1. GoldenBlade

    Beam Struggle Mechanic Suggestion

    Hi! I always loved beam struggles even if they aren't a big part of core gameplay in ESF, but as we all know they looked awkward and turned into a mess if not aimed almost perfectly, and the problem just becomes bigger when you had more than two players to it. Dunno if the team already has a...
  2. U

    Power Struggle Question????

    I don't know if this has been answered already or not, but has it been confirmed that when are in a power struggle the beams from both player increase in size over time as well as the center? Also, will the explosion increase in damage and AOE? The reason I ask is remember back in 1.1 where...
  3. H

    Bot Beam Struggle's

    With the all new Beam Struggles, will bots have the ability to use them effectively? (As in give more power and such) When ESF Final gets released, I want to see my fantasy of Perfect Cell and Gohan SS2 blasting each other with a massive beam. (I think I have over 400 views on that episode...
  4. U

    Power struggle effects

    There are some effects on my idea, which I could not see in any videos or pictures. This should only happen with big ki attacks against eachother. -Big Power Struggle: In the anime when teen gohan and cell powerstruggle, cell will lose and get's absorbed with the power which he will dissapear...
  5. hleV

    Power Struggle Winner Dependance

    Will the winner of Power Struggle depend on how much powerlevel/Ki/stamina both opponents have? Or will it depend on by how well you manage to control your beam? I mean... why would anyone do a Power Struggle if he's weaker than the opponent? Will there be a multiple Power Struggle option...
  6. diegochiha

    Side camera position when doing a beam struggle

    And thats my suggestion,i think it would be great if when doing a beam struggle,the camera gets fixed at one side so you can see the beams colliding and with that perspective.I mean something like that ;)
  7. hleV

    Multiple Block Struggle

    Since there is multiple PS, why not add multiple BS (also with a CVAR)? When one player is in BS, you can help him to reflect the beam by being next to him and blocking. The max players in BS should depend on how big the beam head is.
  8. Disguise

    Power Struggle progression

    I was just checking out the new FX video again and it got me thinking... What if we altered the values in how a power struggle operates? We'll assume that two players have the same PL, Ki levels, and stamina. There are no variances which exist, because I don't want to get into that at all. The...
  9. Damaera

    Power Struggle FX

    <center><center></center><br /><br /> <hr>One of the most key features in ESF are Power Struggles. Ever since the Alpha days, Power Struggling has always been an important factor in ESF. Over the past couple of years Power Struggling has improved both gameplay (pumping) and graphic wise (beam...
  10. Tenzo

    Pumping Power Struggle issue!

    Here's one: Let's say you are in a PS and you have little Ki left. The beam is getting near you and you start hitting your LMB like crazy! I've tried it and this is what happens: And i won the PS even if the beam was just about to hit me! What do you think about it?
  11. The Deco

    Block struggle marks

    You do see the feet block struggle marks but only in some angles, this should be fixed. (if you didn't understand what I meant, I mean when you block beam and you BS then theres a mark if you were on the ground during the struggle)
  12. vinay87

    Power struggle tweaks?

    OK, here's what I think, When the powerstruggle initiates, a series of arrows should appear on screen depending on the powerlevel. Hold down left click and hit the corresponding arrow to get a powerup. The number of arrows and the appearance of random arrows depends on powerlevel. If your...
  13. UZIboy4201

    New Form of Power Struggle

    Okay, you know how the initial power struggles are and people can help my shooting a beam towards the enemy. So you can have team power struggles. Well, instead of them throwing another beam to help. The other people can help by either putting their hand on the person shooting or shooting and...
  14. D

    Power Struggle Explosion

    I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I did not see anything on my 5 second glance down the forum. I was watching dbz the other day, and I came across an explosion during a powerstruggle. It would be pretty interesting if this happened: 2 (or more) people had a power struggle...
  15. SA_Gohan

    Beam struggle trajectory error

    Its a bit hard to see in the pictures below, but basically if you get into a beam struggle, and you either start at an angle or the attack gets pushed off course, when you charge up energy to release to the beam head it will travel in a straight line, instead of following the path of the beam.
  16. VideoJinx

    revamped beam struggle!

    in my opinion the current beam struggle is lame an boring becuz all you do is hold a button and prey to god you win.. but that doesn't matter becuz who wins depends on powerlevel... let me type that again "depends on powerlevel" wait wait.. incase anyone didn't catch that " depends on...
  17. Skyrider

    Beam Struggle Camera.

    I've posted this very very long time ago, which was before ESF Beta v1.1. And the idea is quite simply. When you are in a struggle, there should be an option / button to change the camera mode to either go a little bit to the left so you can see the struggle, OR the camera changes completely to...
  18. J-Dude

    Optional Blast Struggle

    I've been thinking. In ESF, a blast like a Spirit Bomb or Big Bang Attack are totally unguided and are outside the user's power once fired. In Dragonball Z, we all know that though there were several unguided attacks, that certain moves were required to use additional force to be pulled off...
  19. J-Dude

    Wierd Power Struggle Bug

    Hey, just thought I'd report something a bit freaky that hapenned in a server today. I had fired a full-power kamehameha at someone in the air on the esf_arrival map, and they blocked it. I don't know from my end, but I think he was crushed against the wall and killed. Next thing I knew, I...
  20. $sj Goku

    TagTeam Mode & Beam Struggle fix

    This 1 just came to me now.. Concept: When each player joins the server he/she picks 2 characters to play with. The game works just like free for all except everyone plays with 2 players. How It works - In game you have a partner who will stay pretty close to you nearllyy all the...