1. N

    Character lag when joining another persons server

    I usually make my own servers because of this specific issue, but as tiring as it is to make my own server, then wait for people to join, I decided to see if I could get any help on this problem. Whenever I join another persons server, although my ping will be low (30-50ms), my characters...
  2. T


    We have 2 computers at home.. And we want to play trough lan esf with each other.. But there is a problem.. When i make a server .. there is no problem . But if the other one wants to join it says.. Connection failed: After 4 retries -_- And the same thing happens if the other pc creates a...
  3. True-Warrior

    Error Problem Joining servers

    As soon as a server finish loading up it goes back 2 my desktop & shows this error. Whats the problem & how can I fix it? NET_Sendpacket ERROR: WSAEACCES
  4. O

    Joining friends games problem

    How come when I or one of my friends make a game... we cant get it to come up on the list... we give each other the ip and I'll add it to my favorites.. but it wont show up... ne suggestions?
  5. Spunky

    Playing music while joining...

    I've been wondering this forever, but how do those crazy people get music to play while someone is joining a server, if you get what I mean. Like, let's say you're joining a server, and music starts playing, how did the hosts get music to play? Is it a plugin or something? And I never have a cd...
  6. A

    Problem with joining

    Well it looks like problems happen when i dont want to buy a number for steam.So i downloaded steam and thought that maybe I could join games without registering Half Life.So i looked at the IP addresses of games and started ESF I went to internet games and added a server with that IP address...
  7. C

    I disconnect while joining

    I have patch I have steam and everything. But whenever I join a server and I see the pick character screen, it minimizes me out of game to my desktop then closes game. Please somone help me! PLEASE! :cry:
  8. L

    Joining server problems!

    Hello everyone im new to this game and this forum. Anyways I read the manual and got all ready to play, doing some matches against bots, when i decide to move to multiplayer. I find a server in the list and when i try and join i get a message saying your .dll[cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the...
  9. F

    Problem when joining server

    When I try to join a server it says that my client.dll is different from the server's... Is it because I'm running a non-steam version on steam? If so, please give me the link to download the steam version. :talk:
  10. K

    Game crashing after joining server

    Okay, i just DLed the beta 1.2 patch, and then instaled the 1.2.1 patch. I got through all of the downloads and I still cant play. I join a server, and it gets to either the team/character select screen depending on what type of game is being play at the moment. It gets to that screen, then...
  11. B

    Problems joining game

    It says .dll [cl_dlls/cilent.dll] differs from the servers and its every1 i try to go in it says wat should i do?
  12. M

    Problem joining Internet Game with Steam

    I recently d/led ESF and installed it along with the .dll patchs, i was playing fine today untill i tried to join a server and half life launcher crashed with the windows xp 'send error report page' , i tried all of the things you suggested on the forums but it didnt fix it. I reinstalled...
  13. D

    Need help joining private server.

    O.k, well, this is getting a bit on me and my friends nerves, so hopfully someone can help us out. Me and my friend both have ESF 1.2, and we both run on STEAM. My friend has the cvars. to make a server, but when he does, I can't find it. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this...
  14. Catman


    Everytime i join a server it says couldent load libary for some reason dll's client dll ive tryed getting the flmod thing but that doesnt work if u have any idea plz help me
  15. R

    HL.EXE crashes when joining a game

    Yeah, I've followed the directions and it the game loads up fine. But when I join a server the game crashes. I can create a server no problem and play, but once I connect to a remote server and the loading screen goes away the game just fails and crashes. Any help on this?
  16. C

    ESF crashes shortly after joining a game!

    hi! after the whole trouble getting that damn stupid steam sh*t to work i was happy to get into the game... but it lags as HELL (i never had problems on the exact same machine with esf 1.1 WITHOUT steam) and it crashes short time after i started/joined a game! the system freezes so i can´t...
  17. T

    Crash when joining server

    I have just installed ESF 1.2 and a few problems have shown up, I had a DLL problem but I have fixed that. Now I have a problem when im joining a server, It seems to wont to shut down every time I join a server, it shows a few frames of the game and just locks up. Can you please inform me of...
  18. P


    Someone please help me when ever i try to join a server it almost connects me then it says requesting pldecal.wad and it stops loading the server i waited for ages but it didnt connect me please help
  19. L

    problems with joining servers

    when i create a game , i dont use dedicated server. i give the ip adress to my friend , but for some reason my server doesnt show. why?
  20. Amayirot Akago

    Joining the online ranks soon... so here's a question

    Pretty soon, I'll be getting my own internet connection, which means I'll be able to join ESF online! I just got a little question. If I am gonna join, do I *have* to download Steam (which I actully don't want to after hearing all the criticism) or are there other ways to fight online?