1. A

    Block Struggle Finisher

    Here's an idea I just had... This is for block struggling, and is purely for show, but I think it is a cool idea. Say two guys are BSing. The beamer wins. Currently, all that happens is the beam explodes and that is that. I think it would be cool if someone wins a BS as the beamer, and...
  2. S

    Power struggle issues

    2 problems. #1 When you get in a powerstruggle and you lose, sometimes its logged as your own beam that killed you. This presents a few issues. First the guy that won the PS doesn't get a kill or any PL boost for all his work. ALSO, most times when this happens the beams were so big not...
  3. C

    What would happen in this strange block struggle?

    Say Goku flings a spirit bomb at you. You fling a big bang back, hoping that it'll move back the spirit bomb. It doesn't, and keeps moving towards you, now with the big bang plastered to the side. What happens when you try to block? Do you have to block against the power of the big bang...
  4. M

    struggle avoidance

    in alpha 2 if you wanted to escape a ps you would simple turn fly off. cant do that in beta 1 fortunately but you can achieve a similar result with a little effort. as most of you probably know when you fire a beam while moving you continue to move a short distance after you fire. if you...
  5. J

    trunks sword struggle in

    my idea: when two swords hit each other a power struggle bar appears, and it would work just like a normal power struggle....:] or is it allready in 1.1?:S
  6. Ultraq

    moving while in block struggle

    i was playing today in esf_city, i was ssj trunks and i shot a beam at someguy who was playing as goku (normal), he blocked and we went in a block struggle, another goku came and kicked (meleed) me, as you know sometimes when u get hit by melee while struggles the beam doesn't detach, and that's...
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    A more lively block struggle...?

    I had an idea. It's a small one, so I decided not to bother posting it in the forum for suggestions, since it will be moved there anyway and shuffled into nothingness int he archives without getting noticed. Mainly it's because I was thinking of implementing this myself, rather then requesting...
  8. Skyrider

    Block struggle block

    i keep this simpel.. i fire beam, other person in blocking. ( In the AIR ) and when while he is blocking. he falls on ground BUT still blocks. and beam stays on same where he blocked. and whola! INTERNAL BLOCK :\
  9. U

    transform in struggle

    how can i transform while i do strugle?
  10. T

    power struggle stuff

    don't know if this is posted already but here goes anyway. why not add dust when there's a power struggle? like gohan vs cell's kamehameha. (half way aimed in air and shooting a kamehameha or other strong blast with some dust flying away from you) and why not make something too like in cell...
  11. S

    melee struggle from budokai

    in the game u can get into a melee struggle. there, all u do is press all the buttons or something and whoever hits more is the winner. some of u know what im talking about. anyways, y not put something like that in ESF? the view wont change to a view like in budokai, but both of the players...
  12. R

    Power Struggle Ki Blob

    My idea is that when 2 people get into a power struggle which is pretty much equal that instead of the beam being pushed back to the 'loser' a ki blob is formed. Boundaries would have to be set for power level difference and strength of beam difference, but realistic ones so this would even have...
  13. C

    How about a melee struggle

    Hi I thought it might could be fun if there was a melee struggle then people attacking melle allmost sametime and the the strogest will punch the enemys away as normal
  14. G

    Power Struggle

    Seems like the manual is down. I looked for an another host but couldnt find one so i am using the forum as a last resort(I know how much people hate answering question when the answers are right of infront of that person) I am not sure how to put more Ki into or win a power struggle...
  15. Cheeto101

    Blocking struggle suggestion

    hmm got an idea(not sure if its been posted, if it has, whoops, i havnt seen it) But k, say you win a blocking struggle, right now as it is you can only throw that energy back and the person if theyre in your view cone right in front of you (you cant turn around) and you throw it right away...
  16. imkongkong

    Power Struggle Bug

    there is a power struggle bug.. i have a picture but i dont know where to upload it.. if anyone can upload for me in this thread that would be greatly appreciated basically the beam bend backwards and the heads dont even touch
  17. B

    melee struggle

    I've noticed how in the series, the fighters often enter a kind of 'free-for-all' sequence in their fights, where they punck and kick alot, but miss. I was thinking that two players who's melee attacks collide should enter a struggle like this, and whoever wins (like overpowering opponent in...
  18. Skyrider

    Spirit Bom Struggle idea!

    I just saw on kid buu saga, when goku fired a spirit bom, and whas losing.. when his power covered! he whas able to fire the spirit bom again to buu, what about add this in esf! spirit bom losing? you are able to move, ( left-right, up and down ) but this attack is a attack that gives the...
  19. Marauder

    beam struggle

    well,when someone shoots a beam at me and i am aover him,and the ebams hit each other, my beam will push his down and not to him, this way he can survive if i win the beam struggle.. what i was thinking is: !)or the beam i shot repeats the trail of his beam(this way it will hit him) 2)OR u...
  20. M

    Power struggle.....

    Yea just wanna ask if there will be a easyer way to do them as in if you could make the beam header bigger so power struggle to be more efective and happen more often and yes haw abou5t when power struggle happens where the beams colide to form a big ki ball and the one who pumps more ki in it...