. H

    Bot Beam Struggle's

    With the all new Beam Struggles, will bots have the ability to use them effectively? (As in give more power and such) When ESF Final gets released, I want to see my fantasy of Perfect Cell and Gohan SS2 blasting each other with a massive beam. (I think I have over 400 views on that episode...
  3. W

    implenting beam attacks in SX

    hello, after days of thinking and hours of trying and testing, I'm finally out of ideas and everything else. I'm creating a special attack using special xtension and some of amxx+other module include files, but I can't anyhow "RECREATE" an existing attack. In other words, I am trying to create...
  4. E

    Freeza finger beam BUG!

    When with Freeza, I shot finger beam in esf_budokai, on ground, then I can't jump, only fly, when I press E, then i can jump.
  5. MickeyG

    [ESF Beta FINAL] Beam Glitch

    Hey guys, i found a small glitch wich would be easy to solve i guess. when i stand on the ground, charge a beam and hold spacebar when shooting the beam the powerthing on the hands are in the wrong direction (only from the ground) A pic :) hope it is clear enough! :D ps. i posted about...
  6. Darkraid

    Beam vs. Q (Block) Bug

    Someone was firing a beam and I blocked it, he pushed me into a rock but I wasn't losing HP. By mistake I pressed E (to recharge my Ki) and I could move. The player who fired the beam couldn't 'cause for him he still was in combat and I couldn't attack him. I also died or went in combat with...
  7. E

    Close range BEAM. - Blast your opponent off.

    Hey , In dragon ball z series there is alot of times that the guys are close range and can make a beam and make a hole in the opponent body. Example: If I get closer to the opponent and make a beam and he have low hp so I make the beam and shoot it , Then you can see the beam make a hole is...
  8. nemesis2290

    Beam fusion

    Is it possible? Like when standing next to your partner and you both shoot a beam at roughly the same time, can the two energy beams fuse into a more potent one? Say two weaker fighters are on a team going 2v1 against a stronger opponent, let's say goten and trunks vs super buu, buu blasts a...
  9. Mk4

    Beam alignment and Area of effect block damage

    2 questions :fight: 1.In older version Beam struggles would cause beams to clash wherever they clashed. In the new version will the beams align when they clash so that the loser in the power struggle will get a direct beam hit? 2.Will it be able to block area of effect damage in the new...
  10. EvolutionX

    Generic Beam Help

    Hey guys, i need a litle help with ECX CCI. I made a charackter, but the Generic Beam is green, how can i change it in blue or red? Which file I need to code? and Can someone give me the code? (If you want the code for blue and red Generic Beam) :/ Thanks in forward :-)
  11. C

    Beam Art

    Ive been recently picking frieza and trying out Beam Art, thats right, painting things in the air with the Beam :D. Since beams can go on endlessly, i thought i should try it out. It got very cool and nice. I hope there arent any consequences for doing this. I wanted to take a...
  12. Painkiller

    Beam Reflect

    I 'm not sure if this wasn't suggested before, but I'll say it anyways... Wouldn't it be cool if beams reflect in water? And when in a dark place, firin' a beam and it shines? I mean as an example, it's dark all over the place (couse of weather or w/e) and you make a spirit bomb. That spirit...
  13. Full_Power_Explodes

    Dragonball Z Sagas style Transformations

    In the Dragonball Z Sagas game transformations are easy to earn but difficult to maintain. I think that'd fit well with esf. Transformations are dependent upon a transformation bar. While in normal form this bar is filled by using melee attacks. The more damage that the melee attack does the...
  14. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for blocking premature beam explosions.

    This is about how you are able to explode a beam at will by using the right mouse. I'm sure that won't change, but can we atleast block most of the damage from a cheap blast like that if we were holding block when it exploded? Majority of people run for their lives when a beam gets anywhere near...
  15. diegochiha

    Side camera position when doing a beam struggle

    And thats my suggestion,i think it would be great if when doing a beam struggle,the camera gets fixed at one side so you can see the beams colliding and with that perspective.I mean something like that ;)
  16. Ghost_Ryder

    Multiple Files Submissions from ESF-World

    MatiasGs Hud: Download: SonGohans PowerKamehameha: Download: Shield Sprites: Download...
  17. Eacos

    Candy Beam alternative

    I was thinking of ways to make candy ray a bit different from its current version. Since I actually liked the idea I proposed before, I'll post it again but with some needed alterations. Here's my two cents: 1- Candy ray no longer kills you, instead it just becomes harder to use. You have to...
  18. hleV

    DeathMsg Beam Icons

    I'm suggesting to change DeathMsg display. Now it's: hleV killed madman121 with finalflash In 1.3 it could be: hleV :finalflashicon: madman121 This way it would: look better; not make confusion for players who can't really tell which beam is it by its name (like if you are adding more...
  19. H

    Beam Camera

    Hey, i dont know if this is already been discussed or anything... I was thinking if u guys think is better to make the camera change it's position when using beam powers, i think it'd give a better aiming, since is difficult to see at what you're aiming at with the beam blocking your vision...
  20. sub

    cvar affecting beam damage?

    Is there a cvar that affects beam damage? Beams seem to be doing more damage than they should be on my server.