1. E

    problem with joining games

    Whenever i join a game, the little black box with the status of you getting in the game always stops at 117 seconds and freezes my whole computer! Does/did anyone else have this problem? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. R

    Joining Troubles.......

    I seem to have this slight problem joining games recently. It'll freeze on the Spooling Demo thing until the countdown reaches liike 40.....then it'll disconnect. I try right after and it works just fine. But, the annoying wait i kinda want to be rid of..........any suggestions? (FYI, this...
  3. Mistery X

    What Future Trunks should really look like!

    Well made this model a while back, got it skinned recently.. check it out OH WAIT COULD IT BE FOR ESF? O_O HAHA no, its not cause it would never fit in with the other models Ah to bad eh? :P If you want to see WAY WAY WAY more visit the Saiyan Crusades forums, join sign up and be...
  4. Sayianprince

    Joining a server

    i have a problem when i had beta 1.0 i could join servers but now that i have upgraded to beta 1.1 i cant seem to join any servers can anyone help?
  5. V

    Joining Servers

    hi i would like to know how to join other servers so i can select a game where i know some people are in, instead of going to quickstart. and everytime i go to add server it wants like an ip adresss, what do i do?
  6. F

    ERRORS ???? with joining games

    I am joining games and it say your system thingy has been modified u cant play on this server cause of this modification code[16]
  7. W


    how do u join the game
  8. G

    Please Help

    When i create a my own server and use maps like esfcity and kamilookout and ect. people join the server but when i create a server and use the maps that ive downloaded for example like afcnamek2 or wbigarena and and the apetowers and stuff like that know one seems to join at all and i notcied...
  9. A

    Joining Games?

    I have a problem joining games, when I click on one the screen flashes and the word Loading apears in the center of the screen (exactly like for c-strike) and it freezes on this screen for all eternity and never actually lets me in the game and the only way for me to leave this screen is to...
  10. D

    joining server problem

    everytime i try and join a net server it says could not recieven WON authentication and throws me back onto the server list, any ideas ?
  11. K

    problem joining game

    can some1 pls help me with my problem.....When i join a game a error message will pop up saying "could not load library...seirra/counter-strike/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll I will be very appreciated if some1 can help me fix this problem
  12. Lt.Zack

    Bots joining as Spectator. Please Help

    when I add any bot in ESF it joins as spectator and never leaves that can anyone help?
  13. V

    aahhh!! someone help me

    can someone tell me a link for the skin of cell 2 cause i downloaded a skin for him but it was the wrong skin and he came out all big and ugly.plz plz someone tell me a link for cell 2.:cry:
  14. V

    Joining Servers

    Some one help me, i can join a server, but when it connects and says "initializing and downloading" it just seems to stop and i wait ages but to no avail, anyone know y it does this?:cry:
  15. P

    Help Joining Games

    whenever i try joining a game it says "You cannot connect to a server which is running a different protocal version" what do i do? Also i just updated my half life to 1.009 and now it says my beta1 mod is out of would be much appreciated
  16. IceFire2050

    Help (joining games)

    Ive just gotten the ESF Beta1 and everytime i'll get to the first menu (character select or team select) the game closes and brings me back to the desktop anyone know whats going on?
  17. I

    Joining, Animator

    Hey, i was wondering if i could join the mod as animator i'll up some new things i made soon, need a host i have one so i'll be upping it soon and maybe as modeller and skinner, but ya have enough skinners and modellers allready so i can do some nice ass animations! brb to ya soon fot the...
  18. DeStRoYeR

    Help with joining games if you can please

    well the problem is,when i get the list of games,and i join one,it gets as far as initializing and downloading and then it just stops and it wont load into the game,this hasnt happened to any of my mods untill the new update,can anyone tell me if this is the update or if it is another problem...
  19. B

    iam joining Fury Of Cell becuse They love My work and ESF ignore my work

    Sorry. forums link
  20. B

    I´ve finished buu (gotenks) model

    [o_O] Yo ensanchar cadera. Gracias :)