1. D

    block struggle

    sorry if this has been asked before but how do you actually become engaged in a block struggle ? is it random? and what do i do to win it ? thanks in advance
  2. R


    well, i dont know if this has been posted before, but since it thought this would be a valuable idea, here it is We all know the people who block and keep blocking melee attacks and counter. since this can be a tad frustrating, and teleporting isnt always the anwser, you could do the...
  3. B

    power struggle

    many hours playing the game and loving watching my endless supply of music vids shows that every time 2 characters are throwing kamehameha's at each other they connect and the more power that is used the larger the ball gets.for example;goke throws a kamehameha at vegeta's gatlit gun...
  4. C

    Power Struggle..

    Wouldn't it b kewl if u could help ur teammate ps (power struggle)?? :idea: lik u see ur teammate losing in a power struggle, then u could fly right beside him, and do a kamehyamehya and it goes bak the other way if they press fast enuf n haf enuf power togeda..
  5. P

    Power Struggle????????????

    Okay you know in on the episodes when they have power struggle the and they have have been at it a while the Blast get bigger, do you think you guys could do that in esf? it would be a cool treat in the update!!!
  6. N

    Melee Power Struggle system.

    For melee power struggles, There should be an ability to have a power sturggle with 3-4 people, Simply to save your teamate if nothing else. First off, There will be a power sturggle bar as awlays, It will start in the middle, The bar will only have to be a slight way into your enemys to...
  7. T

    Possible Power Struggle Bug

    It may just be a considence, but I've noticed this a few times. When two people are in a beam power struggle, and a third person comes up and attcks one of them with a beam from the front the server crashes. A third person can beam them from the back, left, right, top, bottom, but if their...
  8. catfish

    Power Struggle Idea - Making it more than holding in your button.

    Ok people, I feel that the PS system in ESF at the moment is a little too basic and dull and boring. I loved the thought of having a nice *struggle* with someone, but the lameness of cheaters cant allow us to have just a button bashing PS system. I have thought up this new idea, one that...
  9. S

    Power Struggle

    Befor you could blow out of a PS and now you can't. Lets say your doing a 1 vs. 1 (Goku Vs. Vegita). Goku fire's a beam, Vegita fire's Big Bang Ball at it, now, Goku has only 2 choices, 1. Push the ball to the wall, 2. Let the ball hit. Now Goku can't avoid being hit if Vegita fires any...
  10. T

    Block Struggle question (another)

    I was wondering if when you are in a block struggle and you deflect the beam towards another player and that player shoots a beam at the defelected beam does that become a new power struggle?
  11. B

    struggle question

    ok when your blockstruggling a guys beam can he detonate it in ur face? b/c that would be ghey
  12. Ranma

    The Power struggle, why can't i do it?

    I read in the manual that when two ki attacks hit each other you do a power struggle. It says that a bar will appear showing whos winning. I've seen this on my friends computers, yet on mine i never get a bar. Is this a glitch or am i not doing something right?
  13. E

    Power struggle suggestion

    Wouldn't it be cool if during a powerstruggle, after both attacks colide, they form one giant ball that cannot be detonated by either person instead of two small balls that can be detonated by one person losing if he chickens out? Also, as the powerstruggle continues and more and more ki is...
  14. R

    Suggestion concerning Beam Explosions in a Power Struggle

    This has happened multiple times when I play... You get in a power struggle, but your opponenet had released early, and you wait till full charge to realease, your beam stopping their beam some short distance in front of you. You are winning the power struggle, when all of a sudden your much...
  15. G


    i have a question, since i have no clue how to use milkshape, can you guys tell me any half-life modelling program (Moddelling not skinning) i have the model viewer but i need to know so i can fix up my gohan model and make it ssj2
  16. .FM.

    Three Way Power Struggle (Pics)

    OK peeps here are the pics of our "Three Way" lol ^ This first one is of me and Halogen
  17. Ecchi Pr0n

    Power Struggle map

    i got finished with my power struggle map beta 1 but i need a host for it
  18. M

    power struggle?

    can someone please explain how to win a power struggle?