1. T

    Struggle meter when hit

    Im thinking that if you are hit by a really strong hit, hit from the side, or hit in the back, the harder it is to recover , and will be shown in the knockback meter. Another thing you could do is, at the expense of alot of ki, unleash a ki explosion, and stop yourself right where you are.
  2. S

    beam struggle cahracter switching

    Playing as goku in a beam struggle with another goku, i switched to piccolo. the beam struggle did not end, so it waspiccolo holding a kamahamaha. Now i can throw spirit bombs as piccolo, and all of gokus attacks, just with piccolos sound effects. When i *edit*died*Edit* i had piccolos normal...
  3. C

    power struggle

    Well i had an idea with the powerstruggle. like gohan did against the khh of his father in the time chamber. he was blocking it with his bare hands than he charged and fired a khh against his father's one than they ware almost aqually . so ingame u will get hit by a beam and u block it...
  4. ~Dark Trunks~

    sword struggle suggestion =)

    ok i was thinkin since seein the fx video from wut it looks like trunks might get sword melee back for basic melee or somthin like that. well everyone knos how wen if u have 20% helth and trunks hits u wit his sword its a sword kill. i was thinkin that instead of always diein instead if u...
  5. KidMan

    Beam Struggle Eye Candy

    Ok so i thought when a beam struggle happens it gives off this cool glow thing when it first hits and kinda illuminates the area around it This pic kinda shows what Im talking about. THis would only happen when the beams first hit. Edit: Here is another picture that works better...
  6. K

    Problem with struggle meter.

    Yeah, I have a question. For the struggle meter, on the manuel it says "Hold down the mouse button". I do that, but I don't see any progress from me, and I just keep getting killed by other players.
  7. Vagabond

    [POTW]4 v 4 Generic Beam struggle

    Thanks to Smith| for taking the pic. now which side won the muti struggle? bottom of the pic are the Good side and the the evil side near the top.
  8. T

    Power struggle?

    Just wanting to no if power struggles we be better in 1.3. It's so lame how the bigger power wins you should be able to tap a bottom real fast like in other the other dbz games.It would make game play funner fighting who wins a power stuggle .May be make it so a boost of ki go's in your beam...
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Beam Struggle - Beam Dive!

    I think it would be cool if... That if you saw an incoming beam, and you swooped directly into it, that you could have sort of a block struggle. If your winning you would push the beam inwards back toward the caster, and if you succede (... spelling) you will land a kick or maybe some...
  10. D

    advanced melee struggle animation

    i wont be able to explain this as well as ravendust does but... when you get into an advanced melee struggle you just...stop right in midair with your handsclenched together but i thought if it went like this: when you get into the struggle you automatically start throwing punches (that...
  11. ZeroNightmare

    Differant Beam Struggle System

    Its kinda of wierd how if 2 beams are hittign each other the beam just continuously floats in random directions back and fourth. i think it would be better if they just pushed each other like this... G )---------)|(---------( V G-Goku Beams Contacting V - Vegeta the person...
  12. B

    Block Struggle Bug

    I shot a kamehameha as MysticKrilln at my friend who was Cell Form 2. He block struggled it against the nearby cliff, you can see the scorch mark in the picture. He wasnt taking damage while being pushed against the ground, and when he ran out of ki he was able to move around and fight...
  13. Rocky

    Melee Struggle

    In DBZ, the characters are often get into melee struggles, that is Person A punches Person B, Person B catches the punch and the two struggle for control. I was thinking that when someone blocks a simple melee attack that the struggle meter could pop up and the two players could fight for...
  14. P

    Power struggle

    I don't know if this has been posted yet (I'm new) But when you power struggle you can Ascend en Descend I don't know If its a bug but.... I thought it was weird o_o
  15. S

    Power Struggle Mechanism Suggestion

    To tell you the truth, the powerstruggle mechanism, gets really old really fast, so after a lot of thought I came up with a possible way to make it more skill demanding but lag-friendly. BTW, This is really hard to explain for me, so please bear with me: When you enter a powerstruggle...
  16. G

    Struggle meter

    ok ... i've noticed this before but now it starts to annoy me lol because i dont know it for sure. whenever you are thrown in the air , kicked , blasted etc. and when you have a beam struggle you get this struggle meter. well i saw in some movies that itactually has a stripe going up and...
  17. F

    3 Way Struggle?

    Is it possible to have a three way struggle? For example, there are three guys, 1, 2, and 3. Guy 1 throws a spirit bomb at guy 2. Guy 2 Blocks. While guy 2 is blocking, Guy 3 shoots a kamehameha into the ball. Would a struggle meter pop up for all of them? (Well except for Guy 1 because he kind...
  18. X

    Power block struggle ~!??? help ?~

    im not sure what its called i think its a power block struggle or something but when u fly into another person using ol school melee and they do the same u both get either knocked away or u freeze for a second then sombody starts doing pre punches to the other person how do u determin wich is...
  19. Wolf Devil

    Beam struggle problems (suggested for 1.2.1)

    Ok, you guys made the right decesion when you decided to make it so that if two beams in a truggle don't move for 5 seconds, they blow up... However, I think this should be expanded a little more. As you may know, when beams collide they can, on occasion, go in an entirely crooked direction...
  20. G

    help with power struggle crashes and violators plz

    almost everytime im in a big power struggle with a bot the game crashes, i can't get out of the struggle. btw how do i get my bots to do something other than just powering up. can someone tell me how to use violators.