1. R

    idea for melee struggle

    how about instead of the whole locking hands thing, there is something like in budokai where there are punches and kicks going on really fast. i dunno i was just thinkin bout that when i was playin. it seems kinda weird to lock hands then all the sudden slap slap slap kick. reminds me of a...
  2. Goten-son

    beam struggle idea

    wouldnt this be kinda cool.....Ok say if your meleeing someone or just flying around but then BOOM a beam just hits you and you die.....sux right? well why doesnt the esf team add in a sense feature that u hear a quick PING sound like in the show when a beam is coming at you, and if your on a...
  3. V

    Power Struggle

    Me and a friend were playing and he was flying at me while he was in the middle of the level. I shot a kamehameha at him, and he blocked it, so we were having a power struggle, but before he could reach the end of the level, I ran out of energy! When that happened though, he was completely free...
  4. D

    Beam Struggle Transform

    Let's say you are in a beam struggle and you know you cannot win. You should be able to transform to give you that extra bit of power to push it back. Like in the episodes, when Gohan transformed to Super Saiyan to push back Goku's Kamehameha Wave in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Or when Goku...
  5. S

    Enhance/Fix Beam power struggle

    I have found this game to be really close to the show, but one thing bothers me, beam power struggles..... id like to see the power stuggles be like the episodes Gohan Vs. Cell , the two beams become one with a Big energy ball in the center that moves back and forth depending on whos putting out...
  6. Gogeta91

    Power struggle after beam

    Ok this is a kewl idea! You know how in budokai 2 after a big attack if u win the rotating stick power struggle your char does an after attack like whern vegeta fires big bang then goes Welcome to OBLIVIAN!!! a fires a huge blast well after power/block struggles you should have a chance to(if u...
  7. P

    Block Struggle and Combos

    Hi it's me again and I'm thoroughly enjoying 1.2. One question, I can't seem to begin a block struggle against a beam anymore, it would just explode when it hit me. It works for things like the Spirit Bomb though, does anyone have an idea? Also is it possible to block an attack during a combo or...
  8. P

    Melee Struggle to easy???

    Although I really enjoy the new 1.2 melee system, It appears to be way to easy (due to arrows and such) not sure if anyone has ran into this but im guessing a lot have realized it by now. The system is nice but considering all you have to do is push up, down, left, or right to win each head on...
  9. SuperDragonFist

    beam power struggle

    has anyone noticed that sometimes the beams wont go directly to the other person and they will kinda both go off on a coarse of thier own i was wondering if this was going to be fixed in 1.2 thanks for your time..
  10. B

    How to Power Struggle and fight off Ki Blast

    Exactly how do you "struggle" in a power struggle (how to win). Also how do you fight off a Ki Attack (like Kamehameha, let alone reflect do you aim it back if there is an art to it at all). :confused: :fight:
  11. S

    Multiple block struggle?

    Is there such a thing? I can't really tell if it already exists, it's hard to get two blasts to hit me in the front. I thought it'd fall under the same category as multiple ps, since they seem to be the same principle in feature, but I haven't been able to get two blasts to hit me within...
  12. N

    more then 1 KI power struggle

    like when 2 people r in a power struggle u cant like do anything but hit the other guy thats not on your team... DUH.. but y cant we have a 3-5 KI struggle i mean jeez instad of shooting the guy you should b able to help the guy on your team no? any ways tell me what u think
  13. Denz

    Beam struggle fix

    And it goes like this: When u win teh beam struggle (no matter what beam struggle) U can change its direction\move wherever u want (grab the beam and direct it in your enemy's) ps: maybe its power struggle but u got the point.
  14. D

    Aborting a beam struggle

    I had this idea where double-tapping a direction on the keyboard would make the player attempt to exit a beam stuggle at the cost of KI and/or health. Aborting a struggle from the sides, top or bottom: Double tapping: Stafe left, stafe right, jump or duck. Two players are locked in a beam...
  15. N

    Head On Struggle Suggestion/Addon

    First Of All im not sure if it's been suggested before since I dont know how I would put it in the search. According to the current pic of the week they have a firm hold on each others hands and are in a melee struggle. My suggestion/addon to this is that wen they start doing that a shield...
  16. M

    SSJ In Beam Struggle

    Heyyzzz Well i dont know if this has been suggested before but once u are able to go ssj and u start a beam struggle when normal you should be able to go ssj while youre struggling i hope this gets added cuz this is done allot in the series Greetz Maistro
  17. M

    Explosion Block Struggle

    Ok here me out first this is my idea: At the moment if you are blocking and a beam is detonated before it hits you etc you take damage from the explosion, what is sugest is a struggle with the explosion. it will be the same as a block struggle but the blast will not be able to be increased so...
  18. Delusional

    Advanced Block Struggle And Power Struggle Movie.....

    I Suggest Esf Team Show Us ANy Of This Or Keep ALL Of IT Under Wraps For Surprise Means ;)
  19. Delusional

    Advanced Block Struggle

    It Says Crushing Damage Does This Mean U Will Be Pushed Into The Wall And Hurt Till U Push It Back? If So Make It So The Beam Will KEEP pushing not just move ur char to the side.Also U Would Have To Fix That Little Annoying Thing Where if ur against the wall and attack it explodes right in ur...
  20. Delusional


    looked in darktooth dev journal saw struggle haven't heard anything about it so wth is it :D i'm gonna play esf cause i've been on forums for like 3 hours just to enlighten me...